I’m a fan girl, death with it: No Min Woo edition

In the midst of studying (yeah I actually make time for that, woah), and drama watching, I managed to squeeze in some more drama, because well…I wanted to and umm do I need a better reason?

Why am I back on his boat? Good question. From the promotional material of Full House Take 2, I figured this couldn’t get much worse. Yes the abominable hair, caked make-up, to the fact that the drama has spent a gazillion years trying to get picked up by a broadcasting station, only to be aired in Japan first. Enough to make me hostile? Yes and the fact that nobody really tops Rain and Song Hye Kyo. Yet, I’m eating this drama up like it’s my bag of crackers.

My point is, I thought my love for No Min Woo had died somewhere along the way when I first saw the teasers for Full House Take 2, to watching trailers for his upcoming Chinese Mainland drama ‘Validity for Love’, where all the dubbing and over acting soared to a new level. Yet I’m kind of madly in love with him again, hell they even stuck in a segment to show off his drumming skills in between, that kicked it up two notches. It looks like I might just be checking out his performance in ‘Validity for Love’ which is scheduled to appear sometime next year.

No it’s not a crime to look prettier than girl. Just sad. On another note, and I quote my gran, ‘he looks like he’s never eaten rice’.

I see veins, lots and lots of veins 0_o…wait this post is supposed to enlighten us to his gorgeousness…

Can’t say he’s at his most attractive here, but it’s so nice to see a K-rocker.

There I was fantasizing what he would look like in sageuk gear…and bam! I didn’t realise he was supporting cast in ‘A Frozen Flower’.


It’s a done deal, I will watch this, no matter how many drama clichés this one pulls out of the forbidden hat.

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