Trying to get the hang of this 21st century thing called ‘blogging’.

I haven’t posted in a few days…or was it just one…never mind, it requires too much human effort for me to go back and check how long ago my last post was.

Getting back to why I posted…I managed to change my bg! yeah okay, it’s totally lame and stupid, but for the technology/computer challenged of us it’s a huge feat. Hell I can hardly change the ink in my printer without having to check for instructions. Despite being born a 93′ I seem to fit belong to an earlier date- I blame my mom.

Aside the mundane task of making my page look a little prettier, I did some more reading naturally, as well as catch up with ep 21 of Queen of SOP, which I’ll come to in a bit.

Starting with the book-Jennifer L. Armentrout’s ‘Half-Blood’. I found the book as usual while browsing through goodreads-man i sure do spend a lot of time on that site :/ Since my library’s kinda broke and they don’t have any new stock, I had to go ahead and spend the money. So hearing that it was pretty similar to Richelle Mead’s VA, I didn’t hesitate much. I was going through a period of being deprived of the awesomeness that is Adrian. So what do you know? I picked up the book yesterday finally, and while I haven’t finished it yet. I can definitely see the uncanny resemblance…ah who am I kidding, I could see the scenes clearly taken out of VA.

Nevertheless, I have to admit. I am addicted.

Rip off, copy-cat, yada yada. If it’s a good book, it’s a good book. Sure it lacks originality, but while lacking the ability to write something her own, she knows how to write well.

Her female protagonist, who goes by the name Alex is cocky, brave, reckless and all things that Rose is. There isn’t much that sets her apart, but her smart ass lines and attitude make it hard for you to hate her. She knows where her weaknesses lie, she’s imperfect and she knows it, which is what makes her endearing. The hot guy on the other hand, I haven’t fallen for yet. He has the same role as Dimitri but he’s not Dimitri. As a reader all I’ve gotten of Aiden, is the fact that he’s hot, he’s damaged, and he’t hot. I don’t love the male lead but neither do I hate him…yet.

Drama time

So I finally got back to watching Queen of SOP. Ah~ Hans, why you so cute? (I’m sorry I tend to babble when it comes to cuties like him.)

I love the tension between Tang Jun and Xiao Jie, but it’s been like that for a few eps and I could drag Chu Chu to hell >.< She’s great as a friend, but she sticks to Tang Jun like he’s some 5yr old that might get lost. It’s almost as if she’s afraid that if she leaves him for less than two seconds he might start jumping Xiao Jie’s bones and kick her out of the running. Tang Jun on the other hand seems oblivious to her affections, c’mon, could she be more blatant?!

Another peeve I have with this drama is the fact that Godfrey is missing! He’s been missing for the last three episodes. Where’d he and his bitchy/cheating/crazy-nut job ex-girlfriend go? They were the one’s that kicked up the angst level, I want him back!

Also as a last little treat to myself-(like I don’t treat myself enough, ha! yeah right.) Park Jung Min ‘Give Me Your Heart’ is finally back with a new Japanese MV. The MV itself looks awesome, it’s dark and deals with some kind of inner demon that he seems to be battling. He’s shown to break into the light eventually, but there is a scene that reminded me of something out of Evanescence’s ‘Call me when you’re Sober’. All in all. it’s great seeing him do something other than what all the other artists are doing i.e. dancing inside a box or chasing after a girl. Given the recent debacle he’s had with his agency I really do hope he’s gets back on track with promoting and doing what he loves doing.

Show some love, rant, spazz and anything else in between :D

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