Two words: Magnus Bane :)

So after debating over whether I wanted to read the books for about three years, I finally brought myself to do it, and once I got started, I couldn’t stop, and one of the reasons was for yep, Magnus Bane. The High Warlock of Brooklyn, not only has sass, but he’s cocky, smart, delectable and part Asian!

It’s a rarity to find Asian characters in Western literature, and Cassandra Clare just made me a very happy bunny. It’s the same case when we come to other forms of Western media, from the 90’s when Tarantino picked up ‘Chungking Express’ and ‘Hero’ for American distribution. And don’t even get me started on what happened with ‘The Last Airbender’. Nevertheless, let’s be glad, because things are changing, and cultural imperialism may not have fully perished this earth, however, people aren’t as ignorant as, they once were and, are finally starting to see the light of day. By this I mean, we’re actually going to get to see Magnus Bane in his original form-he’s going to be played by an Asian actor. There’s something even better that comes with it, he’s going to be played by the ever gorgeous Godfrey Gao 😀

Okay, this stuff has been on the net for a while now, and since I finally got to realize what an awesome character Bane is, and how much the combination of Gao along with the traits of Bane would make, I thought what the hell, I need to get it out of my system, and well, stick in a few hot pics, which never harmed anyone.



Gao himself is mixed Malaysian and Taiwanese, who was raised in Canada, and will be playing the character of Magnus Bane who is tall, dark…I kid, mind you this maybe a bit spoiler filled (look away), he walks around in silk kimono’s wear’s a turban if he feels the need, has the hots for Alec, and throws parties for his cat, he’s also part Indonesian and Dutch 😀 Yes I know, but he’s not Indonesian, why not get an Indonesian actor? Maybe that’s just asking for things too soon. Either way, I’m glad I’ll be getting to see Godfrey in my local cinema, as opposed to on my computer screen, and as far as I’m concerned Summer 2013 couldn’t come any sooner ^_^

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