‘Unexpected You’ 57 [Recap]

Get together to celebrate the success, and I think KBS have uploaded a little video from the event as well, I might post it in the next post ^.^


I’m back! Yippee! Yeah I’ll cut to the chase, and just go about recapping, (p.s. feel free to bitch in the comments about how late I am, I deserve it.)

We left off with Jae Yong arriving as an uninvited guest to the family dinner, but when at the Bang’s, everyone knows to make themselves comfortable, and it doesn’t take him long, to give Halmeoni the real reason he’s here. You’ve got to love the guy, he doesn’t beat around the bush, and he follows his heart, no matter how hurt he’s planning on getting. Seriously we need more Jae Yong’s in this world.

For a girl who’s been lying around in bed for the past couple of days, bawling her eyes out over her ‘break up’, she manages to pull herself together pretty quickly. Yi Sook has even been dabbling with make up lately, and is caught by Il Sook, who raises an eye brown and laughs in surprise to her sisters changing nature.

It’s romantic as hell, but sort of awkward for her, as she tries to explain her love life to over 10 people, including some people she hasn’t been all that well acquainted with as of yet. (Yes I did go back to my previous post, and actually count how many people were there, sheesh, that’s a lot of people 0_o)  Also keep watching Mal Sook’s reaction, her face is brilliant!

So Jae Yong snitches to her parents, and Halmeoni as to why there’s trouble in paradise. Chung Ae pounces on Yi Sook, and exclaims, why she has no plans of marrying Jae Yong even though she agreed to date him. I mean at her age, people are usually dating with the intention to marry. But Halmeoni knows all. Hey she’s not the head of the family for no reason now, eh?

Halmeoni holds herself responsible, she understands  the loneliness and neglect that Yi Sook has put up with, more so from her. As she grew up, she never really knew the feeling of love from her family as they were always mourning the loss of Gwi Nam. Halmeoni goes on emotionally, that she will not give up her beloved granddaughter to a household where people are against her. Thank god! Someone gets Yi Sook finally! It’s not just two people getting married and living happily ever after, as rare as they may come face to face, family acceptance does matter. The family agree, that no marriage will occur, until things drastically change between both families.

Dejected Jae Yong ends up going for a drink with Se Gwang. Who happens to rub in his wounds, Jae Yong naturally makes a snarky remark about him not even having gone to the army yet, so he can forget marriage for a while.

Upon closer inspection, it’s actually all four, discussing the woes of dating and acquiring the affections of their respective women. Funny thing is no one is willing to take any advice from Gwi Nam! Simultaneously, the women are at the jimjilbang doing quite the same.

Of all the romances, Yoon Hee appears rather interested in Il Sook, her romance seems to be the underdog. It’s there but no steps seem to be taken in order to change this into a full blown romance. Il Sook is far from those thoughts though, after her divorce, her perspective has changed. She wants to be independent, and for now that’s all she wants to think about. Hey as long as she can be around Yoon Bin and do her work, who needs the romance title?

The folks are happy, at least something’s are changing around their household, Chung Ae has always been worried Yi Sook, would end up like Soon Ae, so it’s a pleasant relief for her. As the girls return from their sauna trip, someone’s waiting for Yi Sook.

Can I just say this is one freaking cute scene! I’m so glad, Yi Sook finally took charge, and initiated the kiss this time. It helped prove that this wasn’t just some one way affection.

Jae Yong doesn’t care if they end up married or not. He’s learnt from this experience, that he’ll manage so long as she’ll be with him in any way, and won’t fall for another guy -of course. I love the way he breaks out into a laugh, it’s more like he’s letting go of something he’s been worried sick about, and now that she’s reaffirmed her love, he almost gives the impression that he’s really breathing again.

Il Sook sits on the rooftop, things are coming full circle, and memories are resurging. She recalls all the times she’s shared with Yoon Bin on the same rooftop, and how their relationship has grown to have something that even she has complicated feelings about.

Jung Bae received a call earlier, from Go Ok’s mother-she’s moving-to another country. She wants to reconcile before she leaves. He asks Yoon Hee and Gwi Nam for help. He loves his wife to bits, and asks a favor that they help her look good for her reunion.

Voila! The wonders of a hair iron! As expected it’s not only a bit of a shock, but full of happy tears. Jang Goon is speechless for his grandmother, that he’s never seen. His mother is full of tears, it’s like the poor kid can’t tell if this is a joyous occasion, or a bad one.

Over at the Uhm sisters, things have gone back to normal. Bo Ae doesn’t care for renewing her old flames, she’d rather leave Pil Do with her youthful image rather than go back and show him what she is now. She neither has the energy like Soon Ae to try hard at another love, so for now, all is a-ok.

She winked! She winked back at him! *Squeal* ❣

Jae Yong’s to be sister in law, walks in tow with beau, to his restaurant. Dinners on Yi Sook, well it is now that Mal Sook has said so. Yi Sook pulls a face and heads over to get the pair a table. While lunching away, Jae Yong over hears, their conversation.

The youngest couples biggest problem is getting Se Gwang’s mother and sister in law to get along with Mal Sook. So let’s hear it for her plan-sister in law-she’s a teacher, use that for her weak point. Let her teach! Get things constantly wrong and she’ll feel like she’s the one in charge. As for mom-do not under any condition tell her off, instead encourage her frequent shopping habits. Tada!

Jae Yong’s on it-it’s a race to see who’ll get to the altar first.

Time to convince dad, to wrangle the women in his household…he even threatens him with not producing 5 children. Yep, that’s the way to go about it.

The drama is obviously coming to a close, and we’re seeing how this family really works, to stay together and live together. It’s hard getting along with so many people, and to have lived a life time, some would think it would get irksome, but these guys really show us family in the true sense.

The brothers, happily combine their work force, to get the bakery rolling and support each of their families. Yang Shil is attempting a life of redemption, free of guilt, a simple life where she’s unable to hurt anyone any more, including herself.

Yoon Hee’s back to working, and despite how much she’s been through for the past year and a half, she proves that life goes on, and she’ll continue to work, as much as she likes, adoption and all.

While preparing Ji Hwan’s room with Gwi Nam she receives a call from the adoption agency…

It’s not good news, there’s a limitation. They’re going to have to wait 6 months before they’re allowed to officially take Ji Hwan home. The time period will allow Ji Hwan’s birth parents time, if they wish to take him back. This breaks a few hearts, it’s unlikely his parents will return, but nothing comes easy, and 6 months are nothing compared to the childhood they’ll be giving Ji Hwan eventually.

We’ve got a confession! The writers so~ know how to get a girl to smile. But it’s not enough to get an official yes from Il Sook. While performing Yoon Bin, comes out with it publicly  it’s no harm to his image as he’s old enough not to have crazy sasaeng’s after him any longer. Standing in the crowd, Il Sook smiles, the feelings are mutual, that we can confirm. Don’t worry, Mal Sook’s only trying on the dress, and she looks pretty *_*

Yi Sook asks, Jae Yong to close his eyes. No she’s not going to sock him one, thankfully. He appears a little sceptical with his eyes closed, until he opens them. She has a couple pendant for both of them. It’s the last I swear *cough* (big fat lie) I love this couple!!!

Cuteness overload (>‿♥)

Double cuteness overload?(>‿♥)

The writers did an amazing job with the idea of a narration by Yoon Hee. She sums up what this drama has shown us over the 57 episodes, and enlightens us of how things have slowly but surely evolved and changed.  The in laws, she wanted to avoid, have now become instinctual, it’s family. The faces she dreaded, are home to her, they aren’t just her husbands family, they belong to her as well, and it brings a smile to her face.

Fast forward through the narration, and she’s pregnant again, her mother in law pops out, and pays her a compliment. They both smile at each other.

She’s arrived at the wedding venue, as she smiles, the audience is left guessing whose wedding this is…

I’ve probably posted enough spoilers to have given that away, but let’s keep pretending we don’t know until I post the last episode recap, which will definitely be tear filled for all the right reasons.

4 thoughts on “‘Unexpected You’ 57 [Recap]

  1. Wow! one more episode to go!! I’m going to miss bawling my eyes out watching this serial alone in my room and getting laughed at by my housemates (who’ll never understand the charm of Korean dramas!) phew…..

    By the way, I watched this episode earlier than reading the recap that you made. I’m not complaining though, you’re still d’best. Thanks for the funny comments and thoughts for each couple. glad to know that there’s someone else having the similar thoughts as mine while watching the scenes. And the pics! They’re a great help for me in remembering the cutest and heart-wrenching moments…

    • I know! I think I’ll realize how much I miss the drama, when it comes to the usual time I watch it. The characters, sets, I totally got used to it all. Aaw that sucks, none of them watch it? I have a few friends who watch dramas, but they don’t always end up watching the one’s I do, so I usually have to visit mdl to get my inner fan girl out, or well I come here XD

      Thankies 🙂 (but feel free to complain if you don’t agree with something, it’s always interesting to hear the opposite of my thoughts) I didn’t expect anyone to come read the recaps, but it’s nice to know that someone else enjoys the drama as much as I do. Off to recap the last ep…^_^

  2. I’m actually glad Il-sook has a rather unconventional way of perceiving love and relationship. She’s so cool about it; yet, I’m a bit worried if she’ll be like Bo Ae who won’t try for another love after divorcing that ‘good-for-nothing’ Nam-gu.

    Anyway, I don’t think that Jae Young breaks out into laugh because he is relieved or because she’s reaffirmed her love. I think he realizes that he can’t get what he wants. It hurts, but he’ll just do anything Yi-sook wants; if it makes Yi-sook happy, makes Yi-sook comfortable, whatever it is, he’ll have it–although if it’s killing him not to have Yi-sook as his wife.
    I think it’s a sad laugh, a laugh comes out of frustration but then giving up, because he can’t convince Yi-sook either ways. I am not happy with this laugh. I cried so much when I watched this point…
    but I 100% agree with you that it is time Yi-sook initiated the kiss…

    Go Ok’s moments with her mother squeezed my tears out even harder… I love how Jung Bae tries hard to hold himself in, but I was frustrated how Jang Gun just be silent and expressionless. And Go Ok… she’s amazing. She is not perfect, she bravely admits that she hates that her mother left her. But she’s so forgiving!
    Ah, I can’t imagine how come her mother could be so cruel to her… Thank God, Jung Bae is there for her…

    • I think Yoon Bin will have more persistence than he’s given credit for, not only does he interact with her on a daily basis, but her daughter seems smart for her age, and we all know Chung Ae…second thoughts, pretty much all the Bang women 😀

      Ah I never thought of it like that, now that you put it that way, it could be possible. She really does have him wrapped around her finger, without even realizing it, wait wasn’t that something Mal Sook was supposed to be an expert at? Lol. It was one of the most tender moments of the episode, and it showed the tougher side to their love, it’s usually quite bright, but the tears felt more real after that scene.

      I agree, her mother has got to be some cold ass bitch to have abandoned her for 13 years, I don’t know, but maybe Jang Gun doesn’t sympathise with his g’ma as much. He probably feels a little indifferent to someone who he’s just met, let alone just giving her the status of maternal g’ma. It really was a pretty awesome episode 🙂

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