‘Unexpected You’ Episode 56 [Recap]

I know I’m super late, and I’m sorry! Lot’s of school work, that’s starting to bog me down, but I’ll try my hardest to keep the recaps coming as soon as I can. Thanks to everyone, who’s had the patience of putting up with me, hopefully the last two recaps will be worth it ^_^

As per usual, articles it is.

Like I mentioned in my last post, Jo Yoon Hee did an interview with Newsis, that played a little pun on the title of the drama, ‘the perfect you’. Well given her sweet persona, she has been pretty much the ‘it’ girl for the past year, but she’s not just a good looking actress, she’s also been donned the title ‘stray dog eonni’, due to her love for animals. She’s actually quite the animal pro activist, other than Lee Hyori. She’s been busy raising awareness for proper practice of using animal testing in the make up industry.

In the interview, she also explained, that there are many more people who do work for raising awareness. However she’s humbled that everyone thinks so greatly of her voluntary work, but there are many people who do this work, and don’t get acknowledged. The only reason she’s being acknowledged at the moment, is due to her current popularity. That sounds a lot like Yi Sook, and I’m glad she’s using her fame for a good cause 🙂

She went on to talk about the way her love for animals grew first when she got started in 2010, after her pet dog passed away, she even shed tears, and thus her love for animals proceeded into something bigger through her work and spreading the message. When asked what was her favourite breed, she simply replied she thought all were beautiful.

The article finally goes on to talk about the drama, and her charms as Yi Sook, and her turn of character with her role in ‘Co-conspirators’. Her response to being given such a charming title, was modest when she replied, there’s many more things I need to do to become such a well received person. Although she’s done a lot of work for animals, she believes, she ought to work for people as well, and promised to work even harder for the future.

She’s scheduled to make an appearance on MBC TV’s ‘코이카의 꿈’ (Ko Yi Ka Wi Kkum) on the 4th of October episode.


Lee Hee Joon also made an appearance on the 18th episode of Seung Seung Jang Goo (승승장구). Although he’s said to have been acting for about thirteen years, this would be his first appearance on a talk show. Naturally he provided a little anecdote; he moved recently from his basement room, that barely let in a wisp of sunlight (Jesus 0_0 was he broke or what?) but now that he’s living the life of a popular actor, the sun is shining (it damn well should be-he deserves it) and when it does beam through his windows, he’s managed to end up tanning himself a little, going for the red. This just makes me smile, for someone who has worked all the way from the bottom, these kind of stories make him so much more relatable.

As much as he has that loveable, laughable personality that resembles his character, he was also once the dating king back in University, which surprised much of the audience. ‘I wasn’t much of a kkotminam (flowerboy), so at first glance girls would just pass me off. But once they saw me a few times, they would come to like me.’ Here I was thinking he was a lot more similar to Jae Yong, that’s not to say, that he isn’t full of dedication and sincerity when it comes to his work. The article finishes off with Hee Joon, being grateful with all the time he gets to spend doing what he loves and interacting with his audience, and encouraged those with the same dream that all, thirteen years were worth it.


Translations: Me

Okie doke! I think I’ll have the entire OST memorised by the time I complete recapping this series.

Yoon Hee stands, agaped at the treatment that Ji Hwan is being given purely because he can’t speak. Mama bear strikes out, and she yells ‘ahjumma! What the freaking hell do you think you’re doing?!’ Purple ahjumma turns around, her face grouchy, and pissed at being called at, she asks, Yoon Hee who she is. This is one of those moment we’ve been waiting for. ‘I’m his mom’. Yayyyyyy!!!! I love happy endings, and you know this going to be one of them.

Gwi Nam gets a little bored waiting in the car for Yoon Hee, and surely, it shouldn’t take so long for her to drop off some ginseng? He arrives on the scene to see his wife in full force battle mode. He begins to grasp what has occurred, and takes his stance as a father. It’s almost innate in the couple, the instinct to protect Ji Hwan.

Purple ahjumma is finally scared away, with her son, with their fake philanthropy. Once they’ve settled everything with the orphanage and made sure Ji Hwan is away and safe. The couple take a break, in a local open area. It’s time for big decisions.

This isn’t something she just decided over a single incident, she’s been mulling it over since the miscarriage. Becoming a mother means a whole lot more to Yoon Hee now.

Gwi Nam had initially proposed the case of adoption earlier, but due to Yoon Hee’s refusal, it had been dropped as a plan. Now things are different. They both want children, and it’s not an accident of fate.

Okay so I was talking to my friend the other day, and he said, he actually found Soon Ae annoying…so is it just me? I love her dorkibility, as she ropes in Halmeoni in her food antics.  Soon Ae complains to Chung Ae that Yoon Hee’s matchstick figure is because they hardly eat. Then again, her idea of ‘light’ breakfast, is like 5 pieces of toast. Chung Ae looks at her with contempt, not only does she find her ridiculous but wants her out of Gwi Nam’s house.

I want some tteokbokki and odeng!

As they head off from their little pre lunch snack, the two share hysterical memories of their past…one where a lot of young men would chase them  for their extravagant, gracious beauty…hard to think for either…but hey if you say so Soon Ae & Halmeoni ^^,

They return home, to find Chung Ae make the same comment that a lady on the street made earlier-they look like mother and daughter!…They may have a huge age gap, but the two of them get along with anyone they meet. Soon Ae and Halmeoni are in total denial of their similarities.

Yep, yep, I know…ahhhhhhhhhhh fan girl moment! Their chemistry and acting skills are undeniable, and yes I do secretly wish they would date in real, but we know that’s not going to happen. So there’s going to be a proposal at the restaurant, and the staff are in prep mode.

Once they’ve all dispersed, Jae Yong’s back on Yi Sook’s case, marry me woman!!!…I agree with him, marry him woman!!!! XD

Last episode we saw these guys take that step forward into the land of awkward, and now we see them pay their due.  Il Sook stares back in the mirror, ‘crap crap crap, I can’t face him’. She’s off, and pretending like nothing has happened.

Yoon Bin’s a little down, that she’s refusing to consider it as a step towards a relationship beyond manager and client, or even beyond their gentle friendship. He doesn’t mention anything though. Quietly he abides by their schedule to check out his new apartment.

Another switch, and we find ourselves with the most humble family on earth. Go Ok prepares a doshirak for Jung Bae, who is till unaware that his wife knows of his having lost his job. As he walks out, he meets Yoon Bin and Il Sook, who ask if he has found any new tenants, for the rooftop apartment. Il Sook tells him, she had asked aunt to relay the message, but she assumes Go Ok must have forgotten.

It strikes him, and he walks back into the building, and greets his wife with the biggest smile he can muster. Off they go on a picnic…and we welcome yet again-truth time. There’s no hiding their troubled situation, but they will overcome them, just like everyone else does. And so they delight in their family and each others company.

Woman power! FTW! Can you blame me?

Yoon Hee announces her decision to adopt Ji Hwan (funny how the first question she’s asked is ‘is it because you can’t get pregnant?’ What now only Angelina Jolie is allowed to adopt or something?) to her colleagues/friends, and asks a favour of them.

No one’s really looking forward, in the tough world where your own work load is enough for two, adjusting a schedule to help someone out, be it may, is still not an easy task.

단절 experience cutter. I think that’s what she called it. It even has a name. Women who end up losing all their credit that they’ve built up over their years, just because they end up getting pregnant. Gee sounds like a crime. I can’t really make a commentary,  because I don’t have that kind of knowledge, but I can only hope that opportunities aren’t lost for women for simply giving birth.

Can I call them the Bill couple?…Yoon Bin and Il Sook are out checking the new apartment, one problem. There’s only one room. He suggests, that he’s getting older, and someday he’ll want to marry, so he would need another room. That catches her off guard, and she stutters ‘you’re getting married?’ They’re both awkward, and he offers, that, ‘you never know, not today, but someday he wants marriage.’

Before she can make a run for the exit, Yoon Bin splurges on his feelings. He doesn’t regret their kiss, and he likes her. He’s semi sure she likes him-the fan girl days and her looking after him today…that’s not a given Binnie! A fan girl may be devoted to the point you want to dispose of her, but don’t assume her love for you is beyond that of a fan. You have to chase after her like any other girl -advice from an experienced fan girl 🙂

We’re back, or she’s back, and she busy dancing to the latest trend, yep, Gangnam Style.

Chung Ae manages to convince Bo Ae to come to her house so she can pick up Soon Ae. ‘Course there were a few lies involved, one’s where Soon Ae was sick from being apart from her sister. Soon Ae sadly or rather happily is far from that emotional state.

No you must take her!.ahh sisterly love~

Caught between a rock and a hard place is what I call it.

Mommy in law wants to see Min Ji Young’s blog, y’know the one where she constantly bitches about her married life, or her mother in law to be more specific…While the two banter on, and Ji Young yet again turns the table with her word games with mom, Se Joong looks to the sky for answers, as if God’s going to save him. p.s. Jing Kyung (the actress who plays Min Ji Young, also has a new gig on ‘Nice Guy’.

These two are determined to find a way together, except their logic is a little…Yoon Hee suggests, that if their love is never ending as they like to think, then they should be able to keep their feelings intact for another two years, hence if it does last, it’s fine for them to be married. But since Se Gwang is off to the army, it makes no sense for the two to be married. Young love, what to do…

Too late, Yoon Hee delivered her news of adoption before they could call it.

like little kids getting ignored…Yoon Hee knows all! Lol she really is ominous.

Run! Yoon Hee’s on his case, marriage is so not going to happen at this rate.

My favourite couple are back! So he’s doing the regular check list with the staff, and Yi Sook’s the last name, as if it’s just another chore, he keeps his head down, and pops the question, ‘Will you marry me?’ I didn’t see this one coming while I was watching, so even I was taken a back. Hard to say what a regular person would do, it sure is unique, but in front of the entire staff, I guess something like that should be more private, specially so since their relationship is so rocky.

He really has no clue does he…?

It might have come off as a whine when she said she didn’t want to marry him, because of their social differences, but I suppose every word counts…

PD-nim please give us our happy go lucky Jae Yong back ^.^

The two older love birds have their moments as well, as they come to terms with the idea of adoption. In the mean time, Se Gwang is having no luck in getting his marriage approved.

It’s more of a race, of who’ll get hitched first…my bets on Yi Sook.

Yang Shil has finally found solace, she might be living alone, but it’s less burdensome. When it’s time to rejoin family, maybe time itself will have wrapped those earlier wounds up, so it won’t be hard to go home. For now though, she’s happy in the simple life she’s chosen for herself.

Good news! Bad times don’t last forever. Jang Goon has a CF offer!

Something other than cooking is going on in the kitchen. Ah go mama bear! She’s totally into Yoon Bin now that he has his own roof, and is a nice guy to top it off. Set them up!

No really give up already… as much as I want them as a couple to succeed, I agree with Yoon Hee on this one…marriage after 2 years sounds more plausible rather than the rushed emotions they’re falling for.

Dead man walking. That’s what Jae Yong looks like. He’s beyond the level of besotted, he’s a man in love. Some would say that’s the same thing :p Btw, anyone know what his cute sidekick’s name is?

He may not be the prettiest crier, but his emotions never fail to get me. 울지마요!

Thank god, he’s not the only one crying…someone get these guys a marriage license puh-leez.

It’s dinner time, and the entire family is gathered. Even Yoon Bin’s there, he may not be officially a man of the Bang family, but patience is a virtue, and this is probably one in many meals he’ll be sharing in the household.

띵동 someone’s at the door…uhmm what’s he doing here? With a fruit basket?

He maybe a dead man walking but, he still has that tiny ounce of strength in him, and he’s going to use it…how?

That’s exactly what they want to know.

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  1. Hi, i like yr comments. I love this drama esp jae yong n yi sook. Its too bad u started late but keep up the good work. Waiting for the last 2 recaps.
    Thank you

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