Da Mo Yao 《星月传奇》 fangirl blubber!

Yay!!!! Yippeee! Woohoo! I think all the waiting around since forever has pretty much left me with little ability to compose myself and form a cohesive sentence, but I’m super psyched with the new trailer. It’s finally out! You can check out the original post here or check the trailer below. (Also thanks to Heisui for letting me know, since I pretty much live under a rock for the most part hehe~)

So aside Shi Shi looking gorgeous in Han wear, to my relief she doesn’t look half dead in the teaser unlike what’s coming out of the more recently produced Bu Bu Jing Qing. Her chemistry with Hu Ge is palpable, but I think I need a few more scenes to cement it in. Nevertheless she doesn’t end up with Meng Jue anyhow, and it’s really a matter of how well her chemistry is running with Eddie, who surprisingly isn’t half bad. He’s actually rather cute.

weeeeeeee~~~~ yep he does cute well. check :p

I’ve only seen Eddie in a few things namely, bunch of his movies, he was somewhat endearing opposite Ivy in ‘Hear Me’, and he is pretty easy on the eyes even with his really defined jaw line. I am still a little sceptical on the other hand, since so far I see a lot of cute, and in the novel Qu Bing and Jin Yue are supposed to be quite steamy with their cute. Maybe things do heat up?

Here, have some more cute.

Also I think it’s fair to say, Tangren have spent a nice load of money on this drama, imo yes the CGI is still pretty fugly ala the meet and greet in the water at 2:04 but for the most parts it’s standing up pretty well. I hope the soundtrack is going for more though, the opening song is nice…and that’s about it, it’s nice and does grow on you after a while but I don’t find it particularly memorable, I’m kind of hoping a songstress will magically make it into the soundtrack *cough* Yan Yi Dan or even someone better. After all the drama’s protagonist is a woman, so maybe a female voice would be apt. I’m a little confused on the music at 2:37, that’s got to be the most umm exotic music I’ve heard in a period drama?

Anyhow enjoy the pretty and maybe the drama will air at a certain time of the year when I’m not taking an exam or something of that sort 😀

I can’t remember which drama it is, but I could have sworn I’ve seen that shot somewhere…why am I thinking of Yuan Hong?

It’s so refreshing to see women kick ass, actually this kind of reminds me of the trailer for Hua Xu Yin, Jiang Xin looked just as badass.

Ah I almost forgot…we need brother Wolf scenes!

Thank god there aren’t neon coloured outfits unlike certain productions. The costumes are really well done for a change, imo I’m not sure how much liberty has been taken but it’s better than blinding me with a rainbow.

…And I think I’ve hit my gif spamming quota for today, so maybe I’ll go away and actually do some work now 😀 Shi Shi looks so adorkable!

Credit: Gifs via Weibo, Trailer via iheartShiShi

6 thoughts on “Da Mo Yao 《星月传奇》 fangirl blubber!

  1. Somehow I think I totally missed this post in my reader updates O_O I love all of your GIF’s and I think it is funny how people instantly starting GIF’ing the crap out of the trailer right after it was released. 😛 Hmm agree it is nice to see LSS’ character kicking some butt although I also find it hard to believe with her small frame that she is walking around with that super heavy armor on. O_O

    • Lol I’m assuming this is going to be another drama where we might have to stretch our imaginations a little, there’s no way anyone with that small frame could battle with armour that’s twice as heavy as her. This probably won’t be the last time either where we’ll have to overlook some flaws what with last minute editing over original footage because of censorship.

      • I mean, it kinda made sense when she was fighting when as the character San Niang in Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei because she was more focused on stealth and quickness…not on fighting in giant armor in the battlefield.. T___T

      • Lol the armour does look a little funny, makes me think cute rather than fierce for some reason though, even if it is supposed to be taken somewhat seriously :/

  2. Hi! Cool blog you got here. I really love the gifs you’ve posted for Da Mo Yao. I was looking around on your blog and something caught my eye. lol That picture you have of Chen Xiao in armor on your profile–can you tell me which drama this is?

    • Hi, I don’t think that image is from any of his dramas but a micro-movie he did a few months back. I think he plays a general during the Warring states, it’s supposed to be based off some ancient Chinese legend. Hope that helps 🙂

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