‘Unexpected You’ Episode 55 [Recap]

As usual I thought I’d stick in a few miscellaneous bits of info before I start the recap. So here goes:

Guess who came in on the top ratings beating out Gaksital and Arang and the Magistrate in terms of ratings? Yep. The weekend drama came in 3rd place after ‘Infinity Challenge’ (1st place) and variety show ‘Annyeonghaseyo’ (2nd).

Source: Nate

It appears that for some cast members the limelight has brought on new projects at the speed of lightening to their doorsteps. Oh Yeon Seo is back as she’s been paired up with popular idol Lee Joon of MBLAQ on the reality show ‘We Got Married’. Akp’s already made a post on it, so I won’t ramble on about that so much here.

On the other hand, my one and only girl crush (big fat lie, I have so many I’ve lost count) Kim Nam Joo made an appearance for promotions of a department store she’s a model for, and if I may say so myself, she looks as gorgeous as ever. Seriously no one would think she’d hit 40, she hasn’t lost her touch from her earlier modelling days and she shows them off even better at 40.

Source: Nate

 No I’m not done yet. The national couple (Kim Nam Joo & Yoo Joon Sang) also made an appearance on the 15th September episode of ‘Entertainment Weekly’. Check out the episode here. (Starts at 43:37 sorry no subs)

A fan got a kiss on the cheek from Kim Nam Joo on the Guerilla Date.

Sources: Nate1, Nate2

 So I’ll finally start the recap, yay!

Episode 55 starts where we left off with Jae Yong and Yi Sook. His dad wants to meet her and the pair of them are running like they’re being chased by the devil with the pitchfork himself.

I love her facial reactions, she knows it. Shit has ultimately hit the fan. The tall man in the sharp suit with his Daegu saturi is after her.

And he’s got her. As she’s running towards the restaurant, Jae Yong’s dad notices her through the car window (those are some super powers) and gets the car to come to a halt as he steps out, he asks to speak to her somewhere comfortable.

Yi Sook-ah, you’re so innocent. Yep take your future father in law to the local park and offer him an ice lolly, that’s sure to be the ice breaker (no pun intended)

Jae Yong’s father begins, with the expected disapproval, but Yi Sook already knows this, and she finishes his sentences for him. ‘Oh I have no intention of marrying Jae Yong, no, never’. Jae Yong’s dad, ‘let me get this straight you don’t want to marry my son?’ He seems less offended and more shocked at this statement and asks, what she plans.

She tells him, ‘I do want to marry, someday, and move to the countryside, I also want to have 5 children.’ She goes on to describe quite a simple life, and reminisces that she likes having siblings so having children to her is important. A man from the smaller city, who has built his entire life on the fact that his children should work for themselves respects her choice, but he’s still confused, about her plans on having children if she isn’t going to marry. She clarifies, that she will marry, she must if she wants children, but obviously since Jae Yong and her marriage is impossible she won’t marry him. He simply nods his head in contemplation.

Before you know it, Jae Yong runs in to save his girl from his dad who he considers otherwise the big bad wolf.

He even checks her body to make sure she isn’t hurt, as if his dad would really have threatened her.

In the car, father and son argue. But his dad appears less angry about Yi Sook. He even mentions her wish to have a lot of children. Jae Yong ‘Did she really say that?’ He laughs, ‘3 girls and 2 boys…no I want all girls, I like daughters better.’ I think they’re both excited at the prospect of having a big family. Father like son.

Man Hee comes by Yoon Hee’s place to drop by some stew, and Mal Sook offers to help her carry the huge bowl inside. In her attempts to butter up her future mother in law, Man Hee accidentally spills the beans about Se Gwang’s enlistment resulting in Mal Sook losing her senses.

She drops the bowl in shock. In her own astonishment Man Hee doesn’t know why Mal Sook has suddenly turned ape shit.

Yoon Hee and Gwi Nam make it in time to see Mal Sook bawling her eyes while mumbling an apology as she wipes the floor. Man Hee ends up looking like the woman who made the baby cry.

They eventually figure out what triggered Mal Sook’s incessant tears, and even Yoon Hee is surprised at her brother’s enlistment.

Aww, I think that’s the first time I’ve seen her so close to her brother. She weeps on her brothers shoulder and he mumbles at a loss of words that ‘it’s okay.’

They help her back home. The elders are slightly dumbfounded at Mal Sook’s tears. Her mom even complains, ‘the way she’s crying, one would think she’s lost a parent or something’.

Yoon Hee on the other hand finally, has something in common with her mother in law. She thinks Mal Sook is going totally overboard, but she has a niggling feeling about the two. Maybe it is more than they originally thought?

Se Gwang finds out about the disaster earlier and barks at his mom and sister in law (Min Ji Young-your hair is weird :/) Cha Se Joong as usual, unknowingly speaks his mind, only to be chastised by his mom. The Uhm sisters, aren’t left out of this episode, as we see Soon Ae letting her tears loose over Pil Do.

And the Uhm sisters bring back our laughs from the slowly deepening romantic elements of the plot line. She ends up arguing with Bo Ae, as she feels like she’s becoming the third wheel in the reunion of Pil Do and Bo Ae. Hence she stomps over to Chung Ae’s house without a call. Halmeoni happily let’s her stay over. Except they haven’t prepared any bedding nor is there really any space at her house.

Yoon Hee then suggests that since they have an extra room, it would be more sensible if she stayed with them, well assuming she’s only having a short stay.

Tada! She’s there, in your face, there’s no such thing as privacy when you live with family.

불쌍한 귀남아~ ㅋㅋㅋ. Tip- try not to get turned on by your wife when you have your virgin aunt staying over. She’s virgin not dumb.

Frustration gets him to growl, oops, not too loud, she’s only in the next room watching TV!

It seems everyone is having dreams about returning to the army. I guess that’s one of the perks of being a girl, I don’t have to go to the army 🙂

Cha Se Joong has these dreams regularly…is it really that bad? :/

He wakes up from the nightmare that he has to re-do his military service, and so gives Yi Sook a ring to talk about his vivid dream. The two eventually divert, and the mushiness makes Mal Sook make that face. Another simple rule, don’t talk mushy infront of the girl who’s about to not see her bf for 2 years. Gee this show’s just full of advice :p

Before he can sing a song to her as she sleeps, Yi Sook cuts him off. Girl where’s the romance in you??!

Come next morning, Soon Ae’s back at Chung Ae’s place, telling her the real reason why she’s not at her own house and invading on Chung Ae’s home and refrigerator. Chung Ae lacks sympathy and tells her off, ‘if it weren’t for you, they probably would have hit it off earlier. What are you talking about love triangle, there was no love for you. You had a one sided love for Pil Do, so Bo Ae gave him up. It’s good that he contacted her.’

As much as I find the bantering amusing, I hope she does end up with someone. We need our full time comedian to have her own happy ending, what happened to the singing instructor?

Halmeoni has been frequently making visits to Yang Shil’s hospital bed, to check up on her. Despite all the wrong she has done, no one abandons family. Yang Shil knows her own mistakes and regrets them. There’s no going back now, and the best everyone can do is gain a bigger heart and try for forgiveness.

Gwi Nam comforts his Halmeoni, that it’s all in the past. He doesn’t want to linger on bad memories, and has forgiven his aunt.

Work. Babies. Work. Babies. That’s pretty much what’s on Yoon Hee’s mind. Her co-worker is planning on quitting her job, as she’s become pregnant. Yoon Hee asks, her why she doesn’t do both. Her co worker although reluctant to bring up the sore subject, offers that she isn’t as strong as Yoon Hee. She’s seen the discrimination that Yoon Hee faced while she was pregnant. I suppose the fact that Yoon Hee lost her child scared her more.

Insight in to the status of women in the domestic and work sphere. If you don’t have a dominant hold in the work realm, you’re cannon fodder, a bigger problem for women with children.

The writers bind in two story lines, as they show us Il Sook and Yoon Bin heading off to work together. Eeps cute couple! While Go Ok wishes her best of luck, she heads over to deliver lunch for her husband, unaware that he’s been fired.

She calls him after to ask him where he is. He lies to hide the truth of the financial crisis they’re suffering.

Indeed truth time for Mal Sook and Se Gwang. It’s time to test the longevity of their whirlwind romance.

Back to Il Sook and Yoon Bin, it’s the moment we’ve been waiting forever for!

So it’s normal, and the meetings is going just as they had planned.

Il Sook is the last in the room. Yoon Bin walks in and fumbles with the light switch. It’s dark and he can hardly discern anything. Damn, he trips. and you guessed it, he lands on top of Il Sook. Just as he’s about to get up, he decides, ‘nah’ and goes in for that long awaited kiss. Kyaaaaa!

Gwi Nam makes it around to Yang Shil’s room, she’s not recovering because of her guilt. The only medicine Gwi Nam can offer is his forgiveness.

And so he does.

Yoon Hee suddenly has the desire to meet up with her sister in law. She asks what’s it like to be a mother, it’s been playing at the back of her mind. Ji Young replies, it was horrible earlier, when she had to cope with work. She had no time to play with her children because of her work load. She would ask her son to play hide and seek, and would use that as an excuse to hide in the attic and work. She would cry while working because she couldn’t make any time for her kids.

Those working hours are ridiculous, it’s losing the meaning of living, yet if you don’t work those hours, you have no living. Quite the messed up world.

Happy times! I was getting kind of depressed with reality.

Jae Yong ‘Why can’t we get married. I want to marry you’!!! Jae Yong if she doesn’t marry you, I will!

Parents are worried, yet they’re working hard at not burdening each other. With the way this family, is, they’ll make it through. Jang Goon is determined to make his acting career successful enough to improve his family’s living standards. Is anyone else curious as to why, Go Ok doesn’t look all that pregnant?

We’re coming to another close, but not without a little bit of humour. Yang Hee Kyung is just full of awesomness, no matter how much they use her as the butt of the joke, she always pulls it off. Soon Ae having eaten a light breakfast (5 pieces of toast) heads over to her brother in laws bakery, and comes out having finished all his bean paste bread.

Gwi Nam and Yoon Hee at Soon Ae’s appetite.

The couple head over to Ji Hwan’s orphanage, to drop off the clothes they picked out for him.

They return to the car, and Yoon Hee realizes she’s forgotten to give Ji Hwan something for his cold. Gwi Nam waits for her in the car.

She returns to see Ji Hwan being bullied by another woman visiting trying to take pictures of her philanthropic deed. The woman asks, Yoon Hee who she is. Yoon Hee, ‘I’m his mom!’ 감동~

Before I close the post, be sure to check out Jo Yoon Hee’s upcoming interview with Newsis, they’ve been promoting it like crazy.

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