First thoughts on ‘Love Actually’ (爱的蜜方)

Ah~ Joe’s finally back on our screens after his not so popular role in Channel-X (which btw I did enjoy, c’mon how could anyone not enjoy seeing Joe half-naked? And I totally sang along to Anthony Neely’s ‘Happy Armageddon’ every time they played it.)

I’ve obviously been looking forward to this drama, but I know my limits. I don’t expect any kind of tragic love, it’s a cute rom-com and so far of what I’ve seen is pretty much that.

So the premise started off with, Xiao Xia (played by the ever youthful and gorgeous Lee Da Hae) who is a poor women, that works several jobs in order to survive and feed her nephew- Yang Guang (total cutie). However just as she gets off work, she gets mugged, by none other than her free loader, good-for-nothing brother Xiao Dong. He seems to have no regret for having abandoned his little son and his sister.  Since Xiao Xia has no intention of giving him her hard-earned money, he mugs her anyway and runs off, leaving her in tears.

So she gets home to find her poor nephew and a notice for an increase in rent. Damn it, the woman’s broke and is looking after a kid that isn’t hers. Cut her some slack! But nah, that’s too much to ask, but the gods make a slight exception. A landlord gives her a ring and he goes by the name Chen Hao Ji, who makes an agreement to provide her with suitable shelter if she’ll pretend to be his girlfriend. She naturally finds out when she meets his family that, he’s another free-loader, who has a rather long tongue-he calls her his fiancée despite the agreement.  Regardless she has nowhere to go, and Chen senior offers her space in his home. But oh no! There’s the man in frost! Voila, Joe plays the icy…can I call him a tsundere? He does not feel any source of empathy towards the new comers or towards his brother. Thankfully his younger brother is full of light fluffy rainbows and he kills any social animosity. And that’s where it ended.

So far so good. Nothing amazing per se, but it’s definitely set the tone of the drama. I’m liking the cast, even the supporting roles. The kid who plays her nephew is adorable, and the Chen household seems quite nice. Not to mention their house is HUGE  O_O


Let’s not forget the OST, thankfully Koala’s Playground already has a link. I’m really liking Henry Tseng’s ‘Call Me’. It goes nicely with the feel of the drama.

Ah well even if Joe’s going to be away for the next year, at least he’s left us with his drama and Hua Yang, which I hear is coming along pretty well. As for now the more Joe the better is always the case for me. I’ll be looking forward to the next ep ^^

2 thoughts on “First thoughts on ‘Love Actually’ (爱的蜜方)


    All I knew was that there’s a lot of hype over Lee Da Hae being in this drama…but….JOE CHENG!!!! How did I not hear about this?

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