‘Validity for Love’ Trailers

One lesson I’ve learned from my crappy ass day, is that I should check my Viki messages more often. Late as I am, I found out three things today-1. Queen of Sop was apparently so damn successful that it’s garnered itself a sequel. I don’t know how much of this I should believe. It was sent as a message and I haven’t really seen anything official, besides how the hell are the writers going to flesh out another story after they juiced the last remnants out of it anyway? If anything, it turns out to be true, I may just be tempted to watch for Zhang Han’s delectable smile…yes yes, Godfrey Gao’s manly smexyness too.

2. It’s been an awfully revelatory day for me, I’ve just written a paragraph about something not related to the title of this post. I’ll shut up and get to it. So here we are.

3. Trailers are out! Noh Min Woo’s Mainland drama ‘Term of Validity for Love’ (I do not know who translated that mouthful) has finally come out with a 10 minute long trailer, as well as a press conference. From what I can see, it’s your typical Idol drama. There is some stuff that has bothered me or at least made me want to talk about it.

Let’s start off with that good ol’ enemy-dubbing. I think I’ve been pampered with the good dubbing of Lee Da Hae that, I’m going to struggle adjusting to how Min Woo’s mouth is going to move in the total opposite direction of what he’s actually saying. But dubbing is always a complaint. So let’s move on to the next one.

Acting. The female lead, I’m still on the edge about-no clue who she is, she gave me a ‘Mu Cheng’ feel to her (can’t think of a Mainland reference). Noh Min Woo on the other hand…it’s awkward watching him make the over zealous facial reactions-yes this drama is going for exaggerated comedy. At the same time the trailer has shown his character break down quite nicely. I’m not a sadist but he looks pretty when he cries. I’m a little iffy, about this drama so far, I’m not sure if I’ll be invested enough to want to recap it. I hope this isn’t some, ‘let’s smother our viewers with Hallyu, in order to boost ratings’ kind of drama.

Nevertheless, I’ve loved Min Woo in pretty much everything he’s done so far, from the creepy side of him in ‘My Girfriend is a Gumiho’, to the  please-be-on-screen-for-more-than-10 seconds-and-don’t-die-part-of-him on ‘Midas’ to his awesome drug addicted music maniac image in ‘Rock Rock Rock’. Fingers crossed it won’t be a let down, but then again, I’m not expecting too much from this Idol drama.


5 thoughts on “‘Validity for Love’ Trailers

  1. I never got around to finishing SOP Queen even though Zhang Han is incredibly handsome and I ship Tang Jun x Xiao Jie. I think I will have to finish SOP Queen eventually to see more of Zhang Han *_* I wonder what the sequel will be like?

    • The drama was alright, but I don’t think it needs a sequel to be honest. I loved the cast, but the ending did drag a little…I hope they don’t carry it on, most sequels are never as successful as the initial projects. But lol I would so watch it if Zhang Han was in it ^^,

      • Yeah I’m still a bit hesitant to continue SOP Queen because it could drag..having a second season might be overdoing it considering the first season slowed down in later episodes..

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