Lan Ling Wang 兰陵王 Final Thoughts

Well…that sucked…sorta.

Okay maybe that’s an exaggeration. Maybe I’m just bummed out that I don’t get to see Daniel on my screen for a while? I think I feel like a deflated balloon. The ending along with at least the last 10-15 episodes were sort of meh, it didn’t have that addictiveness that the earlier episodes held for me. Maybe it was the fact that I was a little behind by that point so I was getting more than enough episodes per day, or the fact that the writing had actually slowed down a little, which made it feel like it was stalling for a grandiose ending. It essentially fizzled and popped.


bwuahahahaha~ obviously I wasn’t that bored though.

I can’t exactly complain there wasn’t any warning, the amount of logic used in this drama was quite astounding-yeah I know I actually gave Xue Wu credit for being smart in my previous post, but I take it back, she had like some kind of PMS disorder where she chose to make intellectual decisions one day and the rest she was like screw it I’m going to be dumb because it’s easier even if it kills me, and she apparently took that quite literally towards the end.

I still have to admit, it was a lot of fun while we were on the ride, despite the fact that I came to fast forward a lot of Gao Wei-Zheng Er scenes. It was interesting at first to watch him mentally deteriorate, because you know that’s always fun to watch. However, I got a little sick of him being a coward and hiding in Zheng Er’s arms every other second-like no really we get it, you’re a chicken, I can practically hear you cluck away, now shut up already.

Gao Wei as a character was maybe a little better written compared to our main protagonists, he started off being misguided, and we saw him coming under the negative influence of Zhu Ting. So there was a transition where you could understand where his line of thought was coming from as bat-shit crazy as it was, but when you tell me his mental stability is that of a crazy chicken and oh I don’t know take about 20 minutes out of a 45 minute episode doing that, you’re wasting precious time drama!  Nevertheless I think it’s fair to give Zhai Tian Lin some credit for playing Gao Wei, he was surprisingly really good, given that I don’t think I’ve seen him previously in anything else. He came across as vulnerable and fragile when he needed to, and his last moments were a bit, frazzled? I guess maybe even he didn’t understand why he pulled an arrow on Zheng Er.

I think the drama had a few other clunkers that could have done with brain transplants, namely Lan Ling Wang himself, who came across as bi-polar, with some days I’ll trust you Xue Wu others, mmm we’ll get to it. It essentially got very frustrating between the push and pull and EVIL Zheng Er and poor Zheng Er. It was just plain old lame watching her be the ‘bad guy’, really?? I think I lost count of the number of times I’ve asked myself that question. The black and white tones within the characters were quite bland, but I think the actors have to be given credit where deserved, they made boring paper characters quite likeable.

Is it just me or does this look like some kind of bondage scene?...or maybe it's just dirty mind lol

Is it just me or does this look like some kind of bondage scene?…or maybe it’s just my dirty mind lol

I think another gripe I had about this drama was the costuming, Ariel looked gorgeous in the stills, and then the drama put her in Qi clothes and fugly popped out. From the looks of the sets and camera quality, I’d say they spent all their money on that, leaving the poor actors to literally switch between 2 to 3 outfits. I actually started wondering if it was the same day, because I saw Zheng Er, dressed in my grandma’s flowery drapes from 90’s a few episodes straight, second thoughts I think they’re from the 80’s she just refuses to throw the drapes out.


Ahhhhkkk~ Xiao Dong! Somehow his death felt more meaningful than Xue Wu’s.

Let’s not even probe into Lan Ling Wang’s violet outfit, that thing burned my eyes, you’d need sunglasses to look at that thing. I really want to ask where they got such good dyes from back in the day but I figured, things just conjure themselves and you know crazy stuff just happens like all the time :/.


It’s a rare moment of bromance and he’s dressed up like a violet unicorn. Great.

In contrast, the Zhou outfits that were set out for Xue Wu were so much more simpler and fitting, I think that just goes to show you don’t need a shit load of money to make something or someone look attractive, if only they’d thought of it earlier instead of bombarding everyone with sparkly outfits (yes I’m talking about Yu Wen Yong, that bejewelled or whatever you call it outfit was fugly to the max).

I may or may not have gotten a little crazy with my Daniel Chan screen-capping...mmm...scroll down further :D

Nope the face was too distracting, sorry forgot I was supposed to screen-cap his outfit. Then again I may have saved you a trip to the optician anyway. I may or may not have gotten a little crazy with my Daniel Chan screen-capping…mmm…scroll down further 😀

The ending to the drama left me a little…nope the periods literally represent all the thoughts I had after I saw batman and bat-wife sitting in the grass, to which Lan Ling Wang, howls ‘Nooooooooooo’, I get the drama wasn’t aiming for realism but come on, just once can we have subtlety? The woman died for crying out loud.

Feast your eyes!

Feast your eyes! And again somehow, this makes everything all better. Why am I so damn superficial?

I think I’ve pretty much criticised the drama to smithereens, and that isn’t to discourage anyone from watching, so long as you go in thinking you’re watching brainless fluff I’m sure you’ll survive. I’m just a plain old sucker for period romances, as specious as they are, and I guess I forgot about the drama by the time it came to air, so my expectations were nil, no big expectations and lots of cracktastic OTP stuff, so go ahead and check it out if you will 🙂

13 thoughts on “Lan Ling Wang 兰陵王 Final Thoughts

  1. For me, its offense is, other than Daniel, everyone down to the costumer, director, writer, EVERYONE is doing a less than half-assed job (not hot about both Ariel and FSF’s acting here) even where I stopped which is not even 10, I then jumped to check out a few Daniel’s scenes.

    • I agree the drama sucked in terms of costume, directing and even writing as much as I did enjoy the first half of the drama.

      As far as the acting is concerned, for a period drama, the acting was mediocre, but if I think of it as solely idol fluff it’s pretty much on target and I wouldn’t expect much of it, and yup Daniel was the best thing about this drama 😀

  2. I don’t want to read spoilers so I just scrolled past the text really quickly so that I could look at all of your Daniel screencaps. YES, I WAS FEASTING MY EYES! THANK YOU.

    By the way..are there any episodes in the second half that really stood out to you (because of YWY, I mean)? Because I decided to skim through the rest of the drama but I don’t know which episodes to pay extra attention to for YWY scenes…

    • Hahaha I couldn’t help screencapping pretty much every scene he was in, in the end I realised I had way~ too many lol.

      Mmm, as for the episodes with more YWY, ep 26, 27, 37 (beginning of the ep has some YWY, majority of that episodes is plagued with court room stuff and Zheng Er being an asshole), 38, 39, 40 (super cute scenes with his daughter), 41 (angsty), 42 (he grins), and yeah pretty much the episodes leading towards the end have a few more of his scenes in it to tie up his ending. Hope that helps ^^,

  3. Yuwen Yong all the way! His character outshone Lan Ling Wang, and Xue Wu (as individuals AND as a combo). And yes, even though Xiao Dong’s demise was predictable, it was still so damn freaken sad. Was that his real voice? Coz it seemed so, but I dunno coz I’ve don’t know who is the actor. His vocal emotions were good! I know many were dubbed, and only know Ariel used her own voice. I wish I could watch the version with the actors’ original voices, Daniel was so into his role I wish I could hear him as himself…

    • I think the more I watched, the more I realised the flaws in LLW and XW’s characters, but YWY was pretty much the more steady character, and you could actually see something closer to a development in his entire arch, whereas with the latter they remained in a stasis, which not only made it unrealistic but drew them out to be utter bird-brains. Thank god for Daniel! 😀

      According to Baidu, yep that was Wei Qian Xiang‘s real voice

      Ah I know it sucks, well at least Daniel did an OST for it, that’s a little comfort ^^

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