My first official post!…so what do I do…

Well I haven’t done anything ground breaking since I decided to make this blog. But I still have a nag…yes I am just that whiny. Also I currently have yoghurt on my face and am not going anywhere until the bathroom clears up, so I guess I ought to kill time. What better way than to write a rant about the latest thing that has me slightly peeved yet not so sure.

I’ve been totally into Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels, for about 3 years now, and I just completed the penultimate one in the series. I absolutely adore her writing style, her characters are full colour, and I pretty much enjoyed every book in the series. It’s not a matter of disliking ‘Deadlocked’ but more of where I think the story is going.


So Sookie after all the debating and almost getting killed because of the Cluviel Dor uses it to save Sam…Sam who has always been there for her, who she works with and sees more often than her beloved Eric, and has even made her a partner in his business. Sadly I also read some comments on the books goodreads page and I think a few other readers are expecting the same result. But why!?!

I’m obviously pro vamp, but Sam…really?…both of his girlfriends tried to kill you Sookie, why? Not to mention Eric, while he is a Machiavellian little heifer, he’s blatant attitude, quirkiness and uber hotness are so…umf…I guess realistically, (as real as you can get with a paranormal book) Sam is the Li Da Ren that every girl would marry, and Eric is that dangerous but oh so alluring Ding Li Wei that us gals can’t help but date, but those of us who know better, understand that he’s not the one you want in the long run.

Damn it, it’s not fair! After getting so addicted to Eric, I realised, he is a vampire after all. He’ll carry on living, even after Sookie passes. It’s instinct to want to survive, and someone with the character of Eric, won’t give up so easily. Not even if it were for the woman he currently loves. Bummer, why do all bad boys have to be so tempting?

I’m still looking forward to the next installment, but I think I may want to go back and relish all the Eric moments before I do. And what do you know, the bathroom’s cleared up  as well! 

I guess that’s enough of my rant, and yes I do feel much better after posting. Also the random references I threw in earlier were from ‘In Time With You’. Chen Bolin is so adorable!

Show some love, rant, spazz and anything else in between :D

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