‘Unexpected You’ Episode 54 [Recap]

Yoo Joon Sang ahjussi! We love you! ㅎㅎㅎ So the cast of ‘Unexpected You’ made an appearance on the talk show ‘Yeo Yoo Man Man’. MC Jo Yong Goo asked our favourite ahjussi what he felt had changed after the drama had finished. Yoo Joon Sang replied, that they weren’t even idols or anything and the popularity has astounded him and was quite surprising. He then went onto tell a little anecdote; his son’s friend visited their home and it just so happened that there was paper and pen lying around. The kid asked him for a sign,  he was obviously very happy. It was almost awkward, as he offered that there was no need. His son begrudgingly asked him to just give one signature. Looks the like the popularity is no joke.

Source: Nate (Translation: Me)

Anyone up for spoilers? Well I am hence the next pic, so look away if you’re not up to it.

Awww~ Lol she’s never going to lose that hair is she?

Episode 54 began with the two Bang men trying to keep up with their respective wives as they brought out the weapons for World War III. It’s no kidding matter, when these women argue, they get dirty, thus why their husbands intervene and play Switzerland for the better part. This time however, each stick by their wives. Nice ploy. Chung Ae’s not stupid, she knows Jang Soo is standing up for her this time, for fear that she’ll leave him. She sure has taught him a good lesson.

Things get scary when the men take out their fake weapons and pretend to argue on behest of their wives. Chung Ae and Yoon Hee afraid this will escalate, give in and agree that the two women will try harder at their relationship.

In the Cha household, someone is very happy about her son being enlisted. I think this is the first time I’ve seen a mother so eager about her son leaving, that too for the army. You’d think he were going on vacation or he’d received a promotion. She sure is protective over her prince.

Han Man Hee walks in to Se Gwang’s room and comes across the letter of enlistment by accident. Mind you he hasn’t told anyone yet.

The men discreetly meet to discuss their wives.

Jang Soo in his late years and Gwi Nam in his prime still can’t figure out the mystery behind women. Men united, and all due to women :p

Washington Hotel Coffee Shop 2pm. That’s what she heard and now Yi Sook can’t get it out of her head. It’s rumbling around, and she wants to do something about it. But how can she tell him not to go on the date?

Tell him!

Jae Yong can’t work out what’s gotten into Yi Sook. She’s cold, and constantly brushes him off, even though he tells her beforehand that he has to go on this date not because he wants to, but because his dad would kill him.

The face of determination, ever, Cha Yoon Hee. She needs to make amends with her mother in law. So this is the first step she decides to take, regardless of how stupid she looks. She heads over to Chung Ae’s house, next door, after greeting g’ma, the two take a seat in the kitchen. Yoon Hee makes the most strangest but pragmatic offer-a contract. The clauses enable that, neither of them can involve a third party when they quarrel. And most importantly, that both must pay a complement about the other at least once a day to anyone.

They even pinky swear on it ^^,  Outside Jang Soo at the sight of Yoon Hee attempts to run for the stairs. She draws him out and goes for it. ‘Mom’s hair is quite simple, but it’s also quite pretty’. Jang Soo quizzical, offers a quite ‘ok’. Lol at how the men have become so weirded out by women.

The Uhm sisters! Soon Ae and Bo Ae pay a visit to the hospital as Soon Ae is having some trouble. It turns out that she’s been over eating, and this has caused a little change in her appetite. Soon Ae takes it in stride even though Bo Ae curses her to stop eating so much. Outside, Gwi Nam passes by and notices his aunts leaving. Soon Ae asks for a ride on his bike, Bo Ae argues that she needs exercise, as that’s exactly why they visited the hospital. Gwi Nam the ever wonderful nephew, agrees to give Soon Ae a lift. It’s just well…

it takes a while before they take off.

I would love to see this couple together again! I hope some director has the common sense to cast them in another drama together, because they are one of my fave’s.

Jae Yong is on his arranged date, and he makes it quite clear to his date that he is apparently a huge douchebag, so as to get out of getting into further meetings with her. So he’s a bad drinker, his sisters are otherworldly  and his folks are tough to deal with is the message he delivers, all done with an easy breezy air. Yi Sook unable to take it, decides to vent her frustration on a Whac-A-Mole. In the end, she can’t hold it in for another minute longer and she breaks into a sprint. Running towards, yep you guessed it- Washington Hotel Coffee shop.

Jae Yong looks up, his eyes almost about to drop out of their sockets. Not until she makes his tongue hit the floor. ‘Oppa if you do this I’ll drink coffee, you know that’s bad for our baby’. She grabs him by the arm and walks off, well not before she apologises to the lady. ‘Cause y’know that would be rude.     ㅋㅋㅋ.

Once out, he asks where did you come up with that? She recollects watching a scene out of ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon’. He bursts out in hysterics ‘so what? I’m Kim Sun Ah and you’re Hyun Bin’? Also a reminder that Binnie is due to be back in 3 months 🙂

And here’s a reality check for all those of us who think South Korea is the best place to be. I love the fact that this drama genuinely tries to show us what it’s like to live and be a South Korean citizen. It’s not all glamour and idols. People work hours that some MEDC’s can’t imagine, and poverty still exists. Jung Bae is fired from his job as the real estate agency isn’t making enough money to keep all it’s older workers.

Mal Sook unaware of the upcoming storm she’s about to face, happily discusses the delights and bits of frustration she faces while dating a guy she actually likes.

Ah! So he wasn’t going to buy a car, more like he was going to sell his own so he could purchase a gift for Mal Sook~ so sweet, and and kinda sad ~

They both have gifts for eachother, and have sacrificed something in order for the other one’s happiness. I don’t know about the rest of the family but I’m sure this couple will last, to the army and back.

We know it’s inevitable, she’s going to adopt Ji Hwan. Who wouldn’t? But Yoon Hee’s taking her time.

Yoon Hee and Gwi Nam take his American parents to meet up with Su Ji. The parental instinct in Yoon Hee erupts as she finds that Ji Hwan has a cold.

Halmeoni left the house saying she was going to visit a friend, looks like there was a change of plan.

Yang Shil is bedridden in a hospital suffering from malnutrition.

As she returns home, she finds her son sitting crawled up in a bunch on the stairs. He’s worried about how he’s going to look after his family and the new addition. These are the worries of an average person, thank you for bringing us back to reality 🙂

At dinner, Gwi Nam’s mom and Su Ji unravel many of Gwi Nam’s past relationships, which embarrasses the daylights out of him.

Seems like Su Ji really had a major crush on him back in the days, and chased away all his girlfriends. Yoon Hee’s glad for that, she’s also glad to hear that Su Ji will be returning to the States very soon.

Forget me not. Nope we haven’t.

While giving an interview, Yoon Bin looks back at all the tough times he’s shared with Il Sook. After the interview an agency waiting to meet them offers him a contract, before he agrees he includes a condition that Il Sook be the manager. Now that’s what you call loyalty XD

Back to our main romance couple. Jae Yong is over the moon about Yi Sook’s earlier actions, and when he drops her off home, he decides he wants to really date. So he goes drama style and corners her. Naturally she offers to thrash his head in, but he comes up with a smarmy ‘my head’s harder than yours’.

Just as he thinks he’s got her, wahoo! Who do we have? Can I say cockblocker? And so we have that fated meeting with the dad. Dad surprisingly approves.

Inside he informs his wife that Yi Sook is dating, and whom. Here they were afraid she’d remain a virgin like Soon Ae for the rest of her life.

Speaking of Soon Ae, she’s busy fan girling over Binnie.

Bo Ae receives a call, despite being in a separate room, Soon Ae barges in. Assuming it’s her ex brother in law trying to bother her sister. She gives him a piece of her mind. Only to find it’s Gong Pil Doo- the last component from a triangle that occurred ten years ago. Tears are about to blow.

So we say goodbye to the American parents. I guess their purpose has been served. They enlightened us to Gwi Nam as a whole, and showed us that nobody’s perfect.

Jae Yong corners her yet again, and he gets pushed off. As she’s about to walk away, something makes her stop…Jae Yong’s dad wants to meet her! Uh-oh.

Gwi Nam and Yoon Hee are casually shopping, but this isn’t your regular trip. Someone’s about to make a realization, or come close to making one.

Yoon Hee wanders off, attracted by the children’s section. After having lost her child, something has struck her. Gwi Nam calls out.

The outfit reminds her of what she’s lost and a certain child she knows, who would look adorable in the clothes.

I don’t think I can say how much I am going to miss this drama. I don’t think I’ve ever watched anything while it was airing that was that long. Four more episodes to recap!

2 thoughts on “‘Unexpected You’ Episode 54 [Recap]

  1. I love Jae Young and I-Sook couple. both are so pure and silly and cute altogether. They are my favorite couple, no doubt about that.
    But Bang Jung Bae and his wife and son are also adorable. they seem plain, but they grow on me…

    • Lol I agree with you. I think each of the couples has a distinct feel about them, and you can’t help but get invested in their individual love lines. Even Jung Bae, you wouldn’t think there was anything all that spectacular in his life. But I think the simplicity with which they live in has that relatability. Thanks for commenting ^^,

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