Unexpected You ep 50 [Recap] Ah~ how I love this drama!

Just before I get started on episode 50’s fantastic episode, I thought it’d be interesting to also include how enormously well these actors are doing from the national success of this drama. Not only has it surpassed the 40% mark in ratings but it’s gotten all the actors to become household names, yes, yes it’s kicked this years earlier drama ‘The Moon Embraces the Sun’ out the window.

Actress Cho Yoon Hee who, has had mediocre roles up until now; the last time I saw her before her role in ‘Unexpected You’ was in SBS’s major flop ‘Lie To Me’ which despite its cast that included Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye did nothing to garner ratings wise. Thankfully, due to her major success has now even been offered movie roles. She was recently at the conference where she was noted for her risqué fashion choice (actually she looked kinda hot). She’s going to be starring in the movie ‘The Traffickers’ (공모자들). Check out her small interview here on Daum that I managed to find, she basically just talks about her experience with filming the movie and if there was anything difficult that came whilst doing so.

Sources: mt.co.kr 


 Okie dokie!

As we all know, Bang Gwi Nam is the husband that every woman wants. He’s the dream man for every woman while, the biggest evil to all men, married or not. He adores his wife, and does things that regular men would not think to do. He’s unique to say the least- of course I adore him and so do all the other women of his family and otherwise. I mean even Suzy couldn’t help try seducing the married man away from his wife. So naturally after the last episode, all the women are besotted by his kind hearted gesture towards Yoon Hee.

Yoon Hee’s sister in law, taunts her husband about how she’s only ever heard him come to her about their financial crisis or when he’s in debt. Her husband is ever submissive.

Even his aunt is a little smitten by his thoughtful gesture. Yup, the woman who adores her slightly glumpsy husband.

The perfect couple have a moment alone. There’s a reason why this couple works so well, it’s because they know how to communicate and it’s not just one person in the couple doing all the work. They really are adorable ^^

Away from the main couple, we get our most romantic couples. Se Gwang and Mal Sook didn’t get much romance on the last episode so, as the lights are out for dark, Mal Sook sneaks out to meet him. Just the sweetest kind of romance that I’m sure every one will have done while they were/are young. But oh! Yi Sook isn’t all that far behind. Even the most tomboyish character of the lot, has her romances, and assuming that Mal Sook is still under her sheets, when it’s actually her cushions, she also makes her escape to meet Jae Yong. Young love ftw!

Mal Sook escapes first.

Yi Sook isn’t behind though, as Jae Yong calls her to meet outside.

So much for summer love, they get caught by each other. Jae Yong wastes no time, in introducing himself, and gets straight to fixing the bad impression that Mal Sook has of him. The other two let their partners speak it out. Se Gwang, being the man though, he chastises Mal Sook for being so judgemental. I’m guessing Se Gwang is going to be good for Mal Sook more than the family give him credit for.

As usual Yi Sook leaves Jae Yong craving for more. Gotta’ love her blasé attitude.

The scene cuts and we’re back to where we started, which isn’t a bad thing. Gwi Nam’s uncle approaches…or maybe that’s the operative term. He almost pounces on the poor guy. His uncle after having heard that he ranks number 2 on his wife’s coolest men list, he has a bone to pick. Lol don’t all men now?

Sucks for his uncle, ’cause that doesn’t deter Gwi Nam to treat his wife to a vacation to the beach.


The story flicks back to Chun Jae Yong and Bang Yi Sook, where Yi Sook just can’t make herself call him oppa. What’s making Jae Yong even more ansty about her inability to call him oppa is the fact that she calls a rain check on their date because she has already made plans to meet some friends. Friends who also happen to be men she refers to as oppa. 

Come one Yi Sook! Take some charge. I really hope she gets used to his presence and halts back on being the shy one soon.

I didn’t realise how many cuts this drama had until, I started recapping. Boy they sure do have a lot, but I suppose that’s what’s stopped me from getting bored. Nice editing, to whoever does it. Anyway, Jang Goon (Gwak Dong Yun) has second thoughts on his new found acting career. He believes in studying, and Seoul University is his home run. Except all the girls at his school are in his way, asking away for autographs, leaving him little time to study or even get a minute alone. He brings this up with his parents, and they agree, that regardless of whether it influences their monetary status, if that’s what Jang Goon wants to do, then that’s what he should do. Sweetest family ever!

Studying away at the dressing table, waiting to meet the director so he can tell him he wants to quit.

yes I know, I’m old enough to be his noona, but he’s dopey and adorable.

Look who’s that! Jang Goon’s muse walks in through the door, and so all thoughts of Seoul University can’t trump Shin Se Kyung.

He’s going to stick with acting after all.

Nam Nam Goo, makes good on his promise and hires a reporter to publish a scandal about Yoon Bin and Il Sook. Thankfully the reporter knows her job and investigates before publishing.

The constant fear that Yoon Bin’s career will diminish if a scandal does get out, haunts Il Sook.

Don’t they just make you think of Korea’s Golden Girls?…well they’re up to their meddling selves, and this time Yoon Bin and Il Sook are the targets. Chung Ae initially refuses, but Soon Ae & Ji In get to her.

No time to waste! She has info on his family already.

As all hustling of the rest of family occurs, Gwi Nam and Yoon Hee are away vacationing on the beach. This doesn’t stop them from seeing what they could have had and what they want.

Earlier we saw some manliness emerge out of that very cute anime like boy, but this time, he really does man up as he comes to protect rather than defend Mal Sook.

Bitchy women at their best.

Another sweet moment between these two.

Did I say sweet? I meant really sweet.

Yoon Bin deserves a full screen cap…Il Sook confesses the truth about Nam Nam Goo stirring up trouble and how she thinks it best he find a new manager.

And for the finale…no it’s gotten an extension of 8 episodes, if you haven’t heard already. The finale for the end of the episode, Gwi Nam’s twisted evil, money hungry uncle storms into the house, all the while cursing his ex-wife. And just to vex every one off, he spills the beans about Jang Yang Shil’s mistake.

He’s so full of…he curses the day Gwi Nam returned, and says it was because of Gwi Nam that everything happened. If he hadn’t come back, all would have been fine. Thankfully G’ma bitch slaps him, and tells him, ‘I don’t care whether you go to prison, or elsewhere, just get out.’ That stirs up the inner anger in him and he stops at nothing.

In his desire to get back at his family, the truth leaves Uhm Chung Ae, flabbergasted, unable to believe the truth coming out of her brother in laws mouth.

I want the next episodes already!!! Did I mention I love this drama?..ㅎㅎㅎ

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