‘In Love with Power’ Episodes 1-10 – thoughts.

I’ve been watching this quietly behind all the other dramas, in fact I think this was one of the few dramas that I was looking forward to. I mean what did I have to lose? There were pretty costumes in the teaser pics, Hawick and more pretty costumes. Turns out I had a lot more to lose in hindsight.

I can’t say I’ve watched the previous two in this series, so there’s nothing to really compare with, but I still have plenty of gripes. Most of them stemming from the story, and how the writing has gone about slowly, no really slowly.  It’s as slow as fucking molasses.

So far, all I’ve gotten is that Hong Tai Ji is total douchebag, even if he has a few tender moments (I don’t know if Shen Zhi Ning thought she could revive Hawick’s Mo Shao Qian-no lady it’s not working.) Being the first Emperor of the Qing dynasty, naturally has its harsh reality on him as a character, but there’s really not much difference between when he’s home or on the battlefield. He really hasn’t interacted all that much with Hai Lan Zhu apart from the scene where he decides to drink a little too much and attempts to rape her. There isn’t enough back story to show how he comes to form feelings for her, it’s really not a relationship that develops. Overall giving the impression that he’s formed his feelings towards her, based on a mere few actions, that isn’t really enough if you see how his other Concubines act around him. I mean unless you argue playing hard to get is a turn on… that doesn’t count because it appears as if Hai Lan Zhu barely notices him. I’ve lost count of the amount of times she’s yelled Zhuo Lin. For the last time-he’s turned into a rabid, amnesiac bear! I keep yelling that at her, but she still hasn’t heeded.


On the other hand, I have the urge to cringe in the scenes between Empress Xiao Duan Wen and Hong Tai Ji, it looks more like a mother-son relationship.

I feel like I’ve watched  a lot more episodes than I have so far, but it’s already getting a little weary. Over on the rest of the blogo-sphere, and weibo, it’s gotten mixed reviews. I think audiences generally agree that this story starts dragging in the latter half (imo I think it’s already draggy) , but somehow people are actually enjoy watching the Yu’er and Dorgon scenes. I think the Shen Zhi Ning, actually did better with this pairing than the actual otp, which is kind of saddening. What is probably more saddening is the fact that I think she’s writing the drama adaptation of Yun Zhong Ge. I have no more hopes for Ling gege 😥

I’m not sure I want to finish this series anymore, I might just end up skipping a few episodes or scenes just to see how it all ends. Ah~ and it all looked so pretty…


13 thoughts on “‘In Love with Power’ Episodes 1-10 – thoughts.

  1. I skimmed through the first couple episodes of this. I was not impressed T_T I was also excited for the pretty costumes, but the acting/story wasn’t that great. *pouts*

    • I think I’m on the verge of hunting down the writer, if she really does adapt YZG then I will personally write a sorrowful letter to Yu Zheng…I can deal with one crappy drama, but when you have something of such good quality and decide to screw that up, I think that will definitely push me off edge. *secretly praying to the drama gods* T_T

  2. I’ve hate-watched a few eps and loling my behind off, being a YZ anti. I find Ada Choi the empress to be the only person in the imperial court worth watching for the acting. YSS’s mouth is giving me nightmares and her always glaring eyes are making me physically uncomfortable watching her, Hawick’s face is frozen in a sea of botox, and his Hong Tai Ji is seen doing nothing much other than a douchebag roaming around ‘saving’ maidens then wanting to bed then forget about them. I think you are actually spot on, his exact turn-on is because HLZ is hard to get, I’m pretty sure most of the raves on the drama is on how pretty and awesome Han Dong/ Dorgon is, even with the crappy production value (the fight scenes are soooo craptastic) he still delivers as a more worthy emperor material than Hawick’s HTJ. He’s especially commendable when he can muster some chemistry with the horribly OTTing YSS.

    • I can’t seem to get on board with the scenes between Ada Choi and Hawick, imo her individual scenes are not as bad as the others, which are pretty much a snooze fest.

      Lol Han Dong has his fair share of pretty, but no matter how much pretty they stick in, the random flying and saving Yu’er from a dumbass scratch as she falls from a swing set that’s bound by double rope is just hilariously pathetic. Same goes for Hong Taiji.

      Arghhh! I think I’m just really mad at the writer, they’re all just two dimensional characters that when together fall flat.

      haha I agree YSS’s eyes are SCARY >.<

  3. Your review had me in stitches: ‘slow as f…ing molasses’, ha! ha! I tend to steer of ancient fantasy dramas because the vocabulary is too hard and because, as you’ve pointed out, the scripts can be slow-paced and contrived. Aren’t the costumes beautiful, though?

    • Haha thanks 🙂 I think I’m just a sucker for anything that has any inkling of prettiness, the last picture I think was one of the best ones I saw through whatever I did catch of this series, the turquoise stands out, and Zhang Meng looks gorgeous with the veil! Yep it’s definitely all the aesthetics that made me waste 10 hours of my life. I mean you’d think the name Yu Zheng would have have been the equivalent of smoke signals to warn me about the epic level of crappiness this drama was going to take, but nah, and what do you know I obviously haven’t learnt my lesson either, since I will inevitably watch his ‘Legend of Lu Zhen’ and ‘Yun Zhong Ge’ whenever it is that they make it on screen.

      On the other hand, I think there are some ancient fantasy dramas that make their extended length work well, I think I could consider LOCH, JTTW as decent ones, but I have to admit they are rare.

  4. I noticed you love to watch period dramas. I haven’t tried watching any… I guess I’m scared to be sucked into that deep black hole hahaha! but any recom in case I want to give this genre a try?

    • Lol I never realized I was a period drama junkie until you pointed it out, mmm, I think it’s all the pretty outfits that rope me in 🙂

      As for reccomendations, here’s a few I can name off the top of my head, hope you like them, and haven’t already come across them 🙂

      -‘Bu Bu Jing Xin’
      -‘Legend of the Concubine Zhen Huan’ (this was really huge last year, I’ve only seen a bit so far.)
      -‘Legend of the Condor Heroes 08’
      -‘Princess Pearl’
      -‘The Princess’ Man’ (korean)
      Hope that helps 🙂

  5. I hated the drama overall (Especially Yuan Shan Shan and Handong’s character ). But dammit, Huang Taiji and Hailanzhu is THE OTP!! Like holy crap, I shipped then sooooo hard from episode 20 onwards. The only thing worth watching in the drama imo…..

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