‘Love Actually’ Episode 9-10 [Recap]

You know you want to, say it. Traitor! Well I’m back and I’ve learnt my lesson-never-under any circumstance-attempt to recap 2 dramas at the same time, specially when you’re brain is as pea sized as mine.  Lesson learnt, and I’m not going there again.

So the girls are busy gushing over…umm well the wrong thing would be the non beat around the bush way of saying it, but let’s be nice to their naive little heads. While Li Yang is thinking the opposite, I very well remember the almost heart attack I received when I realised what was going on in his tiny little head.

let’s just say this is going to be painful later on…someone get a bucket, we might be getting a monsoon come the next few episodes, unless the writers decide to stall that is.

Hao Feng was last seen having a deep and meaningful conversation with Yang Guang, and he makes a very bold promise, one I hope he can keep. A promise that Yang Guang’s dad will be back. That’s some scary stuff right there, making promises to little kids, not frowning, giving off warm fuzzy vibes, enough to get Yang Guang grinning? Shit’s just gotten deep.

Bwahaha my love for Joe beats all the sarcasm I have locked away for this drama ^^,

Back at the restaurant, Xiao Xia asks Li Yang to drop Xiao Xiao off home. She asks quite politely, only to be told, ‘she has legs, she walks here all the time’. Not the answer from a gentleman, but it’s enough for Xiao Xia to walk back towards Xiao Xiao and kick her. There, she has a defect, now help her. Oh the pains of dating~

He agrees, with there being little to argue, once arriving at their destination, he tells her to get off the bike. No really, she’s cute, she likes you, you’ll like her eventually, what more can you ask for? As Xiao Xiao limps away, he comes up with an epiphany, who knows women better than women? Why not ask the girl who likes you how, to confess to another woman? How sweet-not. You’ve got to be even blind than me, not to see that Xiao Xiao likes you Li Yang! Like how many lenses do you need? She had her hands around your waist and wouldn’t let you go, not to mention you’ve known her like…23 freakin’ years, she’s not a loose flirt.

Xiao Xiao suggests a pen recorder, and once that’s answered, he rides away, leaving her calling after him.

The fact that he doesn’t give you the time of day, once he’s gotten his answer, should be clue enough…oh Xiao Xiao…

One again at the restaurant  Xiao Xia is just busy doing her usual, when she gets a call from Hao Feng asking where her brother is. Not the question she was expecting to get asked. It doesn’t take much for her to tell him her brother is at the Cheng Dong market, ‘selling stuff’ sounds a little ominous, I can only hope Hao Feng returns with less than 5 bruises. Before we know it, he’s hung up and running the streets asking strangers if they’ve seen a man with a certain description. Xiao Xia gets another call from Xiao Xiao this time, who recounts her events with Li Yang, and they both have a plan on how things are ‘supposed’ to go. Huh good luck with that.

Li Yang’s busy sitting with his new pen recorder, determined to get the confession out. It’s been struggling inside his head, and he wants to be D. Luffy remember? All the while, I can only hope that someone interrupts this embarrassing heart to heart, or he suffers amnesia enough to get rid of his D. Luffy analogy. And~ what do you know, he doesn’t have the balls to talk into the pen recorder yet, so he decides, why not write it first? Please, please someone put me out of my misery, I can’t watch Li Yang make more of an idiot out of himself. I like the cute little guy, with innocent brotherly thoughts, not the super manly whisk a woman away thoughts.

Olivia Ong begins playing again, and we see Hao Feng still searching the streets, mmm, ever thought of maybe oh I don’t know giving him a ring? He seems to contact Xiao Xia whenever he fancies. Searching the streets, until you happen to come across him seems like a long stretch, but hey all is logical in dramaland. Switch back to Li Yang and he’s finally saying his heartfelt words into the microphone. He even mentions love at first sight, wait, let’s travel back in time, when he first saw her, wasn’t she Hao Jie’s wife? Duuuuuuude, that is so wrong. I hope someone *cough* Yang Guang switches the pen and accidentally records over his speech. Am I being too cruel? Naw.

Xiao Xia barges into his room, Li Yang looks guilty as he hides the recorder behind his back. She asks if something is wrong, and he nods vigorously, as if caught reading porn. She invites him out, and he hasn’t much of a clue what else is going on. Xiao Xiao meanwhile is hiding in the bushes ready confess, at the same time dealing with evil mosquitoes.

As the two are making their way over to Xiao Xiao, Li Yang calls after Xiao Xia, thrusting the recorder towards her. She smiles, recalling her earlier conversation. She pushes it back towards him, telling him here’s not the right place. He could have argued, let’s do this in ‘the moment’  but no he just abidingly follows her. Li Yang man up, if you’re really going to go ahead and do this.

Finally arriving at the destination, she asks for the recorder. I would have snatched it off him by now, if I were her.

So we’re going for it again, this time there’s no Hao Feng to deliver a message. Xiao Xia disappears giving Xiao Xiao the pen recorder.

Whilst listening to the confession, Xiao Xiao tears, up. All the while speaking into his microphone, never does he deem to clarify who he’s speaking to. So Xiao Xiao is led astray, caught up in the emotional whirlwind, the two recollect times, Li Yang with Xiao Xia and Xiao Xiao with Li Yang.

I now have the urge to sock Li Yang a punch for being so stupid. I have a feeling he’s going to say something just as cruel to get passed the awkward moment when he opens his eyes.

1. Make sure your back up is actually going to last longer than the first 5 minutes, as we see Xiao Xia leave the scene as she catches sight of Hao Feng chase after her brother.

2. Keep your damn eyes open when you’re about to kiss the girl you’ve just confessed to.

3. Yes there’s a number 3. But it’s more of a question. Does she somehow have a magnetic field around her lips, that despite his eyes being closed, he knew exactly where her lips were the entire time?

Now that’s not looking all too romantic now is it buddy? Next time, just keep your eyes open, maybe try the daylight in a cafe with lots of people.

Here we have it, Li Yang’s ‘oh-shit’ face. Well at least he has the guts to tell her the truth, as opposed to string her along because he doesn’t want to ‘hurt her feelings’.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t make things any less painful, and Xiao Xiao looks crestfallen at his words, ‘this wasn’t meant for you.’

Hao Feng is hanging in the alley…well sort of, as he gives it to Xiao Xia’s brother. Yeah! You tell him, he’s a cowardly bastard who needs to take responsibility for his own child. Xiao Xia’s not his maid nor his babysitter.

Xiao Xia’s brother, gives his reasons, he doesn’t want to come home in the way he is now. So Hao Feng gives him the opportunity to straighten up for his son. They go shopping! I thought these scenes were usually reserved for the Cinderella make over, but hey even men have their days.

Hao Feng is still unaware, that Xiao Xia managed to sneak up on him, while he was sorting out her brother, so when she finds him on the way home, she asks, ‘why did you call?’ Hao Feng swiftly brushes off the topic, asking her why she’s standing outside. ‘Was it perhaps, that you were waiting for me?’ She brusquely answers, ‘why would I wait for you?’ Naturally a little disappointed, he  banters back, ‘I didn’t think so, anyway’. As Xiao Xia begins to cough slightly, he ushers her in.

Yh, yh keep acting like you don’t care. That nonchalance doesn’t get any more believable the more you do it Hao Feng.

Walking in, Li Yang and Xiao Xiao are already resting inside, and it’s as silent as a funeral. The two new comers are oblivious to the shit that just went down, and walk away, giving the other two much needed privacy.

Inside Xiao Xiao puts a smiling Yang Guang to sleep, forever indebted to Hao Feng for the gift he’s given to her and Yang Guang. As Li Yang walks Xiao Xiao home, he ends the awkward silence with, ‘today you looked really pretty’. Which leaves Xiao Xiao to run home, tears falling. I can’t say it’s either of their faults, me no likey tears.

Come next morning, Hao Feng is up and ready, but he needs to come up with something fast to ditch another day at work. He passes, and Xiao Xia comes in right after with her need to leave work for the day as well. Li Yang jumps out of his seat at her appearance, but is even more hesitant to give her the recorder he has pressed against his palms.

At Yang Guang’s school, he’s waiting patiently for his dad to show up for sports day. All seems to be going fine, we even see dad fashion up in a suit and tie. Hao Feng’s waiting as well, until he receives the doomed text, that turns his expression upside down. ‘I can’t do it.’ Whuuuuuuut? I think Yang Guang’s dad’s menstruating, I mean unless he’s bi-polar, he was fine a few seconds ago ready to make his son proud.

Let’s not lose all hope, Hao Feng’s a man of his word. So as Yang Guang decides to run in the opposite direction of those awful little dwarfy gremlins, he bumps into Hao Feng.

Instead of teaching Yang Guang to give his bullies a run for their money, Hao Feng gives him something better, the pretence of having a father.

With a handshake and smile all is fixed.

Xiao Xiao, you are one brave girl! After being rejected yesterday, she’s back on her feet, a smile plastered and back at the restaurant, ready to help, as Papa Chen is feeling weak.

At the sports day event, Hao Feng and Yang Guang are ace team, and kick everyone’s butt like pros. Even Yang Guang can’t believe whether he’s dreaming or whether it’s reality. Hao Feng pulls the little guys cheek and grins. Eeps!


I love the way Hao Feng interacts with Yang Guang, it’s as if he’s free to say anything he wants. What with the way Yang Guang speaks his free mind too, he admits Hao Feng has changed he isn’t the Ice man he once was. Xiao Xia interrupts and is cut off by Hao Feng, who suggests, when two men are talking the lady shouldn’t interrupt. Hao Feng come out with it, you know you like her.

Taking to tradition, the two ‘men’ are off to drink, as Xiao Xia chases after them.

The Buddha’s palm strikes, in an effort to restore their tattered friendship.

It’s said in the great scriptures, when two men are eating ice-cream, women should not interfere. According to Hao Feng and Yang Guang to Xiao Xia’s dismay.

Now that the problem of Yang Guang’s good for nothing loserific dad has been semi solved, it’s a matter of not telling Li Yang and G’pa. Yang Guang wants to share his wins, but it’s better not to share this little lie. Xiao Xia in turn distracts Yang Guang by taking his ice cream and stuffing her face. This turns out to be enough, to get him off the twenty questions.

Can he get any smexier? Decked all in black or in sweats, he’s still grand and awesome 😀

uh-oh signs of his sickness are finally staring to show…

Episode 10

Papa Chen! Say something! If he ends up passing out in the middle of the street any time soon, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Now if I were to marry anyone, I would totally marry a chef, who doesn’t want to eat like royalty on a regular basis? Lucky Xiao Xia has a sensitive palate and gets to try the three specialities by Hao Feng and Li Yang.

Even Hao Feng admits, she’s an asset to the restaurant, maybe it’s time she officially became a part of the kitchen?

So off he takes her, to a secluded place in the middle of the night, and asks, if she would be willing to join the work force. She replies with not wanting to disappoint G’pa. Hao Feng laughs, leading Xiao Xia to assume that he thinks she’s lying again.  Hao Feng leans over and gives that lopsided grin of his.

Ahhh the chemistry. Writer’s please make Hao Feng do something very cheesily dramatic at this point! Yes me, I want cheesy corny rom com! Now!

Dough has life. Don’t ask me, ask the chef, I just do the eating. Hao Feng’s a bitch when it comes to the kitchen, he does not relent, and Xiao Xia figures that out the hard way. So she puts in her utmost into pressing the dough. He does have a heart though, as she falls asleep while working away, he puts his jacket over her shoulder.

I just died and went to Joe heaven ^+^

At the end of the day, Xiao Xia does a bit of reflection. Staring into the ether, she calls upon a memory of her talking to G’pa about what makes the restaurant food so frickin’ good. The secret is…wait for it…stock! Yh okay that didn’t really need a drum roll but what the hell, everyone’s after it anyway.

Xiao Xia walks back towards the kitchen and asks Hao Feng about the stock, as she turns from reaching for the ingredient…

What-the-fishery-was-that?! Papa Chen’s feeling a little woozy in the other room, just about ready to hit the floor, meanwhile it’s like a psychic connection because Xiao Xia also begins to get stars around her head, and in the motion, Hao Feng turns around, and slap, bang! Lands right on her lips!

This could have been way more romantic than the oops I just accidentally landed on your lips and stole a kiss from you. Actually, his bottom lip isn’t even touching her lips. Am I perv for noticing that?

When I asked for cheesy, I don’t recall asking for melodrama as a side dish. Papa Chen is hospitalized and the stock is goner-that died along with the awful kiss. When they return home, Hao Feng and Xiao Xia take it upon themselves to solve the mystery behind the stock ingredients.

After figuring out about 30 of 100, Hao Feng wants to give it a rest. Xiao Xia disagrees, then comes to the idea that maybe if they came up with a new stock the customers wouldn’t even notice the minute difference. Blasphemy! Hao Feng’s enraged at the idea of conning his customers. Actually I think it’s better than losing business for a day, you’re not going to kill anyone with a different recipe. Yes I know I have no morals, and what? :p

This all leads to a philosophical speech given by Hao Feng-lying to protect is fine and dandy, but lying to deceive-big, no-no.

Even going so far as to officially walk out to the customers and give a formal apology, Hao Feng announces the restaurant’s closure until further notice. I have one thing to say to that melodramatic gesture-Papa Chen is not going to be happy.

You’ve got to make a livelihood somehow, and shit happens at work. Lighten up Hao Feng, you’ll figure out that recipe before you know it.

I’ve heard some pretty depressing things about how the drama seems to go downhill from this point onwards, but eh well we’ll see, and besides maybe if I add a few jokes in between it’ll spice things up a bit. I’ll stay for the Joe love ❦

Show some love, rant, spazz and anything else in between :D

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