‘Unexpected You’ Episode 58 [Recap] Final

It was a freezing ass cold morning, I woke up grumpy, and quite miserable, just glad I didn’t have any classes scheduled, and when I got onto my manky computer, I grinned. It was finally subbed and ready for me to absorb.

So as I was watching, I couldn’t help but continue gleaming at all the scenes. I felt like I knew these characters, inside out, they were people who I had kind of connected with over such a huge time span. This probably sounds one hell of a lot corny, and actually I’m kinda ready to puke at myself, but I really am going to miss these characters. I don’t think I’ve ever in my history of drama watching, watched a drama right from when it started airing, to when it finished, that too such a long drama. Hence after I completed the episode, I went on a bit of a spree and found a few videos, that I thought were worth watching. Enjoy 🙂

It’s a little cheesy I know, but it’s true.

Halmeoni came home after having eatan something bad yesterday, and now she’s having trouble with her bowels. But it’s her beloved granddaughter’s wedding! She tells Gwi Nam and Yoon Hee, to go on ahead to the venue and to make sure everything is running smoothly, things must go well today, regardless of her presence missing.

Ji Hwan pops out with Min Ji, the two kids were playing about too much last night and are both a little worn out. Chung Ae takes the role of grandmother as natural as it comes to her, and takes Ji Hwan off to shower, while Il Sook tends to her daughter.

Yoon Hee walks into the venue, and the camera pans towards Mal Sook, but no she’s not the bride.

She looks gorgeous, she hasn’t lost her trademark hair cut, but she looks adorable in her semi awkward stance. It’s not long before Jae Yong beholds the view of his goddess like wife in her wedding dress, and can’t help but make cheesy remarks, and share the bromance with his brother in law.

Protective brother as always….

How is she still shedding tears?… a little overwhelmed at sending her niece off…although it’s not like she’s going very far…oh well we all know Soon Ae likes the dramatics.

Yi Sook regardless of the melodrama that her aunt brings along, she manages to pout in order to sympathise with Soon Ae…I have to admit Soon Ae did make me laugh when she ‘accidentally’ let loose Il Sook’s divorce as a way of telling her off. She can be harsh in her funny little way.

Yoon Bin may have attained his fame from back in the 90’s but, he’s still being overshadowed, and it none other than Jang Goon who poses competition.


This couple may not be having the typical ending i.e. happily ever after with a marriage certificate to go with, but they are happy, and they’re together, good enough for me 🙂

Finally the moment is here. Jang Soo walks his daughter down the isle.

His daughter’s finally getting married, I guess after all the times he’s waited outside the house waiting for all his kids to return, he’s still a little apprehensive.

…And we have our famous duo, as they belt out their lungs XD

*+* Now if only they were a real couple…keep dreaming Lee Hee Joon already has a beautiful girlfriend, *sigh*

Ever seen a man that nervous and excited at his own wedding? Jae Yong, you sure are unique!

I loved the little speech his dad gives, in favour of his daughter in law, scary him? naw.

He wanted that wedding more than I think I’ve ever seen a woman want to be married, good on him 🙂

Look who’s back! Well not officially, every time he gets his break, he knows where he’s headed for. Mal Sook is approached by a suitor at the wedding, but never fear, Se Gwang whisks in bang in time to save his lovely lady.

Oh and umm, Ji Young’s become a writer…

She wrote a book about non other than her ‘beloved’ mother in law XD Hey it’s a best seller and paying the mortgage, can you complain?

Remember that fantastic-awesome-perfect couple? Remember Gwi Nam praising his wife at every opportunity a word left his mouth? Well, something’s have changed. There’s a frown involved, and even a little going back on forth, where once it would have been a no brainer, Yoon Hee wins. She still does, but a certain man who also happens to be Kim Nam Joo’s real husband manages to infiltrate Gwi Nam’s brain.

Now where’s a real family without a constant bickering, eh?

Father and son team up, and as a result, Gwi Nam lets in on one of his secrets. The place where he once buried his childhood.

Kim Nam Joo ❤ She looks great with any male co-star…Meanwhile, there was gift at the wedding from someone without a name.

Jae Yong’s finally getting what he’s wanted from…I’ve lost track. Yi Sook isn’t too naive to not know what’s on her new husband’s mind, actually she doesn’t need to be. Jae Yong’s so excited he’s managed to give himself a nosebleed. Ha!

and then things get a little hot…well as much as you can for a family drama.

It’s time to let go of the past, and so Chung Ae visits Yang Shil with intention of returning the money she gave as a gift at Yi Sook’s wedding.

Tears are shed, and we’ve finally come to a conclusion. No matter how much suffering and terrible things Yang Shil has done in the past, she regrets it. What’s more, Chung Ae has her family safe and happy.

The poor but happy family as we know, are finally working their way up on the financial ladder, and Go Ok even has an admirer…only the customer assumes it’s Jung Bae’s daughter…oops.

Hence he advises his wife to go back to her perm…aaw lol.

Family time! Each has their own parenting technique, while Yoon Hee wants to send Ji Hwan to an English speaking school, Gwi Nam believes in an enjoyable, playful childhood…he is an awesome dad.

They too may not have gotten the wedding cake and dress, but all is well and dandy…well except for the fact that he has a picture of Miss A’s Suzy on his locker wall. Mal Sook has no clue of course. Better play it safe.

And we’re back to that scene, the way in which the drama started…Yoon Hee gossiping with her friends, but this time they’re not envious of her not having a mother in law to tend to. But we all know she does.

Being the team that didn’t originate from the Bang’s, Yoon Hee asks for Jae Yong’s support, they’ve got to stick together. It’s like a battlefield.

Inside the family join to have a meal, where we get a glimpse of what Min Ji really thinks of her mom and Yoon Bin getting together, which gets a chuckle out of everyone.

The bromance takes up another notch, as the two lame drinkers can’t hold their alcohol for long…now that was one Jung Bae should have stayed out from. Someone call the wives?

To tie up the drama altogether, we get another scene with the two brothers, there’s loyalty here, even without their older brother, they know better, and it’s all about enjoying what you get out of family. Male bonding if you will.

Come sports day, even Chung Ae joins in for Ji Hwan. Yoon Hee yells at her as she realizes they’re losing, and pushes her mother in law towards the finish line (okay well not literally).

And that’s it, we still have our characters, imperfect but as you can see plentiful happy 🙂

And because I can’t get enough of this drama, here’s their appearance on Gag concert 🙂

I love the ‘magnet’ reference, and the last scene where

Yang Hee Kyung’s trot version of a ‘Genie’ by SNSD.

Lee Hee Joon and his abso-freakin-lutely adorable saturi.

And finally Yoo Joon Sang’s appearance on Seung Seung Jang Goo.

Oh and one little thing..they got AWARDS! Yes I’m a little delighted. Kim Nam Joo got her Daesang award. It also got itself Work of Art Award; Writer Award; Best Child Actor (Kwak Dong Yeon); Male Excellence Award (Lee Hee Joon) and Special Acting Award.



I guess I’m officially done fan girling (or am I?) but I’m glad I watched this drama, I hope whoever comes across any of these recaps, has enjoyed watching the drama as much as I have ^_^

Show some love, rant, spazz and anything else in between :D

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