‘Love Actually’ Episode 7 [Recap]

Less than a week and I’m back? That’s got to be a record  🙂 Only at episode 7 and we’ve got the River Nile flowing from Xiao Xia’s tear ducts, suppressed feelings from Hao Feng, and G’pa Chen still dying to boot. It is dramaland after all, what did we expect?

Qiao Zhi Dong! Get your freaking act together! How can someone live like that? I’ll give, I sometimes get into the habit of living like a pig, but you don’t rip your younger sister off! Xiao Xia chases him out of the restaurant, as he runs like a mad dog with a customers wallet. She begs him, ‘don’t do this, for the sake of Yang Guang.’ The guy doesn’t even remember his own sons face what’s he going to sacrifice for him? Be realistic, ditch him Xiao Xia.

She sheds a few tears at her pitiful brother.

Inside, she returns the customers wallet, with a little white lie that he had dropped it outside.

Up on the roof, Xiao Xia worried sick for that good for nothing brother of hers, sighs as she tries to get a control of her tears. Hao Feng joins her, asking her what’s wrong. He confronts her, with ‘we’re family now. You’re a part of the Chen household, so you don’t have to hide your difficulties to me at least’. Aaaw~~

Yang Guang is bullied at school for not having a corporeal dad…I would have socked whoever that kid was in the face. Yang Guang can’t be the only kid who doesn’t have a dad. Besides how can you be mean to such an adorable kid-that coming from someone who refers to children as ‘gremlins’ is saying something.

She might have saved the Chen households prestige during the first run in with Zhi Dong, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t called already asking her for money. Apparently he has the patience of a three year old, and just after he calls, he walks in like he owns the damn place and forces the money out of Xiao Xiao’s hands as she is about to leave.

How are you going to cover his butt on this one Xiao Xia?

Hao Feng runs out, chasing after the thief. Xiao Xia knowing her brother ‘needs’ the money lets him go.

Inside, Xiao Xia no longer able to take the lies, comes straight.

Nobody believes the truth about her non relationship with Hao Jie to Zhi Dong being the thief. Hao Feng corroborates her story with the DNA results he received earlier.

Papa Chen hears all.

He’s shocked, but before he can digest the new info. Guilt ridden Xiao Xia, ashamed at her brother is determined to leave…again. Ok I’m going to do a count of how many times she can leave before Hao Feng ties her and handcuffs her so she can’t. So far twice.

So we pack, leaving behind the family and a place they can call home.

Papa Chen’s health is deteriorating and home just doesn’t feel like home without a family. He makes it clear that, despite all the lies and Xiao Xia not being his future daughter in law, she never brought any harm to him nor his family. She and Yang Guang have become family to them, he wants the two of them back. It’s only been a few months or so and already the attachment has grown fond enough that the house feels empty without them. Family ღ.

So everyone bands together yet again, to hunt down the two. This time Xiao Xiao is not alone 🙂

Don’t worry G’pa, the two of them will be back before you know it. Trust me, or else your drama would have ended a few episodes ago.

Loneliness seeps into not just the ones that saw the two leave but those who have left. Xiao Xia sheds more tears over their departure.

We’re back to living in a dungeon like basement. She ought to learn how to be selfish, think of Yang Guang!

Back to the tough life. Bring it on! Jiayou!

Check out the Scooby gang. Oh no wait it’s just Li Yang and Xiao Xiao playing detective again.

Yh ’cause that doesn’t look conspicuous in the middle of the day.

Learn from the pro. It’s all the experience from his Channel X days.

You get him boys.

To no avail.

We have our first realisation, he’s in love! Hehehe *happy dance* He looks up into the sky and tears the DNA results up.

Off he goes to do some individual snooping around. Xiao Xia is working away at her day time cleaning job.

Is that sadness I see? Watching her waste herself away at something that doesn’t complement her talents, an instinct to want to take her away for something better.

Li Yang returns home disappointed as his Sherlock skills haven’t provided any positive outcomes.

Bwuahaha! This scene just made me laugh. Hao Feng-you may not be the most expressive man on this planet, but you damn well are cute, therefore we love you to bits ^_^

He texts Li Yang Xiao Xia’s place while everyone is preoccupied. No one would even think he would have the answer.

Last episode, we saw Li Yang give the two a weird glance while at the table. I’m getting the feeling the entire world will know the two were meant for each other before they do.

So the three musketeers head on over to Xiao Xia and Yang Guang’s latest ‘house’ *cough* dungeon. If your house has those kinda kind of danger wires around, that’s not a house my friend, you’re living in a death trap.

They returned empty handed??! Gee do I have to do everything?

He wastes no time further, and marches down. He is man of very few words, and speaks the bare minimum. In this case, it’s ‘Yang Guang c’mon’.

That’s my style 🙂

A smile! Can I get any more fan girly?

So that dreaded question comes up. On the sly, Li Yang asks his brother, ‘what’s it like to fall in love?’ Hao Feng blows him off with ‘I don’t know’. Turns out Hao Feng had a serious older flame that he’s not so keen on talking about. Call me psychic, predictable  awesome and anything else fantastic but I have a hunch this other woman Li Yang’s referring to isn’t going to be good news in the future. Oh well, we’ll see about my predictions. If I’m wrong…umm oops :p

One thought on “‘Love Actually’ Episode 7 [Recap]

  1. Haha I love HaoFeng is incharge of everything LOL He didn’t even speak or talk to Xiao Xia just lift’s her and leaves ,like she is his personal property LOL Man of view words shows lots of actions.Hao Feng sending the sms was funny, he could directly say to them but he didn’t .Behaving like he doesn’t care .Yes i can notice Li yang noticing changes in HF ,even i noticed when LY notices it second time he can sense love vibe between them. Thank for recaping it so soon.Loved reading it with your extra funny comments:)

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