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      • oh, yes, I did look it up. but he/she stops at ep 50… ‘sides, I love those small cute pics you put in the recaps.
        I live outside Korea and get to watch Unexpected You on Saturday and Sunday (the latest one that I saw last Sunday was ep 54.), So, I’m grateful since your recaps are the closest eps (pardon my English).
        So, again, thank you for the hard work. ❤

  1. i cant find any recap or video streaming of unexpected you eps 56 through 58..as someone living outside korea and not korean, do you have any news why were the english subs behind for 2 weeks now i think..i also hope in case no one can provide english sub you can recap the remaining episodes. i tried to watch a raw japanese version but i cant understand any thing..thank you. =bytes

  2. omggg ur the awesomeest person ever!!! thank youuu sooo muchhh for recapping unexpected you!! besides you and bloomingbird theres noone else thats them. when are you gona recap the next episodee?..i really want a recap of episode 57 n 58. anywayy thanks for ur hard work!! ^^

    I was constantly checking–almost gave up, actually–but then, you came out with UY ep 56! can’t hardly wait for 57-58!
    hancinema released some spoiller pics couple days ago… but, a recap would be better.
    fighting! \(^0^)/

    • Super sorry about how late it was, school work is a bore but I do have to do it sadly. I’ll try and get 57 done by the end of this week. Thanks for reading, and commenting 🙂

  4. I sure did enjoy it dear! I’m from the Philippines and Unexpected You finale episode was aired last Friday in which I wasn’t able to watch (unfortunately).
    I thank you for sharing the snapshots of the finale. I’m gonna miss this wonderful and hilarious show. Hope there will be part 2. =)

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