★ No Min Woo!! ☆ ‘Validity of Love’ (有效期限爱上你)

No, no! I’m not going to ramble on about how Full House 2 never seems to actually air on television despite being advertised for the past gazillion years. No Min Woo has a new drama! That too a Mainland one.

Call me slow, dumb, crazy…if you’re going to call me crazy at least add the word fan girl. So as I was casually browsing through Viki, what do you know? It was staring right at me, and after a little searching, bingo!

He seems to be finished with the Full House 2 filming (funny, I thought K-dramas did the whole recording while airing thing, but I guess not). He’s apparently working his sexy butt off in the humid Chinese weather as well as co-producing some of the OST. Good to know he’s still intact with his inner Rose.

His character from what I’ve read is that of a charming rich boy, who falls in love with a poor girl (Akira shock!). I’m not too familiar with who the female lead is. The drama will air on a satellite channel called ‘China Zhejiang Satellite’.

It appears it will have a run of 30 episodes.

Image Image

Doesn’t he look adorable?…After having sat through the mind numbing ‘Midas’ for him and savouring every little ounce of his presence in ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’…he’s finally getting some meatier roles. Although it doesn’t sounds like a new premise, I think I’ll probably end up watching this just for him, and heck who doesn’t like a Cinderella story once in a while ^^,


Source: Daum

One thought on “★ No Min Woo!! ☆ ‘Validity of Love’ (有效期限爱上你)

  1. he is one of a kind talented person also a very misterious artist ive ever known,he just look like love or have to hide something inside..but his idol fangirl/boy will always say these; no matter who you are where your from,and what you did,whether you are a green alien or even if you are not a human, we ll always support you..SOMETIME WE WILL FEEL MORE ALIVE WHEN WE HAVE FOUND THE TRUTH ABOUT THE REASON WHY WE ARE ALIVE..hope u have found that mr no min woo..and if you dont mind let me describe him in three words(interesting,mysterious,artist )if he wasnt then i wont post these comment..

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