‘Love Actually’ Episode 3 [recap]

Finally! I’m back to recap episode 3 and already 5 episodes have aired. At the rate it’s going the drama will have finished airing in no time…in my world that means less Joe time, and that’s never good.

Waste no time, let’s get cracking!

This episode continues from where we left off-Xiao Xia agreeing to battle it out with Hao Feng, with the only exception that she can’t make three consecutive mistakes within three days. No excuse – she’ll be heading straight for the exit with Yang Guang in tow.

Xiao Xia vs. Hao Feng! Let the battle commence!

It doesn’t take her long to make her first mistake though. Everything appears to be going well, too well, until after she finishes serving a customer and heads back to the kitchen, and bam! She touches food without gloves. I can hardly chastise Hao Feng on that one, hygiene in the kitchen, at a restaurants kitchen at that, should have just been common sense.

Poor Xiao Xia 😦

Even Li Yang is worried, having trained her in the art of working for Hao Feng, the uptight chef. I guess there’s only so much you can learn within such a short period.

Li Yang cringes at her mistake, and secretly calls Xiao Xia to give her tips on how to stay on the good side of his brother.

Xiao Xia takes Li Yang’s call in the bathroom away from Hao Feng’s laser eyes.

As every one is working away at the restaurant, we have our final main role enter. ‘Bout time 🙂 Lin Xiao Xiao (Fang An Na) makes her sunglasses glad, intro. She, dressed quite fancy, and doesn’t appear to have any skin that shows the wear and tear of the colder world that Xiao Xia has come from. The two women couldn’t be any different. Xiao Xiao gives Xiao Xia the once over, and we can obviously see that she a thing for Li Yang, that he hasn’t come to his realisation.

mmm….Xiao Xia’s like what the hell is she doing? :/

Xiao Xiao appears quite pro active in her pursuit of Li Yang, and is quick to assume a relationship of some sort between Xiao Xia and him. Her attraction to him is like that kid in school who always bullies you ’cause he/she has a secret embarassing crush on you. She slaps him. Under the guise of a mosquito of course.

At this point, Xiao Xia has already lost two lives, as she fails to notice that a customer has switched tables. Another rule in the Feng kitchen-it automatically becomes a complimentary dish if it’s not delivered exactly on time. So fifteen seconds too late, is still considered late. Why is he such a stickler?!

Cute figurines Hao Feng keeps in the kitchen as a marker for how many lives Xiao Xia has left.

The task that screws things over six ways to Sunday-shopping for groceries. Hao Feng provides Li Yang and Xiao Xia with a list of ingredients for the restaurant, and off they go.

‘Ain’t that cute 🙂

When they get to the market, it’s none other than Xiao Xiao. She helps out with the groceries at the restaurant. Li Yang can’t wait to abandon her.

So he leaves both of them.

As she reads off the list that she’s been left with, Xiao Xia realises the quantity of ingredients don’t match up. Did someone write them wrong? Li Yang’s not there, so she can double check, she doesn’t question it and purchases the enormous load of goose liver. Xiao Xiao says nothing, as even she notices the numbers look odd.

Should have asked….too late.

Hey! Isn’t that breaking the first rule of hygiene?

Yang Guang and Xiao Xia get ready to leave.

Before she leaves, Xiao Xia decides she wants to make up for the loss she’s caused him. Hence she comes up with a recipe to use up all the Foie gras.

When she’s done, Hao Feng gives it a taste. She’s a genius!

He doesn’t outright praise her though…

‘Sunny Happiness’ me wants!

The little dollops of  ‘Sunny Happiness’ sell like hot cakes, within a day. The next day Hao Feng finds customers asking for more, but there’s none left in stock. Xiao Xia has done as she has promised. The only gesture Hao Feng gave of his approval was this little man.

She only assumed it was merely a figurine. Taking no notice, she leaves with Yang Guang.

Hao Feng considers her actions, ‘if she was here to con us, she wouldn’t have gone so easily…’.


I want to see more chemistry! I really hope things speed up a little, or get out of the norm in some way. I mean it’s the third episode already and she’s left the Chen household, I hope this isn’t going to be the first in a long line of coming and going.

On the bright side, the food is gorgeous! I even had to put it up as my av, just ’cause it looked so good 🙂 Li Yang is cute to the max, and I really enjoy seeing that brother and sister relationship develop between him and Xiao Xia.

Also, I haven’t seen this mv before so, I thought I’d add it to this post.

Love Actually mv

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