‘Unexpected You’ Episode 53 [Recap]

No I haven’t been living under a rock, as one might presume with my lack of posts on ‘Unexpected You’, it’s just that, well I’m in denial. The series is over, and I’m dead sad. Eight months and I can’t really let go of my beloved actors and characters, hence why I’ve avoided watching the drama like a plague. I suppose this post just highlighted the fact that my priorities are totally screwed up, but hey!… Meh~ I got nothing, I love my dramas, and there’s nothing that really justifies it.

Episode 53 starts off with our eldest love birds, Jang Soo and Chung Ae. They walk into an up scale cafe, that is usually frequented by younger couples, and they’re looked at quizzically by the young waitress, as if to say they’re too senile to realize where they’ve walked into. Rude much? Jang Soo sets the young woman straight, ‘What, I can’t come with my wife to this cafe?’ Well there’s not much of answer to that one, and she looks around awkwardly. Good on him 🙂

Chung Ae is still a little uncomfortable, and nags her husband, ‘let’s just go somewhere else’…After the debacle that almost split the couple up, the old man has finally learnt that if he wants to keep his wife by his side, he needs to make her feel wanted and proud.

Remember the American parents, that were supposed to be coming into town, for like the last couple of episodes? Well they’re here, finally. It’s not exactly what I was thinking, but they have their own purpose to serve, they’re almost like a back story to Gwi Nam’s ultimate image we’ve been given so far. I mean all that wonderful manly perfect husband material has to come from somewhere right? And we finally see some ‘flaws’ (hardly) in our perfect man.

Everyone (well all the important ones anyway) arrive at the airport in their fanciest attire to greet the godly folk that raised the perfect man.

Yoon Hee’s not cringing at her in laws 0_0

When Yoon Hee’s not cringing you know on the other side Chung Ae is.

And here they are, just the good ol’ regular folk…I think Gwi Nam takes after his adopted dad, the first thing we see him do is help out an elderly lady at the airport even before he’s reached the family. They almost seem too good to be true.

Woah! Someone hit me! Is Yoon Hee getting along with her mother in law, this is so~ not going to go well with Chung Ae.

We know Yoon Bin and Il Sook are going to hit it off before the end of the series, but I’m dying to see the chemistry sizzling already!

While doing make up, Il Sook brings up his first kiss again.

How can you not remember your first kiss??

Before she gets in a word to persuade him otherwise about his first kiss, he cuts her off emphasizing how ugly the girl was. Oh boy, some day he’s going to regret that.

I watched this ep a couple of days ago, so I’m not sure, but did they call out his actual name when he came on stage? I don’t trust myself :/

We know it. As much as I fan girl and claim all the other couples adorable as anything, these guys are top dog when it comes to romance. Why? I really don’t know what makes this couple so darn addictive. But I can’t deny it. ღ ღ ღ

Jae Yong with his mom on the other end, whining about wanting him to go on a blind date.

Uh-oh. That’s one thing you don’t want to hear about your boyfriend. They may not be dating with the intention to marry but, dude c’mon you’re dating. If she says it’s okay, it means NO!

Sadly he has no idea she just heard that conversation.

When he comes into talk to her in the locker room, she brushes him off coldly. Yi Sook! I will hunt you down and …I won’t do anything because he’s going on a date and you don’t want to marry him. Why don’t you just tell him, ‘go out with another b*tch, and I will decapitate your ass’. If only she spoke her heart out loud. Then again the girl’s been taught from birth to suppress resentment. Poor Yi Sook.

He’s going to have a lot of these moments when he marries her. Good luck 😉

Confused. Sad. And in love.

That is pretty much a death sentence for Se Gwang and Mal Sook. The ill-fated letter of enlistment. No~~!

Back at home, we’re introducing the in laws, to the cosy little building the Bang’s call home.

The Bang’s-ever humble. Gwi Nam doesn’t get everything from his adopted parents, I guess it’s innate.

Food galore! Good ol’ family meal.

Awkward :/  The family portrait generated interest in the new comers and they inquire in the couple that aren’t present at the table.

Jang Soo passes it off. But the awkwardness doesn’t stop there. The topic of Yoon Hee’s miscarriage crops up. Gwi Nam explains that they’ll give his parents details later and she doesn’t ask further.

Where did these parents drop from? Heaven? Her American mother in law’s gift to Yoon Hee- a pair of hot shorts. If that were my mom, she would have laughed and then told me to cover up. Dang if only my mom were that cool.

Meanwhile chatting, new mommy in law tells of Gwi Nam’s past flames, turns out he had a few back in the days. Ha! Who would have thought?

War of the mother in laws. Let the battle commence!

He still looks like a kid, can you send a little anime to the army? Didn’t think so. Don’t let him go! Darn you governmental laws!

He hasn’t told anyone yet…not even his mom nor Mal Sook.

Stress taking it’s toll, and well it was just a nice shot to show off his gorgeous features.

Se Gwang nervous about his upcoming enlistment, asks his brother what it was like before and after his enlistment. Cha Se Joong rambles on a mile about how he dated this wonderful girl before joining the army, only to find she was dating someone else when he returned. Little does he know, Min Ji Yong is standing by the doorway listening to his reminiscing his past love.

Oh yea, did I mention he was comparing Ji Yong to his past love? Can I say poor guy again?

Countdown to his death. Do not make her wait buddy, that’ll worsen the punishment. He could be trapped in that room for longer.

Se Gwang might be stressed with his new found responsibility, but he’s either avoided or afraid to let Mal Sook know. Given her undying love for Se Gwang, well something close to that anyway, she’s worried, annoyed and pretty much everything else you can think of.

That’s not biting. That’s frustration. I didn’t even use my lame psych classes to figure that one out.

My heart went out to Yi Sook in this scene. Her sisters finally find out that, her boyfriend isn’t some guy being chased by debt and loan sharks, but is the son of a wealthy chaebol.

It’s pretty typical  to bring up the class differences, but despite how trivial it seems in dramas, I somehow feel for her. He may not flash his money, but the atmosphere of her future in laws would be pretty hard to adjust to.

Jae Yong unable to catch any z’s for the forlorn look and frosty feel of Yi Sook today makes him rush out in the middle of the night to want to see her. I seriously have to find a guy like this. No joke XD

She won’t pick up. He can’t barge up to her door and disturb her entire family at this hour either. So he waits. And waits, until dawn strikes.

The mystery behind the picture perfect parents is revealed. They’re not perfect. It’s great to see that, the drama doesn’t over look the imperfections in perfection. I’m constantly calling these men without any faults, but they have their fair share, it’s just that they’ve learnt to make changes with their past mistakes. This is probably what makes this drama just that more relatable, everyone sees a bit of themselves in the characters, perfect or not, it’s all laid quite plainly.

New dad explains his earlier days with his wife. He lived off the feel of money, not thinking once of all the people tied to him. Greed taking over the couples lives. Until they lost their child, as a result, they left the country and went on to adopt five children.

Gwi Nam out for his morning jog, and notices Jae Yong.

He thinks his sister’s going out with a stalker…well it does seem that way, now that he puts it like that. Damn why do people enjoy killing the romance?

Oppa is not happy >.<

Jae Yong reminds him of their hug a couple of nights ago. Gwi Nam still thinking it was Yoon Hee, at first refuses to acknowledge their one night bromance, only for him to be hit by the memory.

Yi Sook pops out, surprised that Jae Yong is out front chatting to her brother.

Another car scene. I seem to love screen capping these shots. Or they just have the best shots.

Yi Sook can’t comprehend how to confess her growing and possessive feelings for Jae Yong. She lacks faith in her love and wants to give up early, by letting him know she doesn’t like him picking her up…inside her hearts making mince meat 😦

Dazed. Confused. And in love.

Back in the domestic sphere, the women are sipping tea while discussing Yoon Hee.

Another tough topic, as we discover the stance of adoption, which is not too popular with Chung Ae. I guess it’s more to do with bloodlines, wanting something solely of Yoon Hee and Gwi Nam. But sadly I don’t think that’s the way Yoon Hee is considering it. Good on her for going against the set traditions.

When under pressure, we do the stupidest things, and sometimes quite drastic too. I’m not sure what exactly he’s planning on with that car though.

Off to our natural comedian, Jang Gun; guesses Se Gwang’s enlistment as soon as he sets foot in the room. I suppose all men must feel the same about military time.

Can I say it? Fight! Fight!Fight! You know it’s coming :p

Chung Ae isn’t delighted to see her 30 something daughter in law leaving the house dressed in shorts. Actually when I first saw those shorts I did do a double take and was wondering where she could possibly wear such shorts apart from a hospital about to do testing for epilepsy patients or a nightclub. But Kim Nam Joo kinda makes it work ^^

Before she leaves, Chung Ae is determined to get through to her. She tells her, how she feels Yoon Hee treats both of her mother in laws differently, and she feels resentful, wishing Yoon Hee would try and be more adjusting to Chung Ae.

Yoon Hee flips the table once again. Voicing that while Chung Ae may hold several grievances with her, she also has many to speak of, but she has held back. Chung Ae is left speechless.

Point for Yoon Hee! Actually she has far too many points, I don’t think a single character has managed to out mouth her. Kim Nam Joo ღ

p.s. just thought I’d mention that the last episode that aired managed to rate 46.3%! Woohoo!. 아싸! 🙂

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