2 Fathers 《两個爸爸》Thoughts.

The sheer adorableness that exudes this drama is totally beyond and everything I could have expected! If you’re not familiar with the synopsis, here goes: Tang Xiang Xi 《Leroy Yang》 and Wen Zhen Hua 《Lin Yo Wei》 get screwed over by the girl they were dating, in that they were dating the same girl without each other knowing. Incidentally, she gets knocked up, and decides against raising the child; she leaves the two friends to raise the young girl. With me only being 20 episodes in, I’m guessing we’re never going to find out who the real father is, but that’s pretty a-ok with me.

I’m not the biggest fan of dailies, and this one is some whopping 80 episodes long and has already aired like more than half of that quota so far, but personally for someone who can just about manage a twenty episode prime time this is a hell of a lot of watching. For the most part, dailies suck. They suck so bad I have a hard time thinking about them let alone watching, that and I genuinely don’t have time, but ‘2 Fathers‘ has got me. Like I actually enjoy coming home to watch this every night, and if I have the energy I’ll try and sneak an extra two to three episodes in. My under eyes are suffering, but this drama is so~ full of heart and warmth, it really brings a smile to my face 🙂


Each episode is just full of that warm fuzzy feeling, the structure hasn’t fizzled away yet, which is saying something. It’s not simply about learning a lesson per episode, but I can actually see the characters growing, and evolving with every episode. It doesn’t feel like a facade but an honest world where you can relate, and recognize that neighborhood ayi, the lady who owns the bakery, the parents who drop their kids to school. It feels like an authentic world.

The people in this world are genuinely good, but just like the real world they have their issues and arguments with one and other and it all sort of ties in with a sense of verisimilitude. They argue and fight because it’s in the nature of people to do so, it’s an aspect of that person and not the entire personality, I haven’t come across a depiction that has been purely black and white. It’s almost as if, the aspect of raising a child, helps us see the good in people, just like the way children see the good in everything through their innocence, it’s like that innocence has rubbed off on some of the people and made it a better world.

I guess you can argue that there are certain things that fall into place a bit more easily than they might in the real world, but they’re so minuscule, in the bigger picture that I’m willing to let it pass due to the rarity of a daily being this good.


Anyone else ship these two? XD

Anyone else ship these two? XD

So who else is in love with these two? 🙂 And I call dibs on Lin Yo Wei The relationship and chemistry between Leroy and Yo Wei is so~~~~~~ cute! It’s not even like bromance, it’s like they know each other in and out, like a real couple. Obviously they don’t share any romantic feelings, but they meld so well it’s hard not to ship them. Nevertheless their female co-actress’s are pretty nicely done. Liang Jing is surprisingly good in her quirky character, she has a darker past than the rest and it brings to light that the world isn’t rainbows and butterflies like Wen Di’s. Another surprise came in the form of Megan Lai, who I thought I would never again be able to recover a liking for after the psycho-babble bullshit her character Luo Si Yi in Miss Rose pulled on me. No really someone needed to have shook her from her shoulders and yelled ‘grow a freaking backbone!’ Her character is awesomely written, yes I know that’s not a word, but she is ‘cool’. I swear, she’s got to be the coolest teacher ever. She’s so laid back, but passionate about her job as a teacher she’s inspiring. Her relationship with her brother and father is really something, she’s not the girl of the house, she’s another one of the guys. Poor mom. 

Fang Jing Zhu manages to embody that relaxed air about her, that she’s perfectly likable by her peers, students, and friends. Naturally both the guys have a thing for her, Xiang Xi is the loud mouth, who doesn’t realize he’s started liking her and has just friend-zoned her, while Zhen Hua is aware that the other two are much more comfortable around each other, than when he is with Jing Zhu, who sees him as the responsible parent, her polite air around him cuts him off a little. And hence why I love Zhen Hua just a little more. 1001774_178773432288062_27737657_n



I love~~~~ their non stop bickering!

Nope I haven’t forgotten the little gem 🙂


I think it’s been forever since I’ve taken so much notice of a child actress from Taiwan, last was probably Autumn Concerto‘s Xiao Xiao Bin, and that was a long~ time ago. Le Le is absolutely adorable! She’s so natural, and full of innocence, it’s impossible not to smile at her while she’s talking and asking question after question.

Xiao Xiong! :D

Xiao Xiong! 😀

Aww the three musketeers are so cute!

Aww the three musketeers are so cute!

I guess since I’ve only caught up to 20 episodes, there’s a huge ass chance this could down the drain, but let’s just hope not on that one…just visited SETTV‘s page for the drama, preview episode 41 looks scary melo…did I just jinx myself? 


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13 thoughts on “2 Fathers 《两個爸爸》Thoughts.

  1. HEY AEHYU I CALL LIN YO WEI TOO!! 😛 Just kidding we can share him 😉 I LOVE ZHEN HUA, he is so sweet and adorable! I also like Xiang Xi but….Zhen Hua is definitely my favorite. I don’t like Megan’s character as much as I like the other female lead. (I forgot her name, but the artist one)

    Honestly I’ve barely even started the drama, I’m only on like EPISODE 5…but you are so right, it is so precious and heartwarming. I just don’t know if I want….80 EPISODES of it yet O_O” Like you I’m scared it could go downhill at some point when they start running out of good ideas.

    • Haha he is so~~~~~ beyond adorable, I love his ‘mommy’ ways, so rare to see in a male character without totally emasculating him. But Lin Yo Wei pulls it off so well. lol ‘course we can share him 😀

      Wu Yong Jie (quirky lady) is pretty awesome too, I love love love! the fact that *SPOILER*…she can see auras. She has this fairy tale like feel about her, and it’s such a nice change from the usual girl next door vibes that leading ladies almost always give off.

      Ah I really hope so too, it’d be a shame if it lost steam, but so far so good so I’ll just keep my fingers crossed lol 😀

      • Yeah I was so surprised by Wu Yong Jie! It is really refreshing from the stereotypical outspoken/strong-willed heroines. I like how she is in her own little world.

  2. Have been reading quite a few good reviews for Two Fathers, and the only thing that’s stopping me is its length. >< I might not have a life for a whole year lol. The ratings are still rising though so surely it's not tanking even after the half way mark..?

    • Lol it’s not that hard, I think the addiction’s making me say that though. It’s good to hear that the drama’s still going strong 🙂

  3. Looks interesting! I am currently watching the DVDs of Xiao Ao Jiang Hu (笑傲江湖). I missed it when it was aired on Hunan TV. (-_-)’
    I wonder if this one is gonna be available on DVDs…

    • Ah I never checked out Swordsman; just the name of Yu Zheng scares me >.< I'm sure it'll get released at some point on DVD, if not that, there's always the net 😀

  4. 80 is a scary number for a drama, the most I’ve watched is 50 but wow. Your update on this makes it sound amazing. Do you know by chance if this is in english sub or not? And also the little girl reminds me a little of Kim Yoo-Bin from Oh! My Lady.

    • It’s an adorable little show, at 80 episodes there are a few episodes where I have rolled my eyes because the writer couldn’t think of a better way to integrate the romance but overall it’s generally a well put together family drama. I was looking for something low maintenance with fewer romance so this pretty much fit . Ah I saw Kim Yoo Bin in ‘Mandate of Heaven’ recently she’s super adorable too! They’re both really good child actresses 😀

      I think it’s still being subbed on Viki at the moment, I think they’ve completed at least half the series now ^_^

  5. I’m also currently catching up with this drama, It’s certainly adorable and easy to watch but I heard that the ending is less than satisfying soooo….. I guess I just have to see where will this drama takes me to.

    • Yeah I think the ending was definitely a bit lackluster, what with what they could have done with the characters. It almost felt somewhat rushed, especially with Zhen Hua and Yong Jie’s arch. I think the kids sort of half made up for it though, I’d do anything just to watch those kids interact lol, if anything I stuck around a lot more for Zheng Xiong and Wen Di who are soooooooo~ adorable☺️

  6. Tang xiang xi and Fang jing Zhu are the best couple ever.i love her acting in the show if only it was real life. But we all got to agree that her dad was the funniest character.

    • They were so cute, if only they’d gotten them together a little earlier it would have been nice to see them as full out couple. Haha her dad is like Taiwan’s national dad, he’s adorable in everything 😀

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