C-drama Updates 2013

I don’t usually do these kinds of posts, for the most part, because well there’s a lot to be potentially covered, and two…eh well I am just that lazy. However, since I have some time due to my ‘sick day’, I thought, oh well here’s a chance to talk about upcoming dramas, that I wish were airing right now, but aren’t and probably won’t air until another year…or two because of various reasons *cough* SARFT that wretched bitch.

So I guess I’ll start with what I’m dying to watch and then wither away into the lesser, this could be awesome, but I’m not too sure territory.

  • At the top of my list, is a drama that looks brilliant from the stills, that have been released thus far, and have one of my favourite C-dramaland pairings-Da Mo Yao《大漠谣》 . I think this drama has had plenty of coverage on the blogosphere, along with being one of my main headers, so I won’t ramble on too much, but if you haven’t read the book, then do so! It’s based off one of the books in Tong Hua‘s trilogy. Jin Yu a former wolf girl moves to Chang’ An and becomes acquainted with her two loves Meng Jiu (owner of the Shi estates) and general Huo Qu Bing. (My brief does not do it justice.)

uhh no, Eddie isn’t part of my favourite OTP, but I think I’m totally a-ok with him playing Huo Qu Bing, and romancing one of my dramaland wives 🙂

Despite my grudges with Tangren, I really do hope they use some lying, underhanded, in other words, their natural methods and get a hold of the sequel 《Yun Zhong Ge 雲中歌》, or at least do a re-make…Can you feel the hate I have for Yu Zheng? Good.

The company has had its set of crappy dramas, I won’t mention any, but I think they have a tendency to do things right even if it takes forever for it to be released and send their fans on a few mile fender benders. As for the treatment of some of their actors, well that’s a story for another time. The stills alone speak for themselves, and despite Hu Ge playing second lead, I’m glad he’s completed a role that he actually wanted to do (so the rumours say) as opposed to a simple pandering to audiences. I do love my ShiGe pairing, but I think it’s fair to say, this has turned out looking mighty fine~.



BTS. *I recognise the scene!* Even the small snippets look pretty~~

BTS. *I recognise the scene!* Even the small snippets look pretty~~ oh and yes that is her foot, I had to stare a while, then I was like, shit that’s a former ballerina 0_0



Finally a scene with Hu Ge!

Finally a scene with Hu Ge!…scratch that I have a few, maybe I should dedicate a post solely to all the BTS for this drama…it’s so PRETTY!

Title: Da Mo Yao《大漠谣》/ Ballad Desert

Cast: Eddie Peng (Huo Qu Bing) , Liu Shi Shi (Yu Jin), Hu Ge (Meng Jiu), Han Dong.

Airing: Some time this summer. No really, it better be.

  • The City of Devastating Love 《Hua Xu Yin 华胥引》

Cast: Kevin Cheng (Mu Yen (Su Yu), Lin Yuan (Ye Zhen/Jun Fu), Jiang Xin (Song Ning), Yuan Hong (Shen An), Luo Jin (Jun Wei), Cui Po (Liu Qi Qi), Bao Jian Feng (Rong Heng), Guo Zhen Ni (Ying Ge/13th Moon)

Airing: 2014 (possibly)

Another novel adaptation of Tang Qi Gong Zi‘s (her other novel 《三生三世十里桃花 Three Lives, Three Worlds, 10 Acres of Cherry Blossoms》is being made into a movie. The is another epic romance, as it tells the story of how a princess of a fallen kingdom is resurrected through the Aqua pearl. You can read the synopsis here in more detail.

I’m huge sucker for romance, and this has been talked about on a large enough scale too, that and the fact that I quite like the cast. Not just for the reunion of two of the most unlikely princes, but in general.



Looks like someone’s having fun 😀

Actress Jiang Xin

  • The Battle of Changsha 《戰長沙》

Cast: Wallace Huo (Gu Qing Ming), Yang Zi (Hu Xiang Xiang),

Airing: Sept 2014

Wallace Huo is the biggest reason, I’m looking forward to this. Yes he was in Yu Zheng‘s ‘Swordsman‘ this year, but that’s as good as null for me. Set during the late 1930’s it tells the story through the lens of Hu Xiang Xiang, a 16 year old girl during the fight between the Japanese Imperial army and the Chinese Nationalist army. There’s a heavier synopsis already written here, so feel free to check it out.

Other than the casting, I enjoy dramas from this period, it’s a nice change up from the usual, and as much as I am looking forward to this OTP (I’m already forming a girl-crush on Yang Zi purely based on the stills) I can honestly say I have little historical knowledge of this period, so as happily as I will ship this pair, I might actually get something a little more lasting out of it too.

  • Tiny Times 1.0 《小时代)》

Cast: Peter Ho (Gong Ming), Ivy Chen (Lin Xiao), Li Yi Feng (Jian Xi)

Airing: Sometime this year.

Based off the novel by Guo Jing Ming, it’s pretty much about the lives of university students, and how they deal with friendships, life etc. It’s essentially your average idol drama, I figured I needed some modern fluff amongst all the period stuff, so amidst the widely known cast, and the fact that I adore Ivy Chen and Amber Kuo (who is starring in the movie adaptation-yes there’s even a movie version. Y’know dramaland, they’ll milk the last cent out of anything that’s remotely popular), I think I’m just about ready to watch some heavy angst filled drama, and I’m not the only one, seeing how it’s doing on the poll.





  • King of Lan Ling 《蘭陵王》

Cast: Feng Shao Feng (Lan Ling Wang), Ariel Lin (Yang Xue Wu), George Hu (An De Wang)

Airing: Again, hopefully sometime this year.

Another historical romance, and Ariel! Yes I am shallow. Deal with it.




hehehe 🙂

  • Agent X 《X女特工》

Cast: Tang Yan (Zhong Li), Luo Jin (He Jun Feng)

Airing: Ditto.


Who doesn’t like an ass kicking woman? Or a few ass kicking women? Well at least I hope there will be something left of her after she falls in love and decides she wants to be whisked away to safety. My hopes aren’t particularly high for this, but I can hope, can’t I?

From the stills alone, it doesn’t look half as bad, at 42 episodes, however, things have the potential to go south. Eh what the hell, so long as it promises to air this year, I’ll watch it whatever the length :p

10 thoughts on “C-drama Updates 2013

  1. Just to let you know some of your images do not show up!

    Anyways I will probably check out The City of Devastating Love not for Kevin Cheng/Yuan Hong but for JIANG XIN! I am a big fan of hers now. But of course Yuan Hong/Kevin Cheng would make it that much better. 😉

    I am also excited for Agent X but am frustrated that there has been no trailer for so freaking long! Augh!! But I agree, it is high time that China has a drama with a kick-butt female lead. BWAHAHAHA.

    I watched the trailer for Tiny Times and it looks like it might be good. I tend to like dramas about friendships, hehe. I am wary of it being an idol drama though. >_>

    • Should be fixed now. Thanks for letting me know 🙂

      Jiang Xin is absolutely adorable in the stills so far, I really am going to have to check out ‘Legend of the Concubine Zhen Huan’ soon. I know I said I was weary of the heavy drama, but I’ve heard way~ too many good things about it this drama, not to check it out properly now. I can’t wait for semester break! 😀

      Haha I think I remember you having posted about Agent X a really long time ago now, and still no official trailer >..<

      I have a feeling 'Tiny Times' will drag towards the end, but I think the cast has the potential for a lot of good chemistry, and I really like the way it's been filmed. There's a sort of understated feel to it, I'm not sure but I heard somewhere that it was directed by the same guy who did 'In Time with You'. I could be wrong, my memory's kind of fuzzy. The story itself looks like garden variety fluff, but if it's developed well, it could be pretty good.

      • I am so excited for Jiang Xin. You should see her in the Legend of Zhen Huan because she is absolutely gorgeous and her acting is amazing. Well maybe you can try out the first 10 episodes or so, because they are not AS heavy as the later ones. Generally it might be easier for you to watch the episodes when Zhen Huan’s character is in her innocent-phase.

        Exactly, I was drawn in by the cinematography in the trailer. If the drama can go beyond the idol genre then I would watch it. Otherwise I wouldn’t get into it, we have more than enough idol school dramas. T_T

  2. I will check every one on your list out, even though my excitement is not as high as you for some :P. I’m very nosy. BUT my bottomline is no YuZheng, I’m doing my own little part to make him cease to exist at least in my world.
    Jiang Xin is the REAL DEAL. I will not be half as excited if it’s only YH (and you know how much a bias he is to me) and KC on board. She’s just THAT good. so go watch ZHZ!

    • I think I am going to check out some Yu Zheng but that’s mostly to check out the cast, and will probably drop it after the first 4 eps (that’s if I ever get past the 1st.)

      As for Jiang Xin, thanks to you and Heisui, I finally started watching the first 3 eps of ‘Zhen Huan’…and I can honestly I was freaking wowed. Her acting chops are BRILLIANT! I actually enjoy hating her character. I have another 70+ eps to go, so I’m assuming there’s plenty~ more to come. I will hold on both of you claiming she’s the ‘real deal’, I need a bit more convincing so far because a lot of the cast gave me a run for my money. Also I’ve finally come to appreciate Ada Choi, she has this weird calm about her, almost as if, if you threw something into the calm that is her, you’d end up with huge ripples. I’m not sure about her agenda yet, and I’m refraining to look into it, just to see how things come along first, but she’s probably so far one of the actors with the best scenes. Thank you guys for reccomending it! 😀

      • Oh YESSSS!!!! There are so many things I love about ZHZ that it’s hard to find in period dramas these days, but most specifically is the respect of the time, the care it takes to truly build that milieu for these characters to reside in, really transporting us back to a glimpse of the period.

        JX is perfectly cast and perfect here. I think SunLi proves her worth too but JX’s HuaFei got be at hello! (and you’ll feel for her later on even when she stays rotten, that’s the charm of quality writing and characterization)

    • Everybody loves Jiang Xin, it’s so great to hear 😀 Hehe thankfully I’ve started watching ‘Legend of the Concubine’, so I have more to look forward to in ‘Hua Xu Yin’ now too 🙂

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