Unexpected You Episode 51 [Recap] 엉엉~~

Before I begin the recap, I thought it’d be nice to post some info on what the actors are up to besides the drama and where they’ve popped up recently in the media.

So to start off with Kim Nam Joo who made an appearance on ‘Happy Sunday 1 Night 2 Days’ (variety show). I personally have no clue what the set up is for that show, but her husband-Kim Seung Woo who has a gig on there, brought her almost to tears when he re-enacted a scene from the movie ‘Love Actually’. The cast was given a mission to call someone who they were very close to. I think he initially called someone else, who didn’t turn up. So eventually he called his wife, and she admitted, in the time she’s been married to him, this was the first time she was receiving such a confession.

On related type news Yoo Joon Sang also made a separate public appearance for the movie R2B: Return To Base that also stars Rain. He pretty much just talks about the movie and his experience while filming since it’s been 2 weeks since the movie’s official release.

(Sorry if the translation is a bit rough, it’s just me and my broken Korean working away, and f.y.i Google translate sucks!)

edit: There’s actually a bunch of articles that talk about bits and pieces of the episode. If any one finds a link, feel free to post it.

Sources: Kim Nam Joo, Yoo Joon Sang


Roller coaster…no super roller coaster…no wrong again. Super super mega roller coaster of emotions is what this episode was. It was like a blast of an emotional catharsis, I really do love the writers for this drama. They clearly know their stuff, and Yoon Yeo Jung is damn underrated by the new generation of drama watchers. She maybe too old to be playing main roles, but who needs main roles? She walks into a scene, and you know it’s her scene. She’s amazing~

Uhm Jung Ae is left bewildered after her brother in law blows a gasket in her face. After having brandished his wife as a child abandoner (is that even a word?), and the rest as liers and scoundrels, he makes his over due exit. Not before his brother catches him outside and tear streaked asks, him why the hell he had to do such a thing. Jang Hoon couldn’t control his fit of rage after his mother slapped him, and so it all came out in a rush of emotions. Simultaneously, Bang Jung Bae (Kim Sang Ho) watches quietly from the corner. Sadness etched into his face, as he watches his two older brothers get at each other.

Uhm Chung Ae unable to control her shock and confusion.

Bang Jang Soo falls to his knees in his despair, as his eldest brother looks on.

The family is in utter chaos. Yang Sil can’t think of any alternative but to leave. Her sister in law stops her, still not believing her brother in laws words. Everyone appears to be providing different stories in order to protect her from getting hurt. However the truth eventually comes out.

Distraught she’s left with nothing but tears and terrible memories of her difficult past, through the neglect she suffered from her husband and mother in law when Gwi Nam went missing.

She yells maniacally at Yang Sil, recalling how she had told her to be strong when she knew what Chung Ae was going through. She recalls her terrible past, and the guilt she’s lived with for thirty years, and nothing seems to console the poor old lady. She tells Yang Sil, there is so little holding her back from yelling and tearing her hair out. But she can’t lose it. If she looses it, she doesn’t know what she would do. So the tears eventually exhaust her out, and Gwi Nam sets up an IV drip. She takes the help, but when her family insists on staying by her side, she tells them she wants to be left alone.

Blast from the past.

It really did break my heart to see her character struggle. Up until now, it’s always been verbal references of what she went through when her son went missing. The flashbacks on the other hand, really do enlighten you to her pain.

Bang Jung Bae looks at his family and recollects how he was only in middle school when the events occurred. He had no clue to what extent the happenings meant, and he tells his family he’s grateful for what he has, and that he just wants to be safe happy and alive with his family. They might be the smaller family, but they sure are sweet. They always end up teaching you that moral lesson unintentionally.

Time for some happier scenes! Yahoo! I thought it was going to be all tears and tissues, but the writers seem to understand that where there are tears, there’s always a smile around the corner. Chun Jae Yong and Bang Yi Sook back at the restaurant are trying their under cover love. The couple’s afraid that if they get caught dating by the staff, that they’ll complain about bias.

Jae Yong’s little sidekick complains that they’re so obvious, and how can anyone not have noticed… double check, looks like the staff have noticed. But they’re just too kind to say anything.

Away from the workers, Jae Yong surprises Yi Sook with a trunk full of teddy bears, just like the one she gifted him earlier. He appears a little crestfallen when she asks bluntly, ‘what do you want me to do with so many bears?’

Oh our ever so tactful Yi Sook…I joke. She offers to donate the rest of the bears to an orphanage her dad visits.

Off work and the two have a more deeper talk. She asks him about the winter of 1997.

The infamous winter of 1997, lol I love the way they’ve made it sound like some deep dark secret. It happens to be the winter when Yoon Hee was fired from being Jae Young’s tutor and thus he went on a strike…he joined a monastery where his sisters couldn’t find him. Bwuahahaha, Jae Yong and a monk, things were just not meant to me. He asked the monk if they had meat. Well there goes that rebellious plan.

I love his hair! lol what a confession. She walks through the doors and there he is belting out mushy ballad lyrics to her. No wonder Yoon Hee beat him up so often.

Yep, yep, she hit him over the head. I guess he’s always been innocent whenever in love.

While Jae Yong’s confessing his love away, Yoon Hee’s trying to make a living off of tutoring so she can support her family. So she umm…what’s that word…doesn’t care! Poor Jae Yong.

Unable to argue with his family’s decisions to ditch Yoon Hee as his tutor he runs away to a place where his family won’t be able to reach him. A monastery, ’cause that’s where all rebellious teens go.

One more screen cap, just ’cause I find it amusing to see the usual suavely dressed Jae Yong dressed in a monks outfit.

Jae Yong’s humour seems to balance out the tough life that Yi Sook has lived. Her birthday was never celebrated, and no one paid attention to her because it was considered bad towards the memory of Gwi Nam. She holds no resentment (I would) but it doesn’t extinguish her plain old wish to be noticed within her own home.

Jae Yong ftw! He, the innocent guy he is, feels wrong for her and tells her she shouldn’t just take it as it is, she’s just as important. She’s important to him.

As she makes way for home, Yoon Hee and Gwi Nam invite her over to eat with them and I sense secrets and the big brother in Gwi Nam awakens.

Yoon Hee’s psychic abilities kick in, and she knows immediately that Yi Sook is dating Jae Yong. Yi Sook avoids the two stares and shock her brother and sister in law give her.

Not only is he a perfect husband but he’s also a protective brother. Yi Sook tells them, what makes Jae Yong so special, the fact that he sees in her something precious that no one else has ever called her before.

And before we know it, we’re back to the sad parts. Chung Ae trapped in her feelings, doesn’t know what to do with herself. Everyone seems like someone else, and nothing is comforting. She decides to take off for her sisters place. Initially asking Yi Sook for a ride, Gwi Nam tells her it’s okay, and that he’ll drop her off.

Chung Ae can’t even begin to tell her husband how much she resents him. While she was pregnant with Mal Sook, she had wanted strawberries, but he wouldn’t even talk to her. Wow…that’s messed up…she goes ahead and tells him that he sickens her right now and can’t stand his presence…karma anyone?

Curled up, she waits for Yi Sook, instead Gwi Nam shows up.

I think it was ‘The Painter of the Wind’ someone said that the saddest posture one can capture is that of someone from behind.

Time for Il Sook and Yoon Bin 🙂

They bicker over her wanting to save his reputation, and he wins when he hands over her new business card.

We have another cutesy moment with Yi Sook and Jae Yong again, when he tells her over the phone to come dressed in stripes. She refuses on the phone, only to walk into work dressed like this:

Jae Yong’s over the moon when he sees her comply and even goes in for a hug/kiss in the locker room. But this is Yi Sook were talking about, he gets a good ol’ slap.

As the episode winds down, Yoon Hee goes to meet her mother in law, who happens to be at the sauna. She bumps in to what I can only call a paedophile, and Yoon Hee gags at the sight of the young girl calling the ancient dude oppa. The two are kinda crazy and uptight, and the ancient paedo goes to the extent to nudge Yoon Hee back. This expectedly pisses her off. Before she can do anything though, Chung Ae is barking at the top of her lungs, ‘what the hell do you think you’re doing to my daughter in law?’. We even see Yoon Yeo Jung being bleeped out as she lets loose a harsh expletive.

Gag reflex in action.

Is this mamma bear coming out I see?Is it weird if I want to know what exactly she cursed?

Any who~ once they’ve dealt with that trouble, they get to the thick of the real problem that’s plaguing the Bang household.

Chung Ae suggests that Yoon Hee and Gwi Nam go away, like they originally planned, to the U.S.

Nooooo! You can’t just leave me hanging! Cruel, so so cruel. I hope and doubt Yoon Hee will take her up on that offer, as much as she initially wanted to go, I think she likes where she’s at. Ooh! I thought of another cliché…they go away to the U.S. for 3 years with that kid from the orphanage, and when they return everything has gone back to normal….no I really don’t like that option either. Oh well, this post couldn’t get any longer, so peace out 🙂

4 thoughts on “Unexpected You Episode 51 [Recap] 엉엉~~

  1. can anybody please tell me the song in ep 51 when Jae Young confessed to Yoon Hee in the winter 1997? I have been searching for this song forever. It sounds so familiar but I cant remember the name of the song T.T

    • You might have heard it previously as a part of the OST for ‘Reply 1997’. The song is by Weather Forecast (일기예보) and the song is called Dream of a Doll (인형의 꿈)

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