‘Love Actually’ [Recap] Episode 2

(Sorry about the screen caps, the video quality isn’t amazing and all my techy brain can handle is Picassa. )

The episode starts off with Chen Hao Feng (Joe Cheng) still refusing to let Xiao Xia (Lee Da Hae) into the family. He’s reluctant and distrustful, and for a good reason, his brother is lying about Xiao Xia being his fiancée. On the other hand Xiao Xia is slightly paranoid that everyone is going figure out the lie she’s an accomplice to.

Chen senior assures her, that she’s more than welcome to join the family and he’s glad that she’ll become a new addition as she seems polite, and well mannered unlike his son. He thinks his son’s hit the lottery-your sons a cheat! Karma’s a bitch, why would you assume your son is going to get with someone as good as her, poor as she maybe?

Their first isolated encounter and she’s about to get frost bite.

Meet Mary Sue… no wait don’t forget from the first episode, she can also kick you physically in the ass, so don’t piss her off.

Ah crap! That’s why I love the fact that I live with a bunch of women. Her pink bra in the washing just got seen by her younger ‘brother-in law’.

Should have seen that coming! Lol at his face. Men should really learn when to stop at the questions.

I’ll understand when Hao Feng can no loner resist her charm…it’s that face!

As the episode progresses, Hao Feng doesn’t hesitate to show his doubt in her role as his new sister-in-law, and keeps a watchful eye on her. I guess keeping that watchful eye is going to lead to him noticing other things too :p

Joe in his chefs uniform *_* While he attempts to sway his dad into not letting his emotions get to him and, thoroughly investigate this new found stranger they’ve let into their house.

I love her little moments of sass. I hope she starts saying them out loud, it would add another layer to her character and it sort of reminds me of Joo Yoo Rin.

uh-oh looks like shits about to hit the fan…but oh wait! Is that someone calling me?

Hell bent on discovering the real identity of Xiao Xia, Hao Feng gets up to his own detective work that leaves the audience thinking there is a softer wall behind that hard exterior.

I swear I didn’t do that on purpose! He decides the best way to prove that she’s lying is to find DNA (Yang Guang’s). So he checks the bath tub, but damn Mary Sue got there before he did and scrubbed the living day lights out of it.

So if not the bathroom, then a little boys bedroom is the next place to strike for detective Hao Feng.

Now now, let’s rewind a few minutes back, he clearly stated he didn’t like women who lied. Xiao Xia asks him, what he’s doing here, clearly perplexed. He replies, ‘I came to check the light bulb, the light fixtures in the house are acting weird, I thought it might be this room.’ All the while thinking she’s here to seduce him as she nears.

Sadly Hao Feng’s detecive skills come out as futile as he doesn’t acquire the root of Yang Guang’s hair and thus his DNA test plan goes down the drain. Likewise Xiao Xia’s attempts at securing another place come out as useless as, nothing seems to crop up. He does warn her though that, he will get to the bottom of her lies.

Hating to be a free loader like Hao Jie and her brother, she tries to help out at the family restaurant. However, both brothers hold her off. Li Yang, as sweet as ever tells her to take it easy, while Hao Feng threatens her, if she makes three mistakes within three days, she’ll have to leave with Yang Guang. Naturally she takes him up on that offer.

Hao Feng warns Yang Guang, ‘touch that and that’ll be a strike against Xiao Xia’. Lol he’ll even pick a fight with a kid.

As G’pa Chen (can I call him that already?) pulls away junior, the episode concludes.


So far so good. I like how they’ve thrown in these little moments where Joe’s character breaks free of his mean guy demeanour, and we see him make mistakes like any other person. It plays well with Lee Da Hae’s character, her flaws of-well, being poor isn’t a flaw but neither is it a virtue. Her ability to look after her nephew, while she lies out of her butt. You can clearly see that the writer is trying to find a balance within both of these characters. Neither of them are perfect, hence why they suit each other.

Li Yi Feng, is slightly underrated at the moment, but his small little appearance so far are cute and amusing. It looks like he has love line of his own, I’d like to see how that one pans out.

One thing I am slightly confused about is, what Hao Feng was trying to prove with Yang Guang’s DNA…I’m not sure what the understanding is at the moment. The fact that he uses her name at the end and not the word ‘aunt’, might suggest that’s her child, but isn’t she too young to have such an old kid?…mmm I think I’ll have to go back and re-watch or wait until they clear this up.

So that’s all for this ep I think 🙂

Show some love, rant, spazz and anything else in between :D

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