‘Love Actually’ Episode 8 [Recap]

What happened in episode 8? Well I’ll just get right to it.

Li Yang takes a seat, while Hao Feng is busy with his nose inside a book. He brings up the question as natural as possible…well as natural as it comes to him. Xiao Xia is the topic of discussion. Her secret has been ousted and she’s currently free and legible to date anyone. Now our little home born Cupid decides he’s seen the small gestures between Hao Feng and Xiao Xia to notice some flying sparks. So he passingly mentions that it’s a relief that Xiao Xia is not married to Hao Jie. They never suited each other anyway. Hao Feng at this finally gets his geeky nose out of his book, and asks, ‘who suits her then?’

Li Yang stiffens a little, and passively shrugs it off. It’s clear he’s not very good at this. He mumbles, ‘anyone’s better than Hao Jie.’ Poor kid just walked into a trap. Hao Feng, sly as he is, suggests that Li Yang would make the perfect match with Xiao Xiao. C’mon he was only trying to help your train move along, since you won’t do it anyway!

Li Yang swears he will never date that ‘monster’. He considers Xiao Xiao an aesthetic fatigue after seeing her for 23 years (lol but she’s cute).

Cut to the next scene, and can I say woah?! Something out of daytime TV much? The writers could have been a little more subtle, but hell, Joe makes me swoon every time he does anything. Guess the writers knew that.

Xiao Xia is her busy self and cleaning up the restaurant, dusting the top most shelf she can find, ’cause that’s where short people are most likely to clean. When the stool begins to quibble under her, she falls, and it’s like fate. Hao Feng swoops in and catches her in time before she crash lands on the floor to have twenty stitches in her head. Now aren’t we glad for his super speed powers? It’s then that while holding her in his arms, that he tells her, that sometimes it’s okay to ask for help.

Xiao Xia the smart mouth she is, decides to pull on the irony, as she says ‘If you want to help, then help. Just don’t act like it’s a huge deal. You’re like something out of a TV soap opera’. Hao Feng follows with, ‘I don’t seem like it, because I am’… if he had said that any other way I might have balked but damn that smooth voice of his *_*

His hand lingers slightly as he plants her feet back on the ground, and saunters off. Li Yang enters, clueless as to what just happened. The atmosphere changes from hot to warm as he finally gets accustomed to calling her Xiao Xia ‘Jie’ (sister). Soon the brother and sisterly kinship develops, Xiao Xia wants to make up for her previous bad impressions via helping celebrate Li Yang’s birthday.

Li Yang being that he is the cutest thing since ‘Hello Kitty’ says he wants to be her Lu Fei- a reference to the manga ‘One Piece” main protagonist Monkey D. Luffy. So in other words, he wants to protect her. Aaaaw~

I think Xiao Xia was thinking more along the lines of romance with Xiao Xiao, but when he mentions that, she’s a little bemused. Her face exclaiming, ‘what? Did you speak the same language as me?’

Xiao Xia chastises him, for being like Yang Guang. They all feel like if, they ask her something, they might burden her tiny shoulders. She might have tiny shoulders, but what goes on in her mind would come as a surprise. What she loses in her petite size, she more than makes up in her IQ. I mean how do you think she survived this long? Give her some credit boys.

Off she goes, to ask Hao Feng what his brother likes. He mulls over the question for about ten seconds and comes up with, ‘manga, video games…yep that’s about it’. Xiao Xia is not only disappointed that, that’s all he knows his brother but then heads off to Xiao Xiao. Surely the girl who’s in love with him, knows his true likes and dislikes. Nada. She does mention what she’s about to do though, since her special cake got flat tired. She’s going to get an autograph from Osamu Tezuka, because that’s his favourite manga artist. Mmm good luck with that. Last I checked, he was dead.

Her utmost option Papa Chen! Surely he knows his son? And he does. He replies that, Li Yang’s heart lies in the kitchen. He may like all the aesthetic toys on the outside but his true heart is in the kitchen. We come around full circle, as she returns to Happy Dragon Gate restaurant.

Li Yang seems to have a thing for the whole simple man turned super human figure. But what he likes most is the white cape of the doctor. It reminds him of the chef’s outfit. Inside sits a surgical knife, that’s the one thing that’s the same between doctors and chef’s. He believes in power and workmanship. One thing is definite, he is damn well dedicated to his profession.

It’s still a little wondrous to her, as to how he linked cooking and surgery together, until she flashbacks on her and Li Yang working together during the ‘Sunny Happiness days’ (I refuse to call it anything else, ’cause I still want some!)

He had mentioned that no matter how much he wants to work in the back, he’ll happily work the front desk because that’s where Hao Feng belongs, and so she strikes her eureka moment.

Xiao Xia takes a seat with Hao Feng on the roof, he sips his tea as he listens to her suggestion. Why not let Li Yang be the Chen restaurant’s head chef? It’s peculiar that he would link such estranged subjects together, it must show how much he really thinks about it-the fact that he can link cooking to pretty much anything. Hao Feng, finds the recommendation somewhat unanticipated.

Usually one would celebrate their birthday by eating long noodles, symbolising longevity and two omelettes. But rather than going by custom, she thinks it’s more important to do things as family and share the happiness of a birthday by doing things one likes.

Hao Feng, is on board, his short ‘Hǎo’ gets her to look at him. That’s sorted. Except he asks her to wait. It’s not enough being a chef for merely one day. He wants to have shifts, so he’ll work the front desk as well. She stares at him blankly, ‘What you think the Antarctic frosty man will scare away the customers?’ he says with a laconic smile. Hehe I love his little bits of humour. They’re sparse, but you do end up savouring it each time he comes up with something quirky.

Do you see that little smile? Eeeps! *_*

Another screen cap you say? I’m a fan-girl, what did you expect? :p

Xiao Xiao is still waiting in that labyrinthine queue, her dad calls, to asks where the hell she is. She lies saying she’s at her friends, and will be back as soon as she can. It’s sweet that she’s going through so much effort just to get this signature from a dead author for him. He better appreciate it.

Hao Feng and Xiao Xia on the other hand, have a mini dilemma. They can’t order another chef’s outfit in time, Hao Feng then offers that, since they’re short on time that they amend his clothes. So when the enemies stand in the kitchen they can’t help but bicker and let the romance bloom.

His smile’s infectious~ But it doesn’t last as it turns to lighthearted banter in the kitchen. He fumbles with the scissors. They’re not kitchen scissors so, he has no clues…funny how the tables have turned, he’s at a loss outside the kitchen… sorry the feminist in me just woke up.

Outside the kitchen she’s a bit of a pro. Well it’s not exactly as if she was lacking in the cooking department but handy work seems to be her forte. She takes over, as he watches, unknowingly he begins to take in every one of her features closely. Before he knows it, he’s leaning over as if he’s tempted to kiss her. Xiao Xia glances feeling his gaze bore a hole through her body. He straightens up, and looks around awkwardly. You got caught!! That too, you were glaring! Bwuahaha ^.^

Xiao Xiao is being kicked out since it’s pretty late and the store’s about to close up, but she’s final in her decision to return tomorrow to get that autograph. She won’t let Yang Yang Yang down.

Hao Feng as laid back as we have yet seen him pleasantly watches Xiao Xia sow. Is it just me, or is that like the sweetest thing a guy could do? The way he smiles while doing the most boring activity ever (>‿♥) No worries Papa Chen sees all.

Next morning every one is prepared and waiting in the kitchen. Li Yang walks into see Hao Feng in his clothes. He asks his dad, if he’s working in the back today. They all smile back at him, and Xiao Xia steps forward to hand him his official chefs outfit that he’ll be using from now on. Li Yang is ever grateful and swears to protect her and Yang Guang in his head.

In bounds Lassie…I kid…Xiao Xiao bounces in like she’s been filled with helium and hands him her gift. She finally did it. He’s left without words, and she assumes he must have liked her gift just that much.

It’s all good and dandy to appreciate Xiao Xia’s effort, but don’t ignore someone who’s pestered you for all 23 years of your existence. She must have stayed for a reason!

Noooooooo! And here I was thinking he was trying to get the ball rolling for Hao Feng??! Am I the only blind one? I can’t stop laughing at myself. I did not see that one coming.

Xiao Xia walks out after having told Yang Guang to finish off his homework. Hao Feng and Li Yang are just about to hit the meaty topic of Li Yang becoming one with Xiao Xia, when she asks him to come out with her Ugh…I hope this doesn’t get ugly.

Li Yang ‘Just us two?’ Xiao Xia absentmindedly ‘yh’. Hao Feng inwardly asks why she wants to take him out late at night. Jealous much?

Grasping Li Yang’s hand she walks off, leaving Hao Feng watching. He turns around-I think we’ve made progress my friends. He turned around. Yep the same guy who’s attitude goes something like I-don’t-give-a-flying-fish.

Hao Feng does as he’s told, and decides to go look at how Yang Guang is doing. Two words. Big mistake. It’s like sitting with Hitler, he makes Yang Guang straighten his back and hold his pen the ‘right’ way. Yang Guang, a little terrified of the frosty man, uses the bathroom break as an excuse to liberate himself from the domineering presence that is Hao Feng.

While he’s off, Hao Feng turns over a piece of paper, that Yang Guang had sighed at earlier-PTA meeting is due. Meanwhile Yang Guang while taking a dump curses his aunt for lumping the frosty man with him.

Xiao Xia has managed to lure out Li Yang, but turns out Xiao Xiao’s dad is pissed drunk so it might be a little difficult to get out. She calls to let her know, only to have Hao Feng pick up the phone. She troubles him with having to relay the message. He without a complaint agrees to do the favour of hunting down Xiao Xia. I guess someone’s happy to be rid of the tyranny.

So they stand in the middle of what appears to be umm nowhere…and she asks him, ‘do you have anyone you like?’ totally misleading given his current thoughts. She asks him to close his eyes, Li Yang ‘Xiao Xia Jie, really, you want me to close my eyes?’ She nods, and walks around him whispering for Xiao Xiao to come out.

Just as Li Yang is about to confess, in barges Hao Feng, ‘you what?’ asking what Li Yang was going to finish his sentence off with. Li Yang appears abashed, and little pools of pink blemish his cheeks. Hao Feng explains that Xiao Xiao called for Xiao Xia saying it was urgent. The two women work out the plan B’s.

lol at his ‘oh-crap’ face.

At home we’re back to Li Yang trying to give sage dating advice to his brother. He tells him, it’s because he’s still damaged from his previous relationship, which gets him a rough bark out of Hao Feng. The scene closes with a frame of a torn photo of Hao Feng. Really? Of all the pictures, he frames and keeps by his bedside, is the one picture he took with his ex? What? Did he run out of photographs or something?

Come morning, Mr Cranky pants is back on, as he greets morning in the following fashion, ‘if you haven’t brushed your teeth in the morning, don’t say anything big’.

Xiao Xia’s expression to that new greeting-deal with it bitch. That’s how everyone looks in the morning.

Only for him to leave and hear her breathing in to her palms to check the stench meter.

Yang Guang is also up early, but he too got off on the wrong side. More to do with the fact that he has no parent to go to the PTA with and his aunt is busy with work. Some things are meant to be done with your dad, and the sports event, happens to be one of them. The only other person aware is Hao Feng, who seeing Yang Guang’s reluctance, tells Xiao Xia to take over his duties as he’s going out.

And so they bond.

However, at Happy Dragon Gate Restaurant, Li Yang while watching Xiao Xiao and Xiao Xia whisper amongst themselves is suffering from a cardiac arrest-he has a serious crush on her. This might turn sour. So the episode concludes.


I guess you don’t really need my thoughts since I’ve pretty much plastered them all over the post, to my fan girliness, to my shock at how the story has taken a twist. But I have to make an honorary mention for this face though, because throughout the episode I’ve been fixated on trying to stick this screen cap somewhere without having repeated an entire scene. He just looks…

Also since I’m the utter definition of lazy, I haven’t made any extra posts on other Joe related topics, but you can check out the trailer for his micro movie here:

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4 thoughts on “‘Love Actually’ Episode 8 [Recap]

  1. Haha i couldn’t stop laughing u didn’t get it that Li Yang was making and thinking of his own Love Line with Xiao Xia LOL and not Hao Feng.And HF reply him that Xiao Xiao is his type LOL. This is first time i am seeing sewing session in drama that so cute i don’t know how Xiao Xia is concentrating on sewing when HF is looking like that LOL.I fainted when i saw HF smiling like that in terrace scene.And best one was TV Soap Opera scene when he say I am lead actor.Haha I find Li Yang a cute boy in series he is like teenager.The way he turn his head when Xiao Xia takes LY hands I-don’t-give-a-flying-fish hahaha and maybe HF must be thinking i did so much for her she didn’t hold my hand till now that too in night ;)Oh thank You for recaping in your own funny way .Love reading it .We have lots of ups and down in future episode’s .

    • Lol am I really the only one that didn’t see that coming? I was so sure he wanted Hao Feng and Xiao Xia together. I mean it was weird when he wanted to be her D. Luffy, but I thought it was all brotherly. Hehe that was one sweet sowing lesson wasn’t it? Hopefully I’ll have another recap up soon, thanks for reading 🙂

  2. OOH LOL, poor blinded aehyu 😀
    I now think that it would have been great not to read anything about the drama synopsis or have any spoilers before watching it to get such surprise when watching it 🙂
    And I can’t agree more about HF smile. That is so magical, who can’t resist an Antarctica man with this smile? of course not me 😉

    • lol I agree, I think it keeps the episode interesting, as much as I love watching all the actors, the story has to be compelling. The surprises keep it that way. I think I might carry on writing it this way ^_^

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