‘Unexpected You’ Episode 52 [Recap] Is that Jang Goon??

Is that really the Jang Goon we know? Lol he looks better than Lee Min Ho as Goo Jun Pyo! This is a still from ep 56. I so want to watch it now~

I was wrong yay! I was wrong 🙂 I hope

I stay that way for a while when it comes to this drama. The episode began with confirming that ‘Unexpected You’ is unpredictable. Here I was thinking they were going to do something that really wreaked of makjang, why do I even bother doubting the writers?  

So, Chung Ae suggests to Yoon Hee that, she should go away to the States as she planned with Gwi Nam. It’s already been 6 months since they found him and, she’s more than grateful that she was able to spend so much time with her son. It’s also not fair towards his adopted parents (who btw are supposed to be coming in to town soon, since it’s been brought up a few times, I’m thinking it’s going to be a big deal). It also appears that, she feels guilt and sadness for her son. She feels the hurt that he must have felt when he found out that his own aunt abandoned him .

Yoon Hee convinces her, that Gwi Nam has decided to forgive Yang Sil.

Everyone except Ko Ok know about the family dilemma. While eating lunch,Bang Jang Soo gets a fisher scam message. Bang Jung Bae brushes it off, saying only stupid people would believe something like that.

First time I received one of those texts, I almost had a heart attack. No joke. I was like, are they referring to my student loan? Then my mom was like, no you idiot, it’s just like those annoying cold calls we get. Hey you can’t blame a girl, they make it sound so real!

Anyway, the episode then moves onto Min Ji Young (Jin Kyeong) and Cha Se Joong, just casually discussing how uptight she is, and how she can’t control her teacher instinct in her. She’s in complete denial, and refuses to believe that until Mal Sook drops by the café.

Mal Sook gives her a gift. She opens the little card, that’s… no wait for it…Full of spelling mistakes! 0_0

Lol @ the animations.

So she heads to a noraebang to relieve her pent up frustration at not being able to say anything in front of her husband. Mal Sook and Se Gwang on the other hand, assume she leaves because of her dislike for Mal Sook.

Il Sook on the other hand is making that tough call with her ex husband. It’s time to set him straight, for once and all.

She tells him, you can create as many scandals as you like but I am professionally Yoon Bin’s manager. Even if you spread rumours, people will find out the truth some day. I’ll deal with trouble when it comes, and I’m not the same Il Sook you married. Woman power ღ♥ღ

This close up just totally screwed with my head…’fax’…what’s that? It still exists?? :S

Yoon Bin is slightly mad at Il Sook for wanting to quit…ahh is this their first lovers quarrel?

So they finally reach the broadcasting station, and they’re at an interview. The interviewer asks, so do you remember your first kiss? Yoon Bin: surprisingly yes I do…I was only a high schooler when I debuted, but it happen with a wild fan. She just ran up to me…she was quite ugly…no really really ugly…all that with a thoughtful expression. Il Sook sits there, with a grouchy expression. I was that girl!!

The previous episode may have belonged to Chung Ae, but this episode kinda belongs to this old man. Bang Jang Soo (Jang Yong) reminisces and longs for his wife.

These guys should totally have their own theme song or something. Every time they show up, you know there’s something amusing coming up on screen. Gwi Nam and Yoon Hee are dining at Jae Yong’s restaurant, the evening is almost over and it’s like a twist on those scenes where the suitor has to drink up with daddy to show he’s a real tough man that can look after his daughter. Gwi Nam takes on papa role, and they drink up…but forget soju…who needs soju…actually I doubt you’d get soju at Jae Yong’s fancy dining, so they make do with wine. Neither of them have high drinking tolerance. Yoon Hee even cracks a joke, if you can drink without getting drunk, then I must be the God of alcohol. The two women watch as their respective partners display their individual levels of macho-ism.

One shot with wine. He even tips the glass over his head to prove it’s empty. Perfectly drunk goofy men, who always lose to their women.

And this is what a wine stupor leads to.

If they had actually kissed, I’m guessing Yi Sook and Jae Yong would have totally been over.

They’re finally saying their goodbyes…only both think they’re hugging the women…Yoon Hee’s shoulders have gotten broader…Yi Sook seems to have gotten more built.

On the other side of the world, the Uhm sisters are lounging about, trying to figure out what happened with Chung Ae and her husband. It’s rare that she would ever get into an argument with him, where she would leave the house. Soon Ae reminisces their own parents, with Chung Ae replying, it’s true, we only think of our parents once in a while, but the parents think of their children all the time. I suppose my kids are like that too.

Just as they sit there musing, a knock on the door to prove all that wrong.

One by one, Mal Sook followed by Il Sook turn up to see their mom, they also come baring gifts…edible gifts. Soon Ae lightens up, with ‘well I was getting peckish’ .

Aunt what are you Hiddink? (Hiddink is a dutch soccer manager that trains Sth Korea. He’s quite a plump man.)

Third times the lucky one. Bang Jang Soo turns up, but his wife is still not ready to give him a chance. She walks away into the other room.

He really doesn’t know how to fix things with his wife. Mal Sook the ever truthful, honestly tells her dad, what she remembers of her parents relationship. How her mother was always disregarded and even insulted in front of other family members and he did nothing to protect his wife.

We’re back to sunnyland, where all the humour resides and we don’t have to think about the oppressing matters that  are hovering over. Yes Jae Yong and Yi Sook’s romance. In his drunken state, he begins to imagine bad guys, that he must fight off to save Yi Sook.

Yep you go for it Jae Yong. Defeat those bad guys.

I just love her ‘what the fish’ expression.

….and that’s the reality…what an idealist…I’m pretty sure he got beaten up by Yi Sook when they first met.

Once again we leave the realm of fluffy romance to the darker side…

Jang Soo drinks alone to drown out his misery…

Jung Mak Rae (Kang Bu Ja) feels for her son and understands that she’s done her daughter in law wrong as well…there’s something infinitely more sad about an elder person coming to a realisation of their mistakes…

We only get a glimpse of the isolation Yang Sil has embarked on.

She may have wanted to escape her family, but her family is her…they’re what makes her happy…there’s only so much you can escape until you come back home.

There’s always been a little distance between his relationship with his parents, mostly his mother. Ever since they’ve found him, he’s always been filial but at a slight distance. Chung Ae always felt he was more Yoon Hee’s than he was her son. This episode gives insight into a break through between son and mother.

Gwi Nam, a little tipsy comes by after Yoon Hee drops him off to visit his mom.

He drops the honourific (eomonim) to eomma, which is what the rest of the kids call her. He’s finally her son.

A little less melodrama over here.

Se Gwang! Attempting to sweeten up Yoon Hee, he was kinda absent in the last episode, but he makes his appearance this time.

Don’t mess with Yoon Hee, she knows! She also knows how Mal Sook was treated the other night when Se Gwang brought her over, but she still doesn’t ship the couple.

Jae Yong’s real happy with Yi Sook’s response. She nags at him lightly, don’t you dare look at other girls. First man I’ve seen that’s so happy a woman nagged at him. Sure is unique.

Remember the fisher scams, looks like there was a purpose to it after all…damn these guys are genius’. Not only do they teach you beware of scammers but, they even mend an entire rift between a couple…talk about two birds in one shot.

Yoon Hee drives in, and notices the havoc. Bang Jung Bae tells her, that Jang Soo received a call saying that his wife’s being held hostage. She tells him, that there’s a way you can call the police. G’ma is worried sick panicking.

Jang Soo is so frantic he can hardly keep his hand from shivering. He doesn’t think and runs over to the bank, but Jung Bae manages to tell him to stall the bad guys on the phone.

Yay! Power to the good guys. The cops find Chung Ae at church and get her back to her family. G’ma is so relieved she doesn’t hold back and says everything she feels. She finally understands there is no better time than the present.

Jang  Soo emotionally bewildered begins crying. Glad that his wife is safe and alive.


And so the episode concludes.

And just before I finish the post, what’s an ending than a wonderful little spoiler? Eh? Eeeps! I see Yoon Bin and Il Sook finally getting it on! Lol that sounds a little perverted but, their love line has been overshadowed a little.

Yeah I know this isn’t a spoiler, but Yoo Joon Sang looks like he’s having so much fun in the ad, that I couldn’t help it. Also it appears that Oh Yeon Seo has completed her filming for the drama…ah I wish people would stop reminding me that this drama isn’t far from closing. What am I going to do with that huge gap now? Six months of getting used to the characters and now in three weeks time it’ll all be over…oh well I guess I’ll need to spazz a little extra more in the coming weeks then ^_^

Sources: Yoo Joon Sang, Unexpected YouNate

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