I’ve been running this blog for almost three years already?! It sure doesn’t feel like it, I guess that has to do more with my lack of frequent posts huh? I’ve also come to realize my blog has slowly turned into something of a place for me to just ramble about dramas, though I did start off by rambling about a book I once read. It’s also turns out that I now watch c-dramas a lot more frequently than I do anything else, so inevitably this blog has also turned out to reflect this too. That’s not to say I don’t plan on writing about anything else, just that I now have more reason to post about a c-drama that may have pretty men like Chen Xiao or Wallace to oggle in period garb πŸ˜€

Feel free to show some love, rant, spazz and anything else in between πŸ˜€


40 thoughts on “Me!

  1. Followed! For the Joe Cheng love!

    Had no idea Love Actually existed so thank you for exposing me to it. Feel kinda shameful though because I do consider myself a hard-core Joe fan -______-;;;;;;… I guess I just toned down looking out for him since I knew he was military bound *sniffs*

    Thanks for your subbie, too! See you around (i.e. spazz together with!) πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for link! Had no idea on this micro movie either… but it looks really intense, even just going by that short 30s trailer. Looks it will be much less fluffy than the majority of his works, which is rewarding as a long-time fan. It’s always nice to see someone you have followed challenge themselves with a different type of role. Longevity as an actor requires alot more than just making fluffy romantic comedies.

    That said, when a rom-com is made well, there is nothing better for us fangirls, ah, fans >O>; I will surely be tuning into Love Actually as soon as I can since most of the feedback is pretty good thus far. Series involving food are always a winner X)

    • I’d love to help do recaps, but there aren’t any subs yet, and my Mandarin isn’t nearly as good enough to watch without them, pooh >.< Thanks for dropping by πŸ™‚

    UMMM so I know you’re a Liu Shi Shi fan and are watching Xuan Yuan Sword so I stopped by to rant to you…

    I randomly watched Xuan Yuan Sword ep12 even though I’m not actually watching the drama and…it just so happened to be the episode where there’s a flashback of Liu Shi Shi & Lin Geng Xin’s PAST LOVE STORY. WHAT?!?!?! If I had known this earlier I probably would’ve watched XYS just for this!!!!!! *mind blown* I am such a fan of 14th (Lin Geng Xin) and Ruo Xi (LSS) in Bu Bu Jing Xin that this episode was like fan service for me. Unfortunately they’re STILL not meant to be together. *disappointed*

    Anyways, LSS is still gorgeous…and I have no idea why they gave Lin Geng Xin dreadlocks….. T__T

    • ***Spoilers ahead for anyone who comes across this page***

      Lol I had my hearts with Nicky in BBJX, but seriously I think it would have been so much better if they had switched main leads. Jiang Jing Fu is soooo, gah, he’s so tiny and cute but his acting chops are bleh. I’m having a tough time between Hu Ge and Lin Geng Xin, they would have been much better. What’s bumming me out even more is that Hu Ge isn’t getting Shi Shi even in Da Mo Yao! Why must the drama gods do this??!

      Ooh that reminds me, I saw LGX in a trailer for that Ruby Lin drama, ‘Drama Go Go Go’, gah he’s so hot in modern garb! Why would they stick him in such…it’s like a crime giving him dreadlocks >.< Lol I think it's high time I made a post on Xuan Yuan.

        Ahaha yes I’ve heard all the woes of HG x LSS fans. >.< Seriously, they just need to give us fanservice and make them a real OTP for once!

        OMG I so want to see LGX in modern-day. *swoons* YES please do, I'm not watching it but would be interested in reading about it. I saw this random episode when LSS' character turns into…a rabbit demon…….. O___O"" LOL Chinese RPG dramas are just so funny

    • Heisui! πŸ™‚ Alas Wallace I do love him to bits, but I saw the trailer for Swordsman, and saw this teeny clip of Chen Xiao En doing the evil laugh, and so I was put off. I didn’t even bother checking it out. She was meant for rom-coms, she couldn’t play a woman pretending to be a man, pretending to be a woman even if she was reborn as a…yh I think I’ve managed to single handedly confuse myself. It’s such a shame ’cause I saw the stills and they were soooooo pretty, in HD to boot. Have you seen it?

      • Very true it is just weird to see Chen Qiao En in this woman-as-a-guy role. O_O I checked out ep1 for Wallace and sorta skimmed through the episode. So far I don’t think I’m gonna watch it, Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei had way better fighting scenes!!

  4. Hi Aehyu! I read you are watching Zhen Huan Zhuan/Empresses in the Palace!! I’m definitely looking forward to your review if you are gonna write about it! *W* (I just can’t get enough of ZHZ reviews.. T_T)

    • Yep I’m definitely planning on doing a write up on itπŸ˜€ The drama is so much like fine wine it would be a crime if I just wrote up my usual 3-4 less than well thought out paragraphs. I can’t believe the amount of detail there is to every scene, not to mention the costumes are freaking gorgeous!😍 I’m still surprised there are dramas like this being made in our generation, I think I’m getting used to the usual HanaDan stuff being dressed up in period clothes, so Zhen Huan is really refreshing.☺

      • YAAAY!!! Uhuhuhu sounds like your review will be a long one then! Yeah it is hard to fit in everything when there is so much detail in just one episode. =_=

    • OMG! Fangirl blubber!!! I was just thinking yesterday what drama would air first since the last time I saw Shi Shi in something was Xuan Yuan Sword and gahhhhhhh! This has sooooooooooo made my day! Thankies!! The trailer looks okay, better than I had imagined, given that they were planning on taking things out and so on, but I can see some of the scenes taken from the book, I’m still sort of iffy on the drama, I wonder if it’ll have the same kind of depth as BBJX. I know one of the biggest premise in this is the romance but I hope we get the same kind of revelations about each of their characters. I’m not so sure on the music, moreso for the scene where she’s dancing for Qu Bing (or whatever his name is in the drama) it sounded a little odd, almost salsa like :/ However, the Han outfits are soooooo GORGEOUS! I thought my GeShi ship had somewhat deflated through the year but it’s back and super strong lol, I can’t wait ^^ what did you think of it?

      • Well I don’t really know the synopsis of the drama and I have no background in the original novel. So I am kinda lost on the plot. O_O I also think the costumes were really pretty though! And I was wondering when LSS’ character would go to be with her wolf pack? :/

      • I don’t think it’s necessary to have knowledge in the original novel, I didn’t read BBJX nor Zhen Huan Zhuan’s novel, but I think we all agree we really enjoyed those dramas. As for the synopsis, I’m still a little misty on what exactly they have changed, originally it was Han dynasty general Huo Qu Bing falling in love with wolf girl Jin Yu and we got to see a bunch of ways Tong Hua managed to weave the historical events at that time with several fictional characters in the loop, but from what it seems the dynasty has changed to the Southern Dynasty, and Huo Qu Bing is now called Wei Wu Ji. I’m not sure what the implications are of that, but I guess we’ll see when the drama airs.

        I was wondering the same thing! I want brother wolf! The huskies don’t look too bad, they look super adorable though, I hope they do devote some time to Jin Yu’s relationship with brother wolf.

      • Yeah I thought the heroine would be more like..the ‘wolf girl’ but in the trailer she is mainly shown as..not a wolf girl. Only in one part she is with the wolves so I was all huh?

      • As far as I can remember from the novel it’s only in the first few chapters that she sort of carries wolf like traits (the way she communicates and body language) the more she remains in the presence of human civilisation the less wolf like she becomes. Later Tong Hua goes onto incorporate wuxia elements that sort of bring out the wolf girl attributes in Jin Yu as well, but I think the one thing that keeps the wolf girl intact within Jin Yu is her way of thinking. She’s a lot more free thinking, and almost let’s go of that hierarchical social structure that belongs to the Han dynasty, which in a way is keeping to her wolf side, I guess in terms of the trailer, that sort of freedom is somewhat present, in the way she confesses to Mo Xun, doesn’t hold back in telling him how she feels first, and even after she’s rejected, she pulls herself together and her vibrant interactions with Wei Wu Ji.

        I do have to agree though, I really~ wanted to see how she gets along with her brother wolf, since it’s such an integral part of her character, I think that’s probably where the trailer falls short. Here’s to hoping the drama itself doesn’t cut it off ^^

  5. Hai Aehyu. Just wanted to say…….BBJQ has begun……OMG I’m very nervous about how it’s gonna turn out! Seems like the episodes are shorter lengths too.

    • Aaaw lol, I wish I could live watch but I have finals this month and next 😒 I heard they reduced the number of episodes to 34 as well, somehow I’m a little glad it’s shorter specially since it’s a modern series. Let me know what you think once you watch it! πŸ˜€ oh and I think Tong Hua’s Perfect Couple started airing yesterday too, will you be checking that out? I really want to see how her first screenplay turns out πŸ˜ƒ

      • Ok it turns out I THOUGHT I was watching the entire eps 1-5 but instead I watched 15-minute previews for each of those episodes. T_T I got the gist of what was going on though and um..yeah…still not buying the whole twin thing. O_O”

        I still haven’t tried out Perfect Couple, I’ll have to check if it’s subbed. I heard it’s supposed to be more humorous? Have you started it?

      • Lol got to love c-drama previews, you don’t even have to watch the 30 something eps. I’m guessing with the lack of enthusiasm in general for BBJQ it’s nothing but fan service, le sigh, not like we didn’t expect that.

        I’ve only seen the trailer for Perfect Couple, it started off pretty humorous but I think there’s a bit of angst in there somewhere. Sadly all my drama watching is going to have to wait until finals are over 😒 let me know if you get around to watching it, I quite liked seeing Tang Yan and Wallace together again, I forgot how pretty they are together 😊

      • Lol he does look really pretty in period clothing and hahaha his hair it’s prettier than mines will ever be lol *jealous* XD

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