Just finished ‘Girl in Translation’…

I don’t usually like coming of age stories or anything really outside of paranormal boundaries. I like escapism so sue me.

It was quite an addictive read. I went in thinking- yet another young adult novel. I must have grown out of them, maybe that’s why I so abhorrently detested the Caster Chronicles second novel, along with Lauren Kate’s ‘Torment’. Mind you both of those fell under that supernatural barrier and I was shocked to find that after a three year hiatus from the YA genre (except for a few) I hated the way they were written. I hated the characters, I hated the way they were written and yeah well pretty much everything about them. Turns out it was probably the books rather than me.

I felt like I could relate to Kim, she wasn’t over confident, she wasn’t overly insecure, if she was, she had valid reasons to be. And when it came to boys she was just as clueless or even smart at times, that seemed familiar. I liked how she was the one in control, she probably didn’t feel like it, but she came across as a strong female lead.

Furthermore, the transition from Hong Kong to New York was realistically portrayed. Now I’m not an immigrant, but my mom was and she lived in a place just as dingy with little to no heating, while my grandad worked in a factory earning barely. It made me realise how tough it must have been for her, she only ever tells me snippets of what it was like for her as a kid when she first moved, but if it was anything like how the book presented it, which it most likely was then I really am speechless.

I really hope Jean Kwok decides to write more, so far all I see is that one novel and some anthology-ish thing on goodreads.

Show some love, rant, spazz and anything else in between :D

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