‘Love Actually’ Episode 5 & 6 [Recap]

I am such a lazy butt! I think it’s almost been a week or something since I recapped an episode of ‘Love Actually’. That’s not to underestimate my love for Joe and all things Joe related. I just got distracted…by other dramas…I’m not a traitor! 

Lol enough with the dramatics. School’s about to start up soon, and my 6 foot long reading list has to get done within the next few weeks. Plus I’m kind of digging some of the other dramas at the moment *cough* Reply 1997. How are we supposed to balance drama watching if all the TV stations bring out the good dramas at exactly the same time??! Ah~~ the troubles of a teenage drama loving nerd. (Yes yes, I know, ‘Love Actually’ has finished airing (thanks to my first ever commenter- someone actually reads my stuff :O)  and some of the dramas I’m watching were done airing years ago.)

Before I get started, I thought it’d be nice to share a little vid I found on Kankanews. There aren’t any subs, I doubt there will be. But it’s real cool to see Joe and Lee Da Hae show off their chemistry. They actually seemed quite comfortable around each other. And for those who are cursing the broadcasters for dubbing Lee Da Hae, you now have evidence that, she can speak pretty fluently 🙂


The episode begins with Li Yang and Xiao Xiao at it for the millionth time. She’s attempting to give him a surprise for his birthday. The only person who knows about her surprise is Xiao Xia. Hao Feng comes in, and tells Li Yang to order some more flour and eggs. That peaks his curiosity, and he remarks that they already bought some recently.

Bickering ’cause it’s second nature.

Plotting away a surprise for Li Yang. She’s sweet, sucks that he doesn’t notice her like that.

So a bit of bad editing, aside, the bad guys that Hao Jie is working with, attack Hao Feng just outside his home, as a way of scaring the Chen family. Xiao Xia comes in the nick of time, as the goons run away, leaving him bruised.

Finally! Skinship XD

and so the romance finally begins to blossom…

Hao Feng catches onto the electrical current running through his veins at having so much skinship with Xiao Xia that he pulls away. After all it is his brother’s to be wife.

Lol I love her facial expressions. She’s the typical girl who doesn’t realize when a guy likes her, and just assumes he’s being his frosty self.

Wait for it…there’s more skinship to come. Inside, Papa Chen warns his children to be careful, as there isn’t much the cops can do…umm what happened to CCTV? Regardless, Xiao Xia helps Hao Feng mend his wounds.

Neither notice the intimacy.

Xiao Xia’s happily making her clumsy but adorable faces while up in Hao Feng’s face. The poor guy can hardly let that go unnoticed, and pulls back. Eye contact! 0_0

silent awkwardness…someone call for Li Yang?

Hao Feng: ‘I’ll do it myself’ He reaches for the cotton bud…dang it! There’s skinship everywhere!

Never worry, we still have more accidental touching to come…okay that sounded dirty…well you know what I mean anyway.

Hao Feng catches on to what she’s been trying to do for the past week at midnight. She’s shown all her positive aspects so far, so he under the pretext of ‘not wanting to waste ingredients’ and an ‘insult to his kitchen’ helps her out. She rejects his offer, but this time he’s more persistent.

I want that song! I have no clue what song was playing at the point where Xiao Xia is happily watching Hao Feng complete her task for her. But I so want it now! These are the times I hate c-dramas. Darn you China for being so secretive. It’s not like I could find out info on your national security orders from watching dramas.

As clumsy as she is, she almost trips over in the kitchen, naturally he grabs her in time…awww~ a hug.

They look freaking beyond adorable here >.<

As a side dish to all the cute moments we get with XIao Xia and Hao Feng, the writers decided too much fun for the audience was probably not good enough. So they stick in Hao Jie, who is technically a bad guy- y’know what with the trying to rip his own family off and all, but he also plays for comedic relief.

The ancient Chen family book, supposedly passed down through the generations…

And so he makes his offering to the big bad guy…but somewhere along the way, a little thing called conscience calls upon him. Hao Jie realizes he’s not comepletly comfortable with betraying his family. So he comes up with an alternative that in his less than two digit IQ isn’t exactly much of a compensation. He photocopies the original, not realizing that the books also happens to have English written inside. Sadly our…no not our..just the pimp, has a bit of a brain and asks him how the hell did his ancestors speak English before it was even introduced into the country…douchebag much?

Li Yang while busy at work walks into Xiao Xiao as she comes in with his birthday cake. This leads to her dropping all her (actually it was Hao Feng and Xiao Xia’s) efforts to waste. Her tears begin to spill and she wails loudly breaking the peaceful atmosphere at the restaurant. Li Yang unaware of what the big deal was, consoles her with a lame ‘you can always get another cake’.

...After he got caught trying to dupe his boss, Hao Jie ends up in the ward. His family rush to his side, but Hao Feng is not happy. He knows there’s a reason, and is angry because the stress of keeping up with Hao Jie’s antics is getting to Papa Chen.

Papa Chen concerned for his good for nothing thief son..yh okay he attempted to redeem himself by giving in the wrong recipe book, but Jesus the guy good do with some morals.

Yeah you give him a piece of your mind Hao Feng!

Back home and Hao Jie’s trying to coerce Xiao Xia into role playing for a little longer.

He even proposes to her at the dining table. Sadly no one knows why Papa Chen is so troubled over his sons well being…he hasn’t told anyone that he’s dying…ahhk…me no likey sad endings >.<

Xiao Xia at Hao Jie’s unexpected proposal.

He’s obviously not buying it. He might trust her but he knows his brother well enough.

With Hao Jie moving back in, there’s no spare room for Xiao Xia and Yang Guang. Neither of them are happy about the idea of sleeping in the same room as Hao Jie. She asks Li Yang if there’s any spare room…Li Yang assuming they want privacy says Yang Guang can sleep with him…she finishes off with not just Yang Guang, me too.

Episode 6 Recap

Yang Guang & Xiao Xia trying to catch some z’s in the dining room because none of them feel comfortable around Hao Jie.

Hao Feng sees the two falling asleep while sitting upright, and waves his hand in front of them. Scolding them lightly, he tells the two to go to bed, unaware of why they won’t go up to the bedroom.

She can’t think of what to do next, but they have to sleep.

Hao Feng walks past his elder brothers room, and over hears him talking into the phone about something suspicious.

Hao Jie finally remembers his duty towards his role playing co star.

She is not a happy bunny. Hao Jie snores like a donkey.

Looks like this episode was more about bringing in the sore subjects. Hao Feng’s detective work comes to fruition as he receives those long awaited DNA results.

That is a very angry man.

Nope. A very very angry man. He does not like being lied to.

Unbeknownst to Xiao Xia, Hao Feng in his super angry mode, asks her to come out for a chat. She obliges not exactly willingly as she can sense the change in his mood.

Hao Feng is like that Summer storm, that when he gets started takes the piss to stop. During his stormy rage he ravages everything, and in this case it’s Xiao Xia’s feelings and guilt. He yells, and asks her why and what she wants with his family. He clarifies that he knows Yang Guang is not their child, and that Yang Guang is definitely not his brothers. He wants to knows what she’s plotting and how his brother is involved.

He also happens to be given these perfect dialogues that give an insight into his growing feelings for her ‘Deceiving my dad…deceiving Li Yang…and deceiving me…deceiving me who trusts you.’…he mentions him self last, almost as if he’s disappointed in the fact that she didn’t consider what he would go through at the discovery of her lies. If I was him I’d be jumping for joy- I mean come on, she’s not your sister in law any more! :p

Xiao Xia stutters, unable to come up with the right words. He refuses her silence, accusing her silence to be an admission of her guilt. Where’s kick ass Xiao Xia? Say something you crazy woman!! And speak she does! Hail to the truth ^^

Happy dance for the truth!! That ought to shut his righteous butt up for a minute or two.

Mentally curses himself for being an utter nincompoop.

Same time, Papa Chen demands that Hao Jie give Xiao Xia a respectable title. After all you can’t just have a 6 year old kid and a woman living with you, without giving her a title…okay I feel like we’ve gone back to those historical dramas. But no really, in society it leaves you with no face.

Xiao Xia runs in and hearing the conversation, and refuses to marry Hao Jie. Papa Chen is all 0_0! Come on that’s like sending your little girl to a lions den, why would you do it? You know your son isn’t worth half of her, so why? If he hasn’t improved after having a ‘kid’ with her, he isn’t likely to get any better. Let’s face it Hao Jie is a douchebag and will remain a douchebag until his last day. Some peas are bad no matter how good the rest of the pod is…did that make sense?

Guilt. Guilt. Guilt. It’s becoming quite the dear friend of this household. Hao Feng enters like superman and also shows his support for Xiao Xia’s decision, blaming it on Yang Guang’s inability to bond with his father, therefore the marriage would affect his mental growth…yh me agrees with Papa Chen on this one. I can smell the bs coming through my monitors screen.

Papa Chen sees that everyone is against this rushed marriage and leaves his kids to be. Once he leaves, Hao Feng reiterates his lashing anger on his brother, and drags Xiao Xia out with him. She is again not a happy bunny. Just as she was about to reveal the truth and save her conscience the two brothers pushed her back into that little corner she’s been wanting to escape for a while.

And there’s more skinship, I guess the writers aren’t completely cruel.

Nonetheless she agrees, since Papa Chen is already quite fragile, she’ll put up with the lies until they can find a way to ease her out of the house. Hao Feng despite being second in line, behaves like the oldest and takes charge of his older brother.

Hao Feng tells him, he can have all the money he wants. He knows his brother thinks of home as the ATM and there’s not much that will sway his attitude towards life in general. Hao Jie is surprised to know that Hao Feng knows of the façade.

Come next morning, Li Yang goes to wake Hao Jie and no answer. Looks like he does have some sense. Hao Jie has taken Hao Feng’s words to heart, and has decided to go away until he can return a better man.

Just ’cause I haven’t had a lot of Li Yang time this ep.

Hao Jie maybe hated by all (including me) but I suppose in the end he does love his family enough to come to a realisation. His note informs everyone of the semi truth, and pleads that his family look after the two people he brought into their home in his absence.

On the way home, Xiao Xia is happy to tell Yang Guang that the scary man isn’t a problem any more. Yang Guang seems more perceptible than given credit for, he suggests the The Frosty Man has feelings for his aunt.

Xiao Xiao decides she overreacted with Li Yang and when she goes to make up with him, he isn’t really in the mood because of his eldest brother’s Houdini act. Xiao Xiao’s like a little Tinkerbell, she manages to get everyone out to eat barbecue and the atmosphere is all light and frothy all over again.

Li Yang suddenly shows interest, leading her to think he’s dipping in for a kiss, only for him to pull a fly out if her hair. Ew…

In the midst of talking, Hao Feng makes an unexpected offer to not tell the family the truth, meaning he wants her to stay.

Family time ☺ Li Yang goes around the table asking what everyone is grateful for. Is it just me, or does Joe look extra smexy with his arms folded?

Yang Guang’s dad doesn’t even remember what his son looks like as he walks past him on the street. But he hasn’t dropped his old habits. Unknowingly he enters the Chen restaurant and pick pockets. Xiao Xia sees him in time and chases him down…and so it ends.

Well if you’re not sick of me already, I suggest you go see a doctor a.sap. Hopefully I’ll get some more watching done sooner 🙂

4 thoughts on “‘Love Actually’ Episode 5 & 6 [Recap]

  1. WOW, I was waiting for this from the last time. Thanks a lot 🙂
    I laugh so much reading your recap 😀 You are really funny and actually more are reading your recap, may be not commenting but I know some who are liking it a lot too ^_^

    About the song, it is “Ready for Love” by Olivia Ong. I like this song so much too and searched for it once I heard in the drama 🙂 Here is the song’s video:

  2. Thankyou for recaping this series i always love reading your recaps and the extra funny comment on the pic too.Specially electric current running through HF veins and skinship LOL.I know its not easy to recap it takes lots of efforts and time.Really appreciate it and love reading it since its one of the drama i love too:).Loved and enjoyed reading each recap of yours.

    • Hi, I’m so glad you like it 🙂 Hehe I love the way they’re just teasing the audience so far with the little bits of skinship. Hopefully I’ll do another recap soon (uh yeah I mean this week). Thankies for commenting and appreciating 🙂

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