Dramas & pish-posh

A bit of a mash-up post, since I’ve been watching a bit of this and a bit of that. So I thought I’d highlight what was crappy and what has passed the not so bad, maybe even cool station.

  • Starting off with why there haven’t been all that many posts of ‘Love Actually’…Joe I love you. I really do…but why on earth did you pick this drama of all dramas as the one you left behind, for us fans before heading off to the army ? (Yes I know you’re doing fantastic, what with the drug raid you were guarding, and the sneaking you did with coming out to do promotional stuff for Hua Yang), but it doesn’t cancel out the fact, that I don’t find ‘Love Actually’ as riveting, nor as smitten as I was earlier with this drama. I really want to like the chemistry between you and Lee Da Hae, but it’s so sparsely spread out in the drama, as the writers seem more concerned about soup, and oh yeah more fucking soup! I think our mainland broadcasters, need to reduce the episode counts, you can do a well produced drama in less than 16 episodes, I swear it!

As for whether I’ll continue recapping, I think I’ve lost my appetite for heavy detailed stuff, so I think overviews will have to suffice. Yes I will finish this drama, if it kills me, but I think the supporting characters have a few more interesting scenes. And I think I’ll be watching Li Yi Feng’s next project ‘Tiny Times 1.0’. I’ve been wanting to watch that, for Ivy, but now that I have another reason on top of who’s directing, I’m actually looking forward to it…now I’m secretly trying not to jinx myself…so much for secret :p

  • On a note for a drama that I did finally complete, despite being a few episodes behind each week, was Arang and the Magistrate. Now where do I start? Positive note, I loved the hell out of Lee Jun Ki, his acting has levels that I can’t even begin to comprehend, actually the main saving grace behind this one was the cast. Not just Jun Ki but I literally mean every single actor, had chops that could be put to some heavy use.

It’s just a shame that the writers decided to pace this rather slow. What started off as a could be, twist on folklore, turned out to be *spoiler* body snatching. It would have been cooler if his mom was genuinely evil. The ending, while happy and all, was meh, slightly forgettable  and the journey between the characters felt under developed. The lack of romance within the series made it hard to feel the poignancy of their love towards the last episode when they both venture in to their perspective after lives in hell and heaven.

Some fans did a bit of artwork for the drama, and damn! Is that freaking accurate or what? *_*

  • I’m only 5 episodes into Xuan Yuan Sword-Rift of the Sky, and…I’m still iffy. I love the costumes, I don’t particularly like the story nor the bad CGI. I initially went in, after I caught wind of stills of Liu Shi Shi in epic costume mode, and was flawed by the detail and beauty that was put into it. Her character, still has a little sass, but it’s not enough!

Based off an RPG, it follows the mythical world, I’d agree with the mythical world if I wasn’t reminded of Santa and his reindeer’s every time she’s riding that pony/unicorn thing that is assumedly supposed to be the clouds. I saw Arang and the Magistrate for god-sake, after watching a good CGI, this one really stank it up. Nevertheless, I’m only a few episodes in, so I might still catch a few episodes, most likely while I’m supposed to be working. So a glance here and there, is as much attention I’ll be paying. Honestly, I’m just sticking around for the aesthetic benefits.

Girl crush ㅅ.ㅅ

  • Now to the stuff, that’s making me want to neglect school work and just seriously binge drama watching. ‘Innocent Man’! I’m totally in love with this makjang, and it’s not just the good looking cast. It’s like crack that I haven’t been able come across in a while. Lee Kyung Hee I freaking adore her writing, minus ‘A Love to Kill’ (crime! Rain!) *spoiler*  I didn’t take dying in the snow very well.

There really isn’t much to say, other than what’s already been plastered on several other blogs, but one that did get my attention was The Doom of Vault, if you will believe. Her take on episodes 9-12, is pretty in depth and had me reading it twice. If you like the heavy deep stuff, and like to think your drama watching will increase your IQ then this is it.

While there isn’t much hope to see Park Si Hoo (청담동!) and Moon Chae Won paired up for a second go, in this lifetime, I really have come to like her with Song Joong Ki. Me wants new episodes already!

  • And finally! The last to all my drama binging, it’s ‘Miss Rose’, this drama has finally got me giggling into my pillow. The last time I did that was with the earlier episodes of SOP Queen. That feels like ages~ now.

Can I fan girl much? Chiu Roy is gorgeous! Lai Megan isn’t all that irritating, and over all it’s a really good chick flick. It has this ‘Fated To Love You’ vibe, along with two cast members (her dad, and the weird sycophant at her work place). I didn’t adore  the latter, but it was a good run imo. Roy’s character also, seems to be giving me warm fuzzy feelings that remind me of k-dramaland ca. 2004 -2005. Almost like a Hyun Bin from ‘My Lovely Kim Sam Soon’ vs. Lee Dong Wook ‘My Girl’ days. I think as a result for my sudden addiction to Roy, I might just have to check him out in ‘Office Girls’, since it’s gotten some nice reviews.

The title song for this drama, is adorable, thankies to ockoala for having raved about it on her website, I now have a new song to replay on my mp3 😀

Yen-J ‘Sneeze’ with Eng subs and Pinyin subs

And to think I would leave this post without sticking in a hot pick of Roy…don’t be silly :p

2 thoughts on “Dramas & pish-posh

  1. I’m looking foward to Tiny Times 1.0 (and I’m trying to get my hands on the novel) and Da Mo Yao. I can’t believe I haven’t discovered your blog until today, it’s awesome! And we write a lot of similar things in our blogs haha, and share some overlaps in bias like Roy and No Min Woo 😛

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